The Almighty Ring
1253 Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1253 Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

the return trip home was smooth. the ship sailed on without much trouble as it moved toward earth and docked on the moon base. 

"captain, teleportation coordinates keyed in. ready to teleport on your command," 0541 said. 

"good," jiang fei hummed and turned to the girls. 

"get ready, we are going home!" 

even though braveheart's teleportation system was more than capable of teleporting more than one person at a time, jiang fei had only planned to take the girls and not his parents. it had been a while, albeit not precisely, since he left earth to chase after akatziris. when he left, the war between the martial artists and the remaining unknowns were still going on. right now, jiang fei had no idea what had happened on earth. be it success or adversity he would face, jiang fei would not want to bring along his parents to face it. if it was peace and prosperity, 0541 would then send jiang fei's parents down. inversely, if things went wrong, jiang fei and the girls would find a way to solve the crisis first. 

even though akatziris and all her men had been eliminated along with the small platoon of unknowns that came along with the three elemental lords, there were still other unknowns back on earth. with the death of the three elemental lords, all the unknowns that were programmed to obey them were free to do as they pleased. unfortunately, these unknowns were not overly fond of humans.

upon realizing they were creations of humans for leisure purposes, these supreme androids had nothing but vile contempt for their creators. from their point of view, being created and then killed for the sake of entertainment with nothing they could to about it made them want no more than the eradication of the human race. they could still accept their fate of being controlled and enslaved by the three elemental lords. but since they were now free, who knew what sort of destruction they could unleash upon earth. 

jiang fei had plans for the rogue androids. instead of killing every one of them, which could be done as easily as a push of a button, jiang fei would not want to waste such precious sentient artificial intelligence. jiang fei could simply have 0541 place several lines of restrictive programming into their core program and let them behave more… obedient toward the human race. 

the first thing he would do when he returned to earth would be organizing his base. after that, the martial artists. he had left them to fend for themselves as he chased after akatziris. the war with the mutants and the martial artists, for all he knew, could have been over minutes after he left. 

the third and final matter to tend to was to locate every supreme android in the world. a locate-and-apprehend mission would commence shortly after. once he had captured and modified their core programming, he would acquire a team of powerful advanced supreme android army. 

"hit me, 0541!" jiang fei ordered as he braced for what's to come. 

"aye, captain!" 

in a single flash, jiang fei and the girls were instantly teleported back to earth. as soon as he came to, echoes of roaring explosion rang in his ears. he felt tremors beneath his feet. for a brief moment, jiang fei had thought something might have gone wrong with 0541's teleportation, but he knew better than to doubt 0541's efficiency. 

"what the hell?" 

the smoke cleared around him and jiang fei gasped in horror as he realized his own base was under attack. 

when the episode of confusion was over, rage came next. jiang fei was well aware of his current state of power. even though the core of will was exhausted of its energy, there was still a plethora of arsenals onboard braveheart, making jiang fei the most dangerous person on earth. with that in mind, how did he feel when there were insolent fools at his house with pitchforks and fire?

"my lord?! is that you!?"

"it's the saint of the light! praise be on you!" 

"everyone's returned! we're saved!" 

in that instant, the entire base cheered with hope. the rage in him was quickly replaced with confusion again. 

"what on earth has taken place here?" jiang fei asked one of the new saint's guards.

"my lord. it is as you see…" 

after jiang fei and the girls left for the moon, the battle on earth changed immediately. when jiang fei led an army to attack the unknown's stronghold to take the bio-laboratory and the bio-pod back, he was attacking with a group of the strongest level 5 grand masters, whereas the unknowns were working with the mutants to defend their base. at the start, both sides were almost equally strong. 

even though there were more level 5 grand masters on jiang fei's side, the unknowns had the temporal prisons to shackle and slow them down. without proper tools and equipment, these temporal prisons could not be easily broken; it required several level 5 grand masters working together in order to break free from a single temporal prison. 

when jiang fei left to chase after akatziris, the three elemental lords as well as a few of their men followed. even so, the battle on earth raged on. even after akatziris and the main unknown faction leaders were defeated, the leftovers of the unknowns still possessed various resources that could win them the war. almost all of the energy crystals that were generated from the main engine room, stolen, prior to jiang fei possessing braveheart, were kept in the final base. the remaining unknowns had full access to those energy crystals, allowing them to power their weapons for a long, long time. on the other hand, all of jiang fei's energy crystals were stored in the ring, with jiang fei at all times. he had only allocated a few energy crystals in the equipment for the war, which was hardly enough to soldier through against the unknowns. 

as such, when the light dispersion beams could no longer be fired, the martial artists started to lose the war. as a result, the grand masters had to use their domain ability in order to escape. it was extremely fortunate since they had the numbers to break free from the temporal prison. when the tables had turned, the grand masters were generous enough to open a path for jiang fei's own troops. an exodus plan was made and all on jiang fei's side returned to china. 

just when they thought peace had returned after they had lost the war, the mutant took things into their own hands. with supplies provided by the unknowns, technology and energy, the american government armed themselves with a powerful fleet of advanced battlecruiser. 

after losing to china in the nautical war a while back, the americans had vowed to become stronger and get revenge on the eastern country. now that they were given alien technology willingly, they were more than happy to have their revenge now! 

in only a single night, the american formed an alliance with european union to form a larger fleet. even the mutants and the unknowns joined the fleet to launch a wide scale national attack on china. 

at the start of the nautical war, american against china's fleet, china was able to hold their place with ease. even though both sides used the same grade of weaponry, china sailors had far greater experience using the alien tech. however, jiang fei had been far too stingy back then. he had only given them a teaspoon worth of energy crystals to power their ships. it was only enough to last for a single day, but now, it wasn't enough to last even for half a day! the americans had more than enough fuel and power to fight for as long as china could stand! alas, after china's fleet ran low on fuel, they were forced to retreat and return to china. 

as a precaution, jiang fei had installed many defensive turrets along the coast of china's military installations. these turrets were useless in attack as their mobility were as good as an old man on crutches. even so, their defensive firepower were unmatched. even though the american and the european's fleet were practically at china's doorstep, they weren't able to break into china's borders without first turning into fish food. 

even though large fleets were helpless against china's defense, a small elite group of mutants and unknowns were able to infiltrate the country. their first targets were the martial artists sects. the damage they caused in just one night was devastating. each sect were already weakened from all the incidents of the past, so when the attack came unannounced, they were completely eradicated.

jiang fei gritted his teeth. now that he was all caught up, he realized what he had missed out during his absence. in a way, he had regretted not arming his own nation well enough to defend against foreign assault. but that didn't matter now. what mattered now was protecting his nation, and when he was done, no nation in the world would dare to set foot in china!

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