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"Give you something? Don't make me laugh," Jiang Fei scoffed. Compared to those surrounding him, he was as calm as a cucumber. He had sheer confidence that he would be able to defeat all of them even if they were all unharmed and well. 

"Looks like someone has never been fed with a serving of beating before!" one of Tchaikovsky's subordinates snarled. His voice bubbled as if he were talking whilst gurgling marbles. He had a humanoid appearance but compared to his head and body, his limbs and his legs were rotten as if they were pieces of raw meat that had been left in the open for a week and were infested with worms and maggots. 


Combat Level: 540,000

Note: A race of evil nature. Cruel and merciless. Their main offense of choice are poison and venom. They will not hesitate to use it on friends or foe. 

Jiang Fei could not help but cringe at the information given by the scope. To be fair, although he had a humanoid face, he was extremely repulsive to even look at. Also, knowing that an Ishtarian was a poison user, Jiang Fei felt nothing but contempt toward him having gone through such a mess with the Grundel. 

"Beating, you say? I could say the same to you!" Jiang Fei turned to face the Ishtarian and spat in his face. 

Tchaikovsky groaned from the side, realizing the entire ordeal was about to turn messy. He was still unable to properly gauge Jiang Fei's true powers. He might just be hiding his strength to conserve energy, or simply trying to trick others into thinking that. The previous image of Jiang Fei being overwhelmingly powerful was still clear in his mind. However, based on his combat level readings, he could not shake the doubt about Jiang Fei merely using a tool to boost his combat level. Then again, his current calm and composed nature made him doubt his previous thought. He was unable to come to a decision on whether or not he should be fighting Jiang Fei. Be it real or faked, if he was able to replicate the previous performance, they would all be killed with a single breath. That being said, Tchaikovsky could not simply walk away, not when Jiang Fei held the Primordial Weapon and his invaluable Crystal Ball. 

"Enough! You're one to die now!" the Ishtarian roared after being successfully angered by Jiang Fei. He stepped back, ready to attack. If Jiang Fei was really just 120,000 combat level, the attack would surely blast half of him away. 

"Hold him!" Tchaikovsky ordered, seeing as how one of his subordinates was not going to stop. The die had been cast. He had already started the attack and even if they were to let him go right there and then, Jiang Fei himself might not do the same. However, if Jiang Fei was really just a trainee at 120,000 combat level, him coming after Tchaikovsky would not be much trouble. Even if Jiang Fei's strength came from a tool, it would not be permanent! Attacking him now would be the best chance since he wouldn't have enough time to recover whatever energy he had used nor would he be able to use the tool to gain a boost of combat level. 

Every subordinate then jumped at Jiang Fei. Some held him down by the legs, while the others charged up their attacks. Their long-time master had already decreed the kill order and there was nothing to hold them back anymore! 

"What a waste of the lives I've saved," Jiang Fei taunted. He had no intention to kill these folks but he knew well that if he let them go, they would be his enemies of the future. Better eliminate the sprout now than having to clear a field of weed later! 

"Oh no!" Alexis gasped with horror as he recognized the determined look on Jiang Fei's face. Ever since the start of the trial, Jiang Fei's every move had been under observation. There was nothing that he did that Alexis didn't know. If the 2,000,000 combat level Grundel had not been a problem for Jiang Fei, what of a bunch of trainees?

As the master of Redstone, a supreme ruler and an important member of the entire Valsalrian Army, he had many things that concerned him and one of the most troubling matters that he had to tend to was the relationship between officers. To be fair, he did not want all of his soldiers to share a bond too close. Emotions hindered one's perception on things and worst of all, a coup d'etat might happen. At the same time, he did not want them to be enemies with each other. Internal strife was never hard to deal with but dealing with that decreased the number of soldiers substantially. 

The group of spoiled brats had unknowingly challenged Jiang Fei, a superior fighter, just because he had only played the game right. If they were eliminated, would Tchaikovsky's parents let Jiang Fei get away with it? Even if with his authority, Alexis had covered up the death of his son, someday, Tchaikovsky's father would still find out about his son's murderer. Jiang Fei would never be safe again. 

Alexis flashed away from the audience seat and headed straight into the simulation at breakneck speed. It only took him less than one-tenth of a second to enter the entrance and the simulation. 

Before the Ishtarian could throw the punch, Jiang Fei felt a sudden emergence of power, one that could only belong to a certain individual in all of Redstone. Right then, he had unleashed his limiter and gained a combat level of at least 4,000,000. His perception of his surroundings had reached beyond mortal comprehension. That was why when Alexis stepped into the simulation, Jiang Fei had detected his presence immediately. 

He quickly raised his fist to attack as he knew he would not have the chance to when Alexis arrived. He predicted that Alexis would want him to let them go. With a speed exceeding mach 10, his punch broke the sound barrier multiple times before his fist even reached halfway through the air. 

Alas, as fast as he was at throwing a punch, Alexis was faster to intervene. The Commander appeared right in time behind Jiang Fei and the Ishtarian, and stopped Jiang Fei's fist barehandedly. As he did, a powerful impact gave out a devastating shockwave, blowing all and everyone around. At that moment, Jiang Fei did not stop attacking. Although he was psychically held back, he still had his mind. With powerful concentration, he unleashed a wave of psychic attack that matched even Prophet Nas. 

Alexis might be strong physically but he was helpless against blocking psychic attacks. The others had succumbed to the sheer mental power of Jiang Fei and started bleeding out of their nose, eyes, and ears. 

"Commander Alexis?!" Jiang Fei pretended to be surprised about Alexis' arrival and quickly stopped attacking, and bowed. 

"Enough clowning around." Jiang Fei's combat level was felt thoroughly by Alexis and he knew that he would surely have felt his presence as well. 

"Ahh… My bad. Looks like the cat is out of the bag," he replied, laughing awkwardly. 

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