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"How about it? Are you willing to join me?" asked Jiang Fei, smiling with confidence.

"A-A-Are you sure?" stammered Bacca, choking on his words.

His team might have survived the trial, but their overall score was below average. From where they stood, they would be considered lucky to be picked last. It was a genuine surprise, albeit a pleasant one, when Jiang Fei came over to select his team.

It goes without saying that everyone in the academy, even the officers, knew that Jiang Fei now represented Alexis. Trainees who were selected by Jiang Fei would be recruited to be under Alexis' banner. On Redstone, that was the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

"Your silence is intriguing. I take it you decline?" asked Jiang Fei, shrugging.

"Leader, agree to it already!"

"What are you doing? Say yes!"

Still lost in an euphoric trance, Bacca didn't even realize that he had failed to reply to Jiang Fei's invitation. His other team members quickly nudged him, not wanting to miss out on this golden opportunity.

"I-I agree!"

Bacca took Jiang Fei's hands and thanked him vigorously. Who would have thought that a simple Terran boy who was constantly ignored had now become a superior officer?

"Good answer!"

Jiang Fei hummed and walked a few steps to the side.

"What say you? Will you choose your father, or will you follow me?" barked Jiang Fei in a tone of mild condescension.

Though he was happy, Caylon remained quiet. Honestly, he was conflicted. As long as they could survive the trial, the fate of V.I.Ps such as himself and Jiang Fei were sealed. Caylon would be chosen to join his father's team even if his results had only been average.

But now, he was torn between the choices before him. Joining his father would grant him a certain post and achievements. But Jiang Fei's team, under Alexis' banner, was the apex predator of Redstone. Just imagine all the adventures and missions they would go on!

In the midst of his dilemma, Caylon glanced at his father who was seated amongst the other generals. General Bazouk looked down at his son, not expressing anything in return.

Caylon nodded at his father, silently expressing his desire for more than just a secure future. After reaching a consensus with himself, Caylon raised his head to look Jiang Fei in the eye.

"I will follow you," said Caylon.

Rather than dwelling in his father's shadow, being spoon-fed with achievements and only having a mediocre future to look forward to, he would go where nothing is limited.

"Good. Bacca, Caylon, bring your teams and follow me," ordered Jiang Fei before leading the two teams closer to the stage.

"Sir, I am ready," said Jiang Fei, saluting Alexis.

"Off to the armory with you lot. Jiang Fei, sit with me," said Alexis.

He did not care at all about Jiang Fei's chosen teams. He was merely offering Jiang Fei the chance to recruit some new blood for his own squad. For better or worse, they would not be anything close to what Jiang Fei could do.

"Aye, commander."

Jiang Fei nodded and returned to the upper stage to sit with Alexis. The selection ceremony continued with the other generals and fleet officers choosing their own squads.

During this boring process, Bacca alone approached the stage and whispered to Jiang Fei from behind, "Sir, I have something to ask of you."

Although he was now part of Alexis' banner, he was nowhere near qualified enough to speak to Alexis directly.

"What is it?" asked Jiang Fei.

It was better to talk to Bacca rather than continue paying attention to the drab ceremony.

"As you know, Dodge has been eliminated from the trials and lost any chance to be an officer. However, I humbly request for his reinstatement as a member of our squad. If only you would grant me the request," said Bacca.

Be it out of friendship or loyalty, Bacca did not want to lose a member of his original team.

"Can it be done? Do I have that sort of power?" asked Jiang Fei, turning to Sarila.

He had only just become a high-ranking officer and had no idea what his limitations were.

"Have him look for that member he wants and find out which team he has been assigned to. Then, name-drop the commander and bring him back," replied Sarila.

Regular soldiers and ranked officers were arranged in different ways. Those who had been eliminated from the trials were usually assigned to be part of any fodder units.

"Got it," said Jiang Fei.

He then sent Bacca to search for Dodge.

"Thank you, sir!" Bacca expressed his gratitude and headed off to search for his lost teammate.

The entire graduation ceremony ended when all the trainees who had passed the trials had been picked up by the generals and fleet officers. Even though not everyone managed to pick the teams they wanted, every banner managed to replenish their soldier count.

These trainees were going to be starting off at the lowest rank, but they would be granted opportunities to be promoted, as even the weakest one had over 200,000 combat level. They were much stronger than a regular infantry.

"That'll be all. All generals and commanders are to return to their posts immediately," said Alexis, leaving the stage first.

All the other officials stood up and followed soon after.

"Fei, prep yourself and your squad. Two days from now, there will be a new mission," said Alexis when Jiang Fei had finally left the stage.

"Where are we going, sir?" asked Jiang Fei. As Alexis' right hand, he would surely be tagging along.

"The Dommix System. The war has been going on for some time now and the higher-ups are pestering me to end it. It's been dragging on for so long and this time, I've been ordered to end it permanently," said Alexis with a disgruntled expression on his face.

"Aye, commander," said Jiang Fei. He had no idea where it was but it did not matter.

"Sarila, what's going on with the Dommix System? Why did the commander get so riled up about it?" asked Jiang Fei when he returned to Alexis' home and found Sarila.

"It's… hard to explain…"

"Then make it easy to understand."

"You've gotten in a little over your head now. No matter. Since we are heading over soon, it would be wise for you to understand the situation," said Sarila as she started a long lecture about the Dommix incident.

The Valsalrian Army were famed throughout the known universe but they weren't the apex predator. There were other civilizations of higher order and power that could stand toe to toe with the entire Valsalrian Army. One of which was the Trade Federation of the Dommix System.

The Trade Federation was not a planet, but a collection of civilizations that banded together to form a republic order. It started with a gathering of simple traders and from there, an alliance was born, armies were gathered, ships were built, and a large organization was formed.

The Trade Federation had a certain amount of military strength, and since the Valsalrian Army were famous as the bandits of the universe, they had been 'donating' to the Valsalrian Army.

On the other hand, the Valsalrian Army would not attack and rob any of the Federation's territories, for they possess a certain amount of power that could destroy the Valsalrians. Peace was achieved but not out of a mutual understanding.

A small incident occurred and the fragile peace treaty was immediately broken. Oswald, the son of a high-ranking officer in the Valsalrian Army, had taken a liking to a girl of the Federation. Oswald was a typical blue-blooded man and the girl did not fancy someone like him.

As such, to prove that he was not the same as the others, he quietly took command of one of his father's Battlecruisers and attacked the system that she was in—the Dommix System, where the Trade Federation ruled.

The reason why the girl did not like the blue-blooded gentleman at all was because he was useless, having neither power nor strength. The excursion took a turn for the worse and instead of doing any actual damage, the entire ship was destroyed when the Federation swiftly retaliated.

The young chump perished and his father was angered. As a high-ranking officer, higher than Commander Alexis himself, retribution was in order. And thus began the long war between the Valsalrian Army and the Trade Federation.

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