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"And the last one."

Jiang Fei finally decided on his last treasure.

Morroas Mobile One-Man Shuttle

Type: A high-speed shuttle produced by Morroas

Note: Built using the most advanced Phase Engine and Warp Core, the Morroas Mobile One-Man Shuttle can travel through space efficiently and is very comfortable to ride in. However, the price is not something acceptable to ordinary people. It sells for about forty-two million Aetherytes.

Jiang Fei had himself in mind when he chose this item. When he encountered danger, he could hide in the 10th Dimension, but the ship he was riding in would not be as lucky. This was what happened when he faced the Galactic Specter earlier.

There was no way Jiang Fei could repeatedly bring the patrol ship into the 10th Dimension. The energy within the Core of Will would certainly not be able to support consumption of such intensity.

If his spacecraft was destroyed, although Jiang Fei could survive in space for a short time, the problem was that he could not space warp. Once he lost his spacecraft, he would become a wild ghost floating in space.

In space, it was extremely difficult to encounter a passing spacecraft. So, if Jiang Fei lost his, he would be trapped alive in the void sooner or later.

However, things would be different with this Mobile Shuttle. It was stored in a fist-sized equipment through Spatial Manipulation and could be released at any time.

Plus, this Shuttle was currently the most high-end technological product in the universe, so it was extremely expensive. Even if Jiang Fei ended up not using it, it could still be sold for a profit. This Shuttle was similar to luxury sports cars on Earth, but it was just more portable and convenient to carry around.

Like fancy sports cars, the build of this Shuttle was extremely luxurious. Its engine was even more powerful than an average battleship, so it was naturally extremely expensive. Forty-two million Aetherytes was enough to create a small fleet of patrol ships.

"Why do you need that?"

Theon did not sound too happy. He thought that Jiang Fei chose this Shuttle, which was akin to a supercar, because he wanted to use it as a toy.

"To help me escape!" said Jiang Fei, stating his true intentions.

"Alright then, as long as you like it."

Theon did not stop him after hearing that he had a valid reason. As a powerful being with a Galactic Specter, he often ignored the troubles of ordinary people like Jiang Fei. After taking their respective items, Theon and Jiang Fei casually walked out of Aino's treasure vault.

As usual, Theon left a note at the door: Hey Aino, I didn't steal enough the last time I dropped by, which explains why I'm here today. By the way, I brought an apprentice with me, so the protection fee is doubled!

Jiang Fei curled his lip after reading the note. "F*cking hell... my master really has no morals. Even after stealing from Aino, he still has to taunt him like that..."

However, he suddenly understood something. If Theon's true strength was revealed, the whole universe would probably line up to try and suck up to him.

"Let's get out of here. Aino won't feel comfortable if we keep staying here."

After he left the note, Theon grabbed Jiang Fei's shoulder. The next second, they appeared on the Galactic Specter's back.

"No way..."

Although it was his first time seeing Theon space teleport, Jiang Fei was still shocked.

"Come on, kid. Let's go to my place. Since you're now my apprentice, I have to teach you a thing or two."

As he spoke, Theon tapped the silver hoverboard with his feet, and the Galactic Specter immediately turned into a comet and charged away. A few days later, the Galactic Specter entered a sector. It was very desolate, with no sign of intelligent life anywhere.

"We're here! Marshmallow, go do whatever you want, but don't go too far," said Theon.

Then, he grabbed Jiang Fei's shoulder and teleported to the surface of a planet.

Cough cough…

Unprepared for the pressure from the sudden change in gravity, Jiang Fei immediately coughed up blood. Fortunately, his body had been strengthened by the Blackhole Core. Otherwise, the gravity's force would have been enough to kill him.


Jiang Fei immediately activated his Domain, making his combat power soar to 2.1 million. The strength provided by the Blackhole Core did not help him resist the strong gravity.

However, even after activating his Domain, Jiang Fei still could not withstand the strong gravity on this planet. His bones were under so much pressure that cracks could be heard. According to the goggles, the gravity here was a hundred and twenty times the gravity on Redstone, equivalent to six hundred times of Earth's gravity.

"Ah, sorry, I forgot!"

Theon quickly waved and an energy barrier formed around Jiang Fei which isolated him from the gravity on this planet.

Phew... Jiang Fei let out a sigh of relief. A few seconds ago, he really felt like he was about to die.

Six hundred times the gravity of Earth, what was that like? A person weighing fifty kilograms would have to bear the weight of thirty tonnes here. If an ordinary person came here, they would be smashed into meat patties on the spot!

"Do you feel better now? Let's sit down and talk."

Theon waved again and used his energy to squeeze out a set of tables and chairs from the solid, compact ground.

"Thank you, Master."

With the energy barrier, Jiang Fei was no longer tortured by the gravitational force.

"Since you're now my apprentice, tell me something. You have a Core of Will with you, right?" said Theon, causing Jiang Fei to break out in cold sweat.

"I..." Jiang Fei was at a loss.

If Theon knew that he had the Blackhole Core, he would not be this nervous. He had fused his Core of Will before. This enhanced version of the Core of Will gave him the power to enter the 10th Dimension. It was Jiang Fei's biggest asset.

Now that Theon was asking him about it, he did not know how to answer. Deep down in his heart, he did not want to tell others about the Core of Will and the 10th Dimension. However, if he tried to lie to someone as powerful as Theon, there was no guarantee that he would believe him.

"Don't be afraid, I have no bad intentions. I just want to see if you're fit to learn my skills, because I have this too!"

As Theon spoke, a bright shining jewel appeared on his forehead. The jewel wasn't just the Core of Will, but also the fused version of it!

"How did you..." Jiang Fei was dumbstruck.

He did not expect Theon to also have this type of energy core. It even seemed like Theon's Core of Will was stronger than his.

"Now do you know why I've been treating you so well? Because we have something in common," said Theon, smiling as he put away his Core of Will.

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