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The man whose entire arm was blown away frantically retreated. Jiang Fei remained stationary as he did not need to inflict any further damage.

"Jasmo! Are you alright?" cried his partner, hurrying over to his comrade's side to defend him in case Jiang Fei made any sudden moves.

The one named Jasmo gasped for breath as he reassured his friend, "Hah… I'm… I'm fine!"

He took a good look at his mangled arm. Although it was severe and had to be treated as soon as possible, he was not in any immediate danger.

"How is he?"

"Strong," said Jasmo, taking a long breath before continuing, "I was too careless. Abu, you need to keep your eyes peeled! He has strong psychic abilities!"

"Understood. I'll take care of this!" said Abu.

Abu was stronger than Jason, and in fact knew a thing or two about the psychic force. Instead of running away, he moved forward to face Jiang Fei.

"You're done?" said Jiang Fei, provoking him.

"Don't get cocky there boy!"

Abu roared as he lunged at Jiang Fei who smirked and quickly found his footing. With a quick concentration, he shot out another Psychic Needle towards Abu.

Abu scoffed. "Do you think you can still use the same tactic against me?!"

He took out a small jewel from his pocket and crushed it with his bare hands, causing a pale blue barrier to glow around him. When the needle made contact, it instantly dissolved and became part of the barrier.

"Captain, the jewel he just crushed is a Psi-Breaker. It can help to block psychic attacks!" explained 0541 after going through the new scope Jiang Fei obtained from Theon.

"How long does it last?" asked Jiang Fei.

Most of the skills he had learned from Theon were psychic manipulations. He would not be able to try out his new skills if his opponent was able to block all psychic attacks.

"Sorry Captain, I didn't get a good look at the jewel he used. I can't even give you an estimate!"

"Doesn't matter! He's coming now!"

Jiang Fei groaned as he crossed his arms across his chest to block the incoming attack.

"Die, puny Terran!"


The powerful burst of energy behind the punch managed to send Jiang Fei flying like a comet through the void of space. Fortunately, even though Omnisurge was inactive, the battlesuit he was wearing helped to negate all damage.

Abu chuckled. "You're tough! I'll give you that."

With this, he had gauged Jiang Fei's capability. He had powerful psychic attacks but was only as good as a fighter with 3,000,000 combat level could be.

Thanks to the power of the Psi-Breaker, Abu need not fear any means of psychic attacks. With that thought in mind, Abu was sure that victory was at hand. He blasted off, chasing after Jiang Fei with an attack to end the fight.

"Tsk! Does he seriously think he can defeat me?" snarled Jiang Fei.

Even at almost 20 years of age, Jiang Fei was still a hot-headed man. Being punched and looked down upon were the sparks that ignited his rage.

Jiang Fei stood still and with a simple thought, Omnisurge was unleashed. Energy crackled around him as his combat level rose beyond 5,000,000.

Abu concentrated his powers into his flying fists, putting everything he had into an attack to kill Jiang Fei. He had failed to predict that Jiang Fei was already stronger than him.

Crackling with raw power, Jiang Fei raised his right palm to receive the incoming fist.

"You're in over your head, boy!" roared Abu.

Unaware of Jiang Fei's increase in power, he continued to charge forward, assuming that his attack would be enough to completely disintegrate Jiang Fei.


A destructive shockwave was unleashed with Jiang Fei and Abu at the center of it. At that moment, time seemed to stop for them, but in reality, they were just too excited that they were thinking too quickly.

Feeling every single crack in his bones that were spreading to his forearms, Abu panicked. He regretted not having properly examined his opponent before jumping into action.

No matter, it was too late now. The repercussions were coming for him and there was nothing he could do about it.

The energy rebound sent both Jiang Fei and Abu flying away from each other. Abu's right arm was mangled. If Jiang Fei had closed his fist and put in a little force on his own, Abu would have lost his right arm entirely, or perhaps more than just his arm…

Just then, before the eruption of energy could turn into a supernova, Jiang Fei sent out a wave of energy to shield and push Abu away from the center of the explosion. The wave of energy served as an extension of Jiang Fei's hands, gently pushing Abu away to prevent him from actually dying in the explosion.

It was not a show of mercy, but an act borne of the promise Jiang Fei made with Theon. It was not as easy as it seemed to keep it, since Jiang Fei now had to think of a way to both fight and prevent the death of his opponent.

When everything was over and the winner was decided, Abu and Jasmo returned to each other. At that moment, before Jiang Fei could return to the Brown Bear Hypercruiser, Abu and Jasmo flew towards him.

"Why did you save me?" asked Abu, trying not to wince from the pain.

"We are without enmity. I do not know what you think of me, but I'd like to keep things that way. Why must I kill you?" explained Jiang Fei, scoffing nonchalantly.

Abu could not answer. According to everything he had ever been told, and all that he had learned throughout years of training and battles, the Valsalrians were cruel and ruthless.

This act of mercy shown by Jiang Fei, a high-ranking officer of the Valsalrian Army, contradicted everything he knew.

Abu thought to himself, "Could he be fishing for favors and wanting the Federation to help him defect from the Valsalrian Army?"

After careful calculation and consideration, that was the most reasonable explanation for Jiang Fei's behavior.

"Now that we're really done. Go back to whence you came. Forget about this ship. There's no way you can defend it now," said Jiang Fei, making a 'shoo-shoo' gesture with his hands before he turned away.

Both Abu and Jasmo could not understand what was going on, but they agreed with one thing Jiang Fei said—they could no longer defend the ship. With their injuries and current strength, they would die if they remained adamant on helping the ship.

After bowing to Jiang Fei, the two clicked on a transponder and teleported away to safety.

Jiang Fei greeted Sarila as he teleported back into the ship, "I'm back."

Before she could answer, Jiang Fei zoomed across the corridor and intercepted a gunmen before he could pull the trigger.

"0541, what's the progress of your infiltration of the ship?" asked Jiang Fei mentally.

The war is still ongoing but Jiang Fei had no interest in joining small fights like this.

"15 minutes until successful infiltration and takeover," replied 0541.

Although 0541 had faced some issues in decrypting the Federation ship's system, time was the only true obstacle for him.

"Keep it up," answered Jiang Fei, tossing the gunmen away after first knocking him unconscious.

Only when the coast was clear and there were no enemies in sight was Sarila able to come to Jiang Fei's side. She could not help staring at her saviour with eyes filled with longing and gratitude. Before Jiang Fei could turn around to greet her again, she backed off to liaise with the other squad members.

To be honest, Sarila was happy. For once in her entire miserable life, she was truly grateful and happy. To think that fate had given her to Jiang Fei, only for her to find herself a powerful person whom she could depend upon.

While the battles in the ship were slowing down, Jiang Fei decided to join the fray and help only a little to defeat a few tougher foes. To be fair, his presence alone was all it took for the soldiers of the Federation to plunge into the depths of despair.

No matter how hard they tried, there was no defeating him. Alas, after several futile attempts, the captain of the ship gathered all crew members to surrender to Jiang Fei.

"Heh. So much for a fight… Oh well… subjugation successful!"

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