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"I will now announce your appointments!" said Trakus to the assembled members of the 13th Division.

"As the status of Alexis—the leader 7th Fleet's 13th Division—is still unknown, and the Division has suffered serious losses, the army has decided to get rid of the 13th Division."

Even after hearing this, the members of the 13th Division still remained calm. After all, they knew better than anyone just how much loss they had suffered, so they already expected this to happen.

"After much discussion, the higher-ups have decided that all remaining members of the 13th Division will join the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost!"

At his announcement, everyone went crazy!


"That's not fair!"

"F*ck that Army order!"

"We're willing to risk our lives for you, yet you treat us this way?"

More than two thousand soldiers started protesting at once, but Trakus did not move an inch and simply continued to announce the order.

"Former members of the 13th Division, please carry out the order immediately upon receiving it. You should arrive at the base of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost in no later than ten days! You will be penalized for any delays!"

His words only served to further infuriate the soldiers.

The Carldish Fort was separated from the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost by more than ten galaxies. Even if they traveled at maximum speed, ten days was cutting it close. They would have to set off immediately and make no stops. If they were to encounter anything along the way, they would not be able to make it in time.

"D*mn! This is driving me crazy!"

"Let's just fight them instead!"

"Even if a motherless child got bullied, they wouldn't go this far!"


The soldiers were causing a ruckus. In contrast, Sarila and Jiang Fei were already mentally prepared for this.

"Bunch of assh*les..." said Sarila.

Feeling extremely wronged, she could not hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes. Though she knew that the Valsalrian Army was a relentless organization of thieves, she was still devastated at being treated this way.

"Shut up! Do you want to start a rebellion?" roared Trakus.

The soldiers immediately fell quiet. After all, most of them only had combat leves of two to three hundred thousand. Only one or two officers among them were at one or two million. In comparison, Trakus had a combat level of more than three million. So, his voice alone was enough to deter them.

Moreover, the soldiers had to remember where they were. The Carldish Fort! Aino's territory.

If they stirred up trouble with Trakus here, would it end well? Even though they had an advantage in numbers, if they rose up in rebellion, they would be suppressed within a few hours.

"Hmph!" Trakus sneered after the soldiers fell quiet. Then, he approached Sarila.

"Sal, my offer still stands. If you've come around, tell me now," he said in a gentlemanly tone.

"No! I said what I said. Wherever he goes, I go!" replied Sarila as she grabbed onto Jiang Fei's arm.

"Hmph! Have fun dying, then!"

Absolutely furious, Trakus turned around and left with his soldiers.

One of the officers asked, "Commander Sarila, what do we do?"

Sarila sighed. "I'm sorry, everyone. Right now, we can only head to Tallgeese, but I'll find a way out of this!"

The soldiers nodded. "Okay..."

The ship that would transport them to Tallgeese was ready and waiting. There was no time for them to think about countermeasures.

"What should I do?" wondered Jiang Fei, somewhat hesitant.

Although he had a great deal of confidence that he could solve this crisis if he met with Aino, actually finding a way to see him was easier said than done.

Jiang Fei thought to himself, "What if I stir up some trouble?"

Sending a request to meet Aino now would be unrealistic, not to mention that these soldiers probably wouldn't even do it for him. And even if they were willing to pass along his request, it was now far too late for that.

"Alright!" Deciding to go for it, Jiang Fei hurried a few steps forward.

"Captain Trakus, please wait!" he shouted.

Trakus looked sideways at Jiang Fei. He had not given up on Sarila yet, so he wanted to see what Jiang Fei was going to say. Was he going to persuade Sarila to leave with him out of love? As a pampered child, Trakus had read his fair share of romance novels.

"Did you call me?" asked Trakus.


While Trakus was still fantasizing about embracing his little beauty, he didn't realize that Jiang Fei had already caught up to him. Thinking that the Terran only had a combat level of slightly more than two hundred thousand, Trakus didn't bother keeping his guard up, so Jiang Fei was able to approach him easily.

Jiang Fei laughed. "Captain Trakus, would you mind doing me a favor?"


Trakus looked at Jiang Fei with total contempt. He assumed that Jiang Fei was going to give him Sarila, in exchange for being removed from the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost. So while Trakus despised Jiang Fei for being a coward, he was still very happy.

"Hehe, it's a simple favor. I need a hostage now, and you're a good fit!" said Jiang Fei.

"What did you say?!"

Not having expected Jiang Fei to say such a thing, Trakus didn't realize that something was wrong until it was too late.


Upon activating Omnisurge, Jiang Fei's combat level soared to more than two million. The effects of the Blackhole Core followed, instantly increasing his combat level to over five million. This made Trakus feel overwhelmed!


In order to ensure that his plan would go off without a hitch, Jiang Fei first attacked Trakus' mind with his mental strength, causing his vision to blur and his nose to bleed.


After he easily restrained Trakus, Jiang Fei tucked him under his arm and left before Trakus's soldiers could respond.

"Ah Fei, what are you doing?!"

Trakus' soldiers were not the only ones shocked. Sarila was also frightened by Jiang Fei's sudden act. His behavior was tantamount to blatant rebellion!

Jiang Fei shrugged, looking relaxed. "I want to see Aino."

With Theon behind him, he didn't think that anyone could hurt him.

"But your impulsiveness might put them in danger..." said Sarila, glancing at the soldiers around her.

"Commander Sarila, we've thought it through. We'll eventually die anyway if we go to the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost. We might as well fight against Aino!"

The soldiers were angry, they had been wronged. Now that Jiang Fei had taken the lead, a fire of rebellion ignited in their hearts.

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