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The battle was over and Jiang Fei had rest. A few moments later, all three dead Ultralisks were cleaned up. Nothing was left behind, lest the others would want to fight him for the meat. 

Although Jiang Fei had killed the Ultralisk fairly easy, it was a feat rarely accomplished by the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost. When there was an Ultralisk attack every month, perhaps only one Ultralisk was killed each year. Most of the other time, they were either chased away after throwing so many lives in exchanges, or the complete annihilation of the outpost soldiers. Whenever an Ultralisk was killed, the plebeians would have to give way to the strong fighters and let them have the meat. 

"All wrapped up now, let's go home," Jiang Fei flashed to the asteroid to regroup with his soldiers. Sarila went ahead to check Jiang Fei and retreated fairly quickly since he had sustained zero damage. 

"What now?" Jiang Fei asked. He did not know the procedure in Tallgeese. 

"I think there's nothing else we're supposed to do. Everybody else had already teleported back," said Sarila. Even though they were able to survive in the vacuum of space, even the strongest soldiers, excluding those that were as strong as Jiang Fei, were unable to sustain themselves too long. 

Back in his palace of stalks, Jiang Fei sent everyone to do their own thing while he retreated to his room. 

"0541, how do I treat the meat? I intent to distribute them to my fellow soldiers as the provision for the carnivorous are lacking," Jiang Fei said. Truth be told, all three Ultralisk combined, there were more than kilometers worth of meat. Alone, it would take years or perhaps a human life time to finish eating them. 

"Allow me to process them first. I suggest that we use the Kreemor Shocker's flesh to distribute to the soldiers. The Shocker's meat contains electrical-aspected energy that the soldiers could absorb upon consumption. After a certain period of adjustment, you would have an army of electric-aspected soldiers!" 

Although emphasized on its power, 0541 had other reasons to suggest using the Shocker's meat to be given out. Compared to the other Ultralisk, the Shocker's power came mostly from its core crystal. There was only a trace amount of energy in the meat. In a way, 0541 wanted to dish out the lousy meat and keep the best for Jiang Fei. As Jiang Fei's support system, it was, at the very least, he could do to maximize Jiang Fei's own benefit. 

"What about the other two?" Jiang Fei asked. He was not against 0541's idea as he too was greedy in certain aspects. However, he had an army to feed and cultivate, keeping the good stuff to himself wouldn't do him good. 

"The other two were brutes and most of their energy came from their flesh. I could process them and make compressed jerky to maximize its content value and long term storage," 0541 suggested. 

"Jerky? Mmm… Go for it!" said Jiang Fei happily. It has been a while since he had jerky… 

All in all, after considering the number of soldiers he wanted to feed, there would still be more than enough food to last until the next Ultralisk attack. Nevertheless, it would be wise for Jiang Fei to stock up on energy-concentrated jerky as he could feed them to his other army back on Earth; the army of female warriors. 

Since by consuming the meat of the Ultralisk would bestow a certain amount of power increase in oneself, Jiang Fei would want to keep the best for his personal harem back on Earth whenever he returns. 

Upon satisfied with 0541's suggestion, Jiang Fei proceeded to let 0541 start "cooking". 

On the brick of daylight the next day, Jiang Fei gathered everyone in the courtyard. 

"I have an announcement to make and it's a big one. From today onwards, the 13th Division will be feasting on meat!"

Jiang Fei opened up boxes of jerky that were vacuum-sealed and distributed them to all soldiers. Each jerky was flat and six inches long. Even though it was of small portions, it did not consist of 100% Ultralisk meat. The piece of jerky had only contained 30% Ultralisk flesh and the rest were mixed with other edible materials. Although by doing so reflected how stringy Jiang Fei was, it was not by choice. All soldiers of the 13th Division were too weak to fully absorb the energy of the meat without dying violently. 

On average, the combat level of all soldiers was only 100,000. The Shocker was of 8,500,000 combat level Ultralisk. Even if one were to have a small bite from its raw flesh, no soldiers would survive from digesting its raw power. 

"Sir, no offence but, some of us prefer to feed on anything but meat…" said a stone giant. These folks feed on rocks and sand from the ground. Having them eat meat would be out of their regular diet. 

"Sir, I would prefer to feed on vegetation. Save the for those who needed it," said another soldier that was a herbivore. 

Many others decided to voice out their concern. While some expressed their dislike of meat, most of them were being kind and would want to let their fellow carnivorous soldiers to feed on meat while they, herbivores, could survive on vegetation. 

"Understand this. I'm not forcing you to eat meat but… just so you know… That piece of meat that I'm giving you lots is made from the flesh of the Kreemor Shocker," Jiang Fei declared, smiling smugly as he did. 

"Kree-- Flesh from an Ultralisk!?" 

"How could you waste them on us!?" 

"The commander is distributing such precious food for us! How generous!"

Everyone was riled up as soon as they knew about the source of the piece of jerky they were holding. Everyone saw how Jiang Fei defeated all three Ultralisk but they had never expected Jiang Fei to distribute his own loot to his fellow soldiers!

As a soldier of the Valsalrian Army, these veteren had been transferred many a times enough to know that most of their leaders were greedy f*cks. Although rare, some of them would share their achievements with their subordinates. Like Jiang Fei did. Unlike Jiang Fei, greedy f*cks would rather keep the good stuff and even if the meat were to rot away, they would still keep it to themselves. Having to feed on the same food as their subordinates would signify a demotion of their status. It was a common trait that almost all high ranking commanders in the Valsalrian Army. Hence explain the reaction of the soldiers when Jiang Fei was kind enough to process the meat and distribute them to all the soldiers in the division. 

"Shush! I'm not done! I'm only given out one for each of you!" said Jiang Fei before he shouted the next part, "DO NOT SHARE THE MEAT TO SOMEONE ELSE! Eat too much and you'll die with a spectacular explosion!" 

After everyone got themselves one pack of jerky, they quickly returned to their formation and saluted Jiang Fei simultaneously. 

"Thank you, sir!" 

"The Third Squad wishes to express our sincerity to serve Commander Jiang Fei until our dying breath!"

"The First Squad will serve Commander Jiang Fei until the end of time!" 

Jiang Fei could not help but smile. After having gone through thick and thin, meeting people of various backgrounds and races, even planets, he had learnt how to distinguish words of empty praise from those from the heart. There, as he stood, he was being showered genuine gratitude from his fellow soldiers. 

Jiang Fei knew that these soldiers would fight for him since they needed him, a beacon of hope and strength, to continue surviving on this planet, in this advanced outpost. That being said, he would not trust them to die for him. Nevertheless, he would continue his effort in buying the hearts of his fellow soldiers. He believed that one day, these men and women would someday pledge their undying fealty for him. Who else would treat them so well? 

After the gathering was dispersed, everyone returned to their quarters to start their cultivation. After consumption of the Ultralisk jerky, all soldiers needed to start cultivating in order to fully absorb the essence of the Ultralisk. 

While the others were concentrating on their cultivating, Jiang Fei was back in his room and was munching through packets of pure Ultralisk jerky as snacks. Compared to the others, Jiang Fei's body constituent was that of semi-ethereal. No matter how much he ate, he wouldn't die from too much energy. 

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