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Although Sarila felt unhappy, she did not complain. She instantly began to share the information she had obtained with Jiang Fei.

After Sarila interrogated the Hypercruiser crew members, she found out that they came from Aino's 4th Hybrid Fleet. After Trakus seized the ship, he had handed it over to Aino.

As the Gray Bear type Hypercruiser was very different from other Valsalrian battleships, and its facilities were incomplete, it could not be incorporated into Aino's main force. So, it was transferred to a miscellaneous army.

The Hypercruiser arrived in the Ausvia System at the right time. Coincidentally, war had broken out between Aino and the Trade Federation. All of Aino's units were fighting on the frontline, and they could not be freed at all. Only the Hypercruiser that had just been seized was sitting idly by the Carldish Fort.

At the same time, Jiang Fei's location was getting invaded by the Ultralisks. Aino did not want Jiang Fei to die in the Ausvia System, so he had to send the Hypercruiser over to help. However, he had no idea that the Hypercruiser's central control system had long been destroyed by 0541. When the ship got too far away, 0541 lost connection. However, that problem was now solved. In order for the ship to transmit Jiang Fei, it had to be close to him to establish a communication. Hence, this meant that Aino had unknowingly given the ship to Jiang Fei!

"I hope the war continues! The worse it gets, the better!" Jiang Fei snorted coldly. He really disliked Aino.

"By the way, make a copy of the space map, 0541." Jiang Fei suddenly thought of something.

"Captain, I copied all the data right after I obtained control over the ship." 0541 was always very reliable.

"That's good." Jiang Fei nodded, and then asked about some other things. Sarila did not really obtain much valuable information from her interrogations.

This was not her fault. It was because the crew members did not know anything. They were not frontliners, so they did not have access to a lot of higher-level information. Moreover, they had left Carldish Fort pretty long ago, so the information they provided were already somewhat outdated.

"Alright, you should go and get some rest." Jiang Fei waved Sarila away. Although he did not get much information, he pretty much knew what was going on. At least, Aino was now in a difficult situation and no longer had time to care about him.

"Okay." Sarila pursed her lips, then turned away and left the bridge.

"Kaa'lna, Bison, arrange accommodation for the soldiers. We'll discuss everything else tomorrow." Jiang Fei waved again and sent the other two away.

"Captain, where shall we go next?" 0541 asked after they were alone.

"I don't know." Jiang Fei shook his head vigorously. Originally, he had wanted to return to Earth, but there had been some changes with his body. This made him very uneasy. He was afraid that he would lose control and end up hurting his home and his loved ones.

"I don't even know where Theon is!" Jiang Fei frowned. Although Theon was somewhere near, watching him, he did not show up. So, Jiang Fei could not ask him anything to erase any existing doubts.

In actuality, Theon had been gone for a long time, and Jiang Fei had no idea. Previously, when he entered the 10th Dimension with Bargh, Theon thought that he had been killed. So, enraged, Theon started planning his revenge.

Aino, on the other hand, was having a really tough time. Things were already pretty chaotic on the frontline. To make things worse, he was losing a lot of things recently. If he lost normal treasures, it would not affect him that much. Unfortunately, he lost two fleets!

However, as Theon did not like to kill, the crew members of the two fleets were still alive. Theon knocked them out and left them at the Carldish Fort. As for the warships, they were sold to the Trade Federation at a low price.

This way, Aino lost two fleets, but the Trade Federation gained two warships. Moreover, tens of millions of his men were idling at the Carldish Fort.

These crew members were not soldiers. They were completely useless without their battleships. Since so many of his men were now idling at the Carldish Fort, Aino was under huge logistical pressure. The recent situation was already driving him crazy. While he had to urge his miscellaneous army to deliver supplies, he had to deal with the Trade Federation's counterattack also. The war situation was rapidly deteriorating, not in his favour.

"Damn! The 2nd Fleet is about to go down?" Aino received more bad news. Clearly, misfortunes came in threes.

"Sir, the Trade Federation had somehow obtained a large number of our battleships, including our strongest model. So, they have fully grasped our weaknesses, making the battle even more difficult for us!" said the lieutenant with a sad face. Previously, when they seized the Hypercruiser, Aino was happy for a few days. If they mastered the core data of the Gray Bear type Hypercruiser, it would be easier for them to deal with this kind of battleship. However, just a few days later, their luck had turned.

"Luck really comes and goes just so quickly!" Aino sighed. He knew that he could not blame his soldiers for this.

"Call Barbaro. I need his fleet as reinforcement!" Since his opponent had grasped his warship's weaknesses, he could only ask a close friend, who was also a high-ranked officer in the Valsalrian Army, for help.

Although the Valsalrian Army's battleships were built using the same technology, the performance of different high-level warships was different. So, since Aino's warship was now rendered useless, he had to ask for help.

"Yes, sir!" The lieutenant was about to contact Barbaro, but was stopped by Aino.

"Wait. Find a way to get in touch with Theon, and tell him that I just want to talk!" Although Aino sounded arrogant, he was planning to beg Theon for mercy.

In the past, Aino thought that he would just lose a few treasures if he offended Theon. He had not expected Theon to be so cruel. Theon had actually stolen two of his fleets, and sold them to his opponent!

Now, if Aino did not make a deal with Theon, Barbaro would never help him. If Theon stole Barbaro's fleet and sold it, how would Aino pay Barbaro for his losses?

The battleship's price or value was not the point. It did not really matter. If the ship was destroyed, both Aino and Barbaro could accept it. However, if it were sold to others in perfect condition, this was equivalent to publicizing your weaknesses to your opponents. That was a deadly blow. If that was the case, none of them would be able to fight their opponents until they develop a whole new battleship.

"Yes, sir! But it might be pretty hard to find Theon," the lieutenant squeaked, clearly afraid of what Aino would say.

"You must find him no matter what!" Aino roared. He was way too frustrated recently. He could only direct the anger in his heart toward his lieutenant.

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