The Ancient Genes
2 Journey Begins
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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2 Journey Begins

I open my eyes and find myself lying on the roof of the terrace. Feeling a sharp pain on my forehead, I move my hand towards it to find a swollen bump.

Damn that Old geezer, Ouch ! It hurts.

I get up and see the sun setting. Realising that I was out for quite a while, I check my phone to find several messages from my Mom.

Where are you Max ?

When will you be getting home ?

Reply me immediately.

Having no option, I lie saying that, I am out with Mark.

Keeping my phone back into my pocket, I get off of the terrace and get out of the school. I walk through the streets thinking all along, was that reality or a dream. But my aching forehead reminds me of the truth.

I check my body for any changes remembering the ' Blessing ' , the old man was talking about. But I fail to find any changes.

Was he lying, so much for a God. As soon as I think this, I hear a sweet and pleasant voice in my head which scares the hell out.

« Activating the Gene Awakening system on Host's call »

" W..W..Who's there ? ". I jump around in shock to take a look around. Failing to detect anyone, I speak while raising my hands and balling them into a fist , " Y..You wanna play h..hide a..a..and seek. I am preety strong just to let you know ".

« Reporting to Host, the Gene Awakening System has been fully installed »

This time, I see a screen with the voice.

W..W...What the hell !! .

Suddenly, I feel a cool stream of air in my head calming me down. After calming down, I look at the screen and ask , " What are you ? ".

« Reporting to Host, I am a system designed by the Gods to fully awaken the Ancient Genes »

Hearing it, I couldn't help but get confused, " Didn't the old geezer said that I awaken the genes or something ".

« Reporting to Host, Host has currently awakened only 0.1% of his genes »

" Only that much, am I strong or what ? ". I ask curiously.

« Reporting to Host, Host's current status »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 0) (0/1000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (0.1/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 0

« Stats »

Strength: 7

Agility: 6

Intelligent: 2

Endurance: 3

Vitality: 7

« Skills »

★ Calm Mind ( Passive) ( Max )

[Calm the Host's Mind, when host reaches his tolerance limit]

★ Gods Blessing (Max)

[ Allows 10-30% increase in all stats for 30 minutes

Cool down : 24 hours]

★ Meditation

[ Allows the user to gather flow energy . Speed, Effectiveness and time limit of meditation depends upon the INT and END of Host ]

Seeing the screen, I feel a headache and ask the system, " Can you explain it in my language ".

« In Host's language, Host is just a piece of shit and anyone could wipe the floor with Host's face »

Hearing the system, I feel veins popping out of my head.

" Ain't your language a bit too offensive ". I ask in anger.

« Reporting to Host, the earlier sentences were spoken in Host's language on Host's command »

" Who said I talk like that ? ". I ask as I tremble in anger.

« Reporting to Host »

Host : Max Edwinson

Description : A 16 year old high schooler, with good looks and average built. Loves his family and friend. A person with a single friend, never had any other friends as students treated him differently because of his parents.

Personality : Loving, caring, Coward, Easily gets carried away, Emotional.

Written by God

PS : Unfilial descendant who is not grateful towards his ancestor, only knows how to curse. Can he really save the world ?

Looking at the screen, I feel my hairs rise and my body tremble.


I look towards the sky and shout in anger.

" Who the hell is shouting at this time? ".

" Is this place, to shout, who the hell is it ".

Thanks to my Godly ears, I hear several voices from the nearby houses. Hearing them, I realise that I am in the middle of the street. Thankfully the street was empty , or I might would have heard people saying that ' look, he went crazy after failing to awaken '.

So before anyone could get out, I dash through the street towards my house.

After a while, I reach my house. Entering through the main door, I find Lilly playing in the hall.

As I look at her, feeling a gaze on herself, she too looks back at me.

" Mommy , Brother is back ". She shouts while running towards me.

Seeing her running towards me, a smile appears on my face and I spread my arms to give her a hug.

She jumps in my arms and I hug her tightly. I see my Mom coming out of the kitchen. Thinking back, How close was I to losing all this. Ah! I really was a fool. Did it really matter to awaken any element. Even if my parents don't accept me, I would work hard to make them proud. If I committed suicide, wouldn't that prove I was a loser to the very core. It would make them even more embarrassed.

Suddenly , I feel something wrong and look at Lilly in my arms. I feel her body cold and her complexion was not looking good either.

I look at Mom and ask " Mom is Lilly sick ? ".

Hearing me, Mom walk towards me and pick her up.

Feeling her cold body, she asks " Baby are you alright? ".

" Me...Yeah, I am fine ". Lilly replies in her cute child-like voice.

" Don't you feel cold ? " , Mom asks Lilly.
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" No..Ah! Mommy , Brother look here... I made something in my hands ". Lilly starts shouting excitedly.

I move closer to take a look and find a little bean sized crystal in Lilly's hand. I move my hands forward to touch it, but Lilly takes it away before I could touch it.

" Won't you allow me to touch it Lilly ". I look at her with pleading eyes.

" But , what if it breaks". She asks.

" No it won't, I promise ".

" No" . She refuses.

" I will give you a chocolate if it breaks. Please just let me touch it once ". I again look at her with pleading eyes.

She hesitates, but seeing her hesitation, Mom persuades, " Baby let your brother touch it ".

She reluctantly open her hands and I touch the crystal.

But after touching the crystal, I confirm it to be a piece of ice. It all made sense now. I look at Mom and give her the nod which she was waiting for.

Seeing me nod, she turns her head, but I could still see the streams of tears flowing out of her eyes. So in the end , it did matter. I feel bitter in my heart for not being able to fulfill their expectations.

But there was also a joy. Even if I could not do it, my sister awakening as a variant was enough for people to shut their mouths and my parents could finally raise their head properly.

I leave Lilly in my Mom's arms and walk towards my room , so that she wouldn't have to hide her face.

Reaching my room, I give my father a call to inform him about the event. Hearing his excited voice over the phone, I couldn't help but feel something burning within me.

Hanging up the phone , I try to figure out my feelings.

Is it anger towards my fate, Is it hatred towards my parents or Is it jealousy towards my sister.

No, it was something very simple. It was my hunger for power.

I lie down on my bed and ask the system, explain me my current situation.

« Compiling the list of things considering Host's request »

« First, Host is too weak considering the basic standards of this world. An average human in this world has around 10 points on all his stats »

« Second, the Host's most important task is to get strong right now »

« Third , Host needs to begin his journey on gaining power by enhancing yourself by Flow energy »

Hearing the word ' Flow ' again, I couldn't help but ask , " What is flow energy ?".

« Reporting to Host, it is a superior form of energy. And is a grade higher than Mana. Only people who could perceive this energy can ascend to Godhood. It is also referred to as " Fate ". Everything has a flow. The flow of a human can be considered to begin at birth and he follows it until death. But when one decide to go against this flow or his fate. He can strengthen himself and when one finally breaks the flow to gain control of it, one reaches Godhood. But it is not easy for humans of the current era to go against the flow. Even being able to feel it is an achievement for them »

" Woah! Doesn't that mean, the humans of the past are stronger than the current one "

« Yes »

" Wait! what about me ? ". I ask

« Even though Host has not fully awakened his Genes, I am here to help the Host »

" Doesn't that mean, as long as humans have systems like you, we can create an army of flow user ".

« Reporting to Host, only Humans with ancient genes can have the system »

" Oh! I see ".

" Max, whom are you talking to ? " . I hear my Mom's voice outside the door.

" Ah! I am on the phone with Mark ". I lie.

" Make it quick, your Dad is here, we are going to have the dinner " . She speaks.

" Okay ".

Hearing her disappearing footsteps, I let out a sigh.

" System, do something, I can't communicate with you like this in public or else people will really think I went crazy after failing to awaken ".

« Reporting to Host, Host can communicate with the system throughout his thoughts »

That's nice. Yeah!, I forgot to ask, how do I gain flow energy.

« Reporting to Host, Host can gain flow energy in two ways. The primary source is the Meditation, while secondary sources are Quest »

After hearing the system, I decide to meditate after having my dinner.

I go downstairs and find my parents and sister on the dinning table. I take my seat and for some reason, a silence prevails as we eat.

Finally, my father breaks the ice, " So when is your graduation ceremony ".

" It is still a few months away ". I reply

" Max, we received an urgent mission recently. We have been summoned by the Association ". My father speaks.

Listening to him, I tighten my grip on my spoon , while maintaining my expression and ask , " So when will you be leaving ? ".

" Tomorrow ". He speaks and I feel both of their gazes on me.

" What about Lilly ? ". I ask.

" We will leave her with your grandparents ". My father speaks.

" Hm...I see ". I reply

" You don't need to worry, you can ask Rolv for anything in our absence. And after your graduation ceremony, we will take you with us. "

" I am done ". I get up from my seat and putting on the head phone, I walk toward my room under my parents gazes.

Getting into my room, I let out a sigh.

Pushing the unnecessary thoughts away, I lie down on my bed and activate the «Meditation » skill.


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