The Ancient Genes
3 Threa
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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3 Threa

After entering into Meditation, I feel a thin layer of energy flowing around and passing through me.

Using the system's help, I start resisting the energy. And a feeling of warmth spreads through my body.

After almost One and half hour of meditation, I feel the flow of energy disappearing.

Getting up, I feel a bit of mental exhaustion.


'System, why do I feel exhausted ?. Shouldn't I be feeling strong instead of feeling tired' . I ask in confusion.

« Reporting to Host, With Hosts current stat of Endurance, Meditating for 84 minutes is Host limits. Crossing the limit will lead to extreme exhaustion »

' Hm.. I see. So how much did I improve, show me '. I command in excitement.

« Reporting Host's Stats »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 0) (0/1000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (0.1/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 9

« Stats »

Strength: 7

Agility: 6

Intelligent: 2

Endurance: 3

Vitality: 7

' You are joking with me, right ! . Only 9 points in energy. Not even a tiny bit of increase in my stats '.

« Reporting to Host, Host will receive a increase in his stats only when he level ups using the flow energy. Energy required to get to next level is 1000 »

' What!! , a 1000 points. You useless thing, if I need one and half hour to gain 9 points of energy, How much time do you think, I will need to level up to 100 '. I ask , gritting my teeth in frustration.

« Reporting to Host, Host can improve his meditation skill with improve in INT and END stats.

1 INT = 6 FP / hr. ( FP = Flow energy Points)

1 END = 12 minutes of meditation time.

« Host can gain increase in his stats by levelling up »

Looking at the system's message, I still feel that this system is too weak to save humanity.

Don't usually the MC in such stories get some OP cheat like skills.

Looks like reality is really different.


I take off my headphones , preparing to go to sleep, when I hear my Mom's voice.

" Honey, why didn't he a..awaken, even Lilly turned o..out to a variant ". Her voice seemed to be a bit unusual. Concentrating a bit more, I realise she was weeping.

I feel my heart contort in pain. But I endure it. I had too. It was happening because of me. I decide to eavesdrop on their conversation in order to know about their feelings.

" I don't know. But does this even matters. He is our son and you have to stay strong. We need to let him know, that we are here for him ". I hear my Dad's voice which seemed to contain a firmness.

" I know , but I feel that I have made his life miserable. Today when Lilly awakened, I felt so happy that she was normal ".

" Its not your fault dear. Somethings just can't be explained ". I hear my Dad's voice.

" But , will Father accept him. You know him right ". My mom asks in her trembling voice.

" That's the reason we are going to capital. I will talk to father ". He speaks in a determined tone.

" But, what if Max gets any wrong idea from us leaving him and we are even taking Lilly with us ". I hear Mom's weak voice.

" We can't leave her here, her signs of awakening haven't finished yet. Its too dangerous too leave her here and besides you have heard of the cases of disappearing variants right. And its only a matter of few months ".

" But- ".

" No Buts, let's sleep we need to leave for the capital tomorrow ".

Dad interrupts mom with his sentence, and then I only hear the voice of people breathing and dogs howling along with insects chirping at nights.

Seating on my bed, I feel a heavy object being lifted up of my chest. I feel something sliding down on my cheeks. I reach my cheeks and find tears .

Without knowing, I found myself in tears. After a month of bitterness, I finally heard it. I wanted to shout out , but I held myself back.

The only thing I couldn't understand was why grandpa won't accept me. Is his image even valuer than his grandson.

But ,It doesn't matter as long as I have my parents with me.

And the night passed , swallowing all my frustration and grieve.

Getting up in the morning, I brush my teeth and take a bath.

I walk out of the bathroom in my towel and take out my school uniform from the wardrobe.

After getting ready, I walk downstairs to have lunch with my family.

Finishing the breakfast, we get out of the house in the car. They were going to drop me before going on their way.

Reaching the school, I get out of the car.

" Take care of yourself Max, remember to set up alarm for getting early and don't skip your meals. And don't stay out for late. And- ".

" Our son is responsible honey and he is already 16. He will be fine , righ Max? ". Dad interrupts my Mom and give me a look as if saying ' You better say yes or it will be troublesome'.

Seeing his pleading eyes , I ball my fingers into a fist and place them on my chest and puff out my chest while replying " Of course, you don't need to worry. Your son is responsible . He might even find a daughter in law for you before you return ".

" You! ...". Hearing me, my Dad chokes on his next word , while my Mom burst out in a laughter.

" You better only have a single one, unlike someone who used to flirt with every single girl ". My Mom speaks as she rolls her eyes at my Dad.

" What are you doing!! , don't bring it out in front of kids ". Seeing him sweat, I couldn't hold my laughter.

" What's going on ? , you are leaving me out ". Seeing us laugh, Lilly pouts as if she was being left out.

" I will tell you the story sweety, now say goodbye to your brother. He is getting late for his classes " My Mom speaks as she picks Lilly out of the car.

" What ! , no, I don't want to". She starts wiggling in Mom's arms.

" Its only for a few days Lilly, I will soon be coming with lot of chocolates ". I start coaxing her .

" No, I don't want it, I w..want ". She speaks as tears form in her eyes.

" Ah! Lilly you know right, Grandpa has gotten very old, why don't you take care of Grandpa until I finish my school , even Grandpa was asking about her cute Lilly ". I speak while wiping her tears.

" Really ". She asks in her sobbing voice.

" Yes , sweety ". Thankfully, my parents came to my rescue.

After a few minutes, we finally managed to calm her down .

I bid them farewell and turn around . But after looking around, I fail to find a single student on the gate.

Coming to a realisation, I look at my watch.

Damn it, I am late. I run towards the classroom hoping to not meet one of the seven wonders of my school.

I look around while running through the corridors and a familiar figure come into my eyes.

' Damn it, he's here ', I couldn't help but curse in my mind. I hide behind the wall next to stairs closing my eyed ,hopping that the man would not notice me.

I hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. Sweat starts to appear on my face due to nervousness.

But after a while, I hear it getting farther and farther. Letting out a sigh, I open my eyes and find a figure staring straight into my eyes.


A squeak slips through my mouth and I manage to stay on my feet with the wall behind my back.

" Mr. Edwinson would you mind letting me know the reason for your strange behaviour ". I hear him speak in a commanding manner.

" Ah! ...I...I...w..w..was..thinking something." I reply without giving it much of thought.

" Oh ! and what were you thinking ? ". He asks folding his hands.

" A..A...You..... know right, A lot has happened within this few months, I was just thinking about my future paths ". I reply on the spur of the moment.

" At this time and this place ". I could feel his piercing gaze.

" Y..Y..Yes ". I reply thinking ' Damn it, if I already have lied so far, one more lie won't change anything '.

" Good , Very good . You should think about your future ". Hearing him, I couldn't help but get surprised.

Are you kidding me, this Dwarf is letting me go just like this.

But his next sentence crushes all my hopes.

" Since you want to think so much, let me help you. Run 100 laps of the field and use all the time for your thinking ".

With that he gets down from the stool , made of rock and disintegrates it. But before leaving, he whistles and I hear a series of footsteps getting closer.

I see a golem walk towards us and I can't help but curse in realisation of the earlier events, ' Damn it, I hate earth mages '.

" You , make sure he completes 100 round of the field ".

Hearing him, the Golem nods and turn towards me.


Walking towards the field with the golem, I sigh at the bad start of my day.

How could this guy get away with all this. The guy from earlier, is the Principal of our school, Stark Zeven. He is called Dwarf by all the students because of his strong built and short height.

Even the students from rich family can't behave arrogantly in this school because of him.

Reaching the field, I start running. After running for an hour, I feel sweat dripping from evey pore of my body and tiredness seeping into my bones .

I even forgot my counting. After a while , I ask the system while gasping for breath, ' H..How m..many '.

« The Host still has 46 laps to go ».

' What! that many, Can't you do something. I will die at this rate '.

« Reporting to Host, with Host's current comprehension on running. A basic skill «Sprint » can be created for 2 FP. It will allow host to run faster while expending less energy . »

' You got a be kidding me ! , its all ready so hard to earn . Don't you have anything for free '. I ask in a lamenting tone.

« No »

' How about a loan for a first time '. I ask in a pleading tone.

« No »

Damn it, this useless thing . Gritting my teeth I finally agree, ' Fine, create it '.
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Even with the help of the skill, I feel like dying after completing the 100 laps.

After taking rest for half an hour, I finally return to the class.


" You here, I thought you were already dead ". I hear mark mocking me as I sit on my chair.

" Get loss ".

Ignoring him, I take out my books and concentrate on it.

" Hoho! , do you even get it ?". I hear his irritating voice again.

Feeling the veins on my forehead bulging out, I gave him a death stare.

" I mean, I could help you ". He speaks with an arrogant smile.

Damn it, I forgot he was the last of his species. I mean who has ever heard of an Otaku with excellent grades.


And with that, the teacher enters the room and classes continues.


After the school ends, I return home. I find Uncle Rolv, our steward busy in the garden.

He is a tall and strong looking man. He has been working for my family from the time I can see. Thinking about it, I totally have no idea about his background. But my father trusts him.

Seeing me enter through the gate, he informs , " Bath has been prepared, Sir ".

Hearing him, I nod and walk towards my room.

Removing my clothes and taking the bath towel, I enter the bathtub. Feeling the warmness, I stretch out my hand and feet and relax myself, trying to forget my terrible day.

But, I was relaxing too early.

I hear the system's sweet and pleasant voice.

« !! Threat Detected !! »


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