The Ancient Genes
4 Betrayal
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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4 Betrayal

« !! Threat Detected !! »

I hear the system's voice and a notification window pops out.

« A hostile intention is detected towards the Host. It is suggested to evacuate the area »

« Compulsory Quest — Save your life »

« Reward -1000 FP »

« Penalty - Death »



Looking at the screen, I feel the hairs on my body stand as the bar of soap slips out off my hand.

And I ask in a trembling voice.

' Y..You ...m..mean, life... in ..d..dan...danger '.

« Yes ». I hear the system's sweet and pleasant voice.

Damn it. When I thought that everything was back on the right track, I have a bad day. But who could have thought it would detoriate to this extent.

' Give me more information, Who is after me, when will it happen ?. Answer me! '. I ask in a desperate manner.

« No information available . Since Host has not reached Lv 10 ,the First layer of Ancient Mannual. The system feels the need to notify the Host of any incoming danger until Host reaches Lv 10. After that Host has to figure his own way out »

' You! still call yourself a system, who can save humanity '. I ask as veins appear on my face.

« Yes »

Hearing the sweet and pleasant voice, I couldn't help but let out a barrage of curses.



Damn it. Isn't this just a dumb A.I. , who only knows how to praise itself. Isn't it too weak to save the world.

That old Man, If I survive this day, I will definitely kick his ass one day.


Cursing my luck, I get out of my bathtub in a hurry and slip on the bar of soap.


Ah! , it hurts. I feel the impact as my body hits the tiles of the bathroom.

Realising the circumstances, I get up ignoring the pain. After wearing my clothes, I rush towards Uncle Rolv's room to find him.

With my parents gone, he is the only person I can depend upon. My father has always treated him as a family instead of a servant.

When I reach in front of the door of Uncle Rolv's room, I hear his voice, " Yes, the little girl turned out to be variant, But those two were too fast. ...Yes, they took the girl with them to the capital.....But they left the boy, trusting me, since his graduation ceremony is within a few months....Yes, we can kill the kid to lure them out....Even if we can't get the child, those two themselves are a big deal....Hm..."

I freeze and the hairs on my body rise. A chill runs down my spine as I hear the word ' kill '.

As I start to lose my calm, I feel a cool stream of air flow in my head and the panick disappears.

Realising my dire circumstances, I decide to get out of this place.

I quietly move without making a noise, planning to sneak out the house.


A squeak escapes my mouth as an alert appears before my eyes.

« Skill « Calm Mind » has just been activated »

« Host's Heart Rate : 80 bpm »
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" Who's there ? ". I hear Rolv's voice, which seemed to be sinister after I discovered his true face.

Without giving it much of a thought, I activate my only self created skill « Sprint » and dash out of the servants quarter, while cursing at the system ' Damn it, you useless thing if I die today and Humanity is destroyed, its all your fault. Remember it '.

« Reporting to Host, with Host's current attitude and lifestyle, the chances of Host defeating the Heavenly Demon is 0 % »

' Shut up! and please stop messing with my emotions. If I survive, I will definitely let you eat your words'.

Getting out of the main entrance, I hear a familiar voice " So I guess you heard everything. It will be better for you to submit without much of a struggle. I promise to give you an easy death. But if you struggle , don't blame me for dying without a full corpse ". He says with an evil grin .

Looking back, I see Rolv leviating few inches above the ground. I remember my father saying he was a wind element mage. Seeing his face, I fell as if my instincts were yelling ' Run '.

Without giving any attention to his crap,I run for my life.

Damn it, I never thought that my sweet looking uncle could make up such a face.

" Ha..ha.. so you decided to die without a full corpse. Interesting, now I am really looking forward to it . "

I hear the bastards voice behind me , catching up to me. I run even faster, feeling my body go beyond its limit as I hear an alert.

« Detecting the Host's dire circumstances, the System has activated the skill « God's Blessing ».

Host will receive an increase in his stat between 10-30%


«An increase of 30 % in stats confirmed »

Yes! Full on 30, system , I love you, your the best.


" How would your father, that bastard react on seeing your corpse ?. I can't help but get excited at the very thought of it, ha...ha..ha.... ". I hear the bastards voice again.

Suddenly I feel his laughter getting closer and closer.

Feeling my end drawing near, I couldn't help but curse at this bastard as I run, " You piece of shit, this is how you pay us for treating you as a family all this years. Can you even call yourself a human. You are nothing but a scum who is so fearful of my father that he doesn't even dare to face him head on. And not to mention facing head on, you even go so low as to target his son. Can you even call yourself a man after that. No , wait! don't tell me you don't have it -".

Before I could speak any further, I feel a strong gust of wind hit my back.


I hear a cracking sound as I fly over the nearby wall and enter a house shattering it's window glass.

Lying on the ground, I twitch in pain as blood oozes out of my broken skin. I find a glass shard piercing my left leg and the floor dyed in red.

I see him enter through the window with a face flushed red and veins poping out of it.

" You have got a toxic tongue brat. Don't worry , I won't let you die until you beg for it yourself". He speaks as a disgusting smile stretches out on his face.

" Yeah! you were saying something about being treated as family. You really expect me to take that shit. That day, when I was powerless, your father took advantage of my weakness and made me your family's slave. But now, I know longer need to worry about it. They promised me, as long as I can lure your parents out, they will give me enough power to kill your father. After that, I will kill each of those old bastards of the association , ha..ha..", I see him go crazy as a his eyes lose all light in his hatred.

He stares at me with those eyes of his and even at the end of my life, I couldn't feel any hatred for this Man, but only pity.

What kind of life did he lived for him to lose himself in his hatred.

I close my eyes , accepting my fate. Even though I was supposed to go against it. But even after a while, nothing happened.

And then, I hear a sweet and pleasant voice.

« Compulsory Quest : Save your life »

« Status : Completed »


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