The Ancient Genes
5 The Lonely Kid
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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5 The Lonely Kid

Seeing the notification, I blank out for a moment. And then the realisation strucks me.

Holy Shit ! , I am safe. What happened?. Is this some kind of prank.

After a struggle, I open my eyes and find a short and sturdy man standing in front of me with a hammer on his shoulder.

I try to look around even with my limited field of vision and find that bastard Rolv lying on the floor beside the man.

" Now, Mr Edwinson , I would definitely like to hear how you broke my window ". He pauses before continuing, " But let's talk later, I doubt you are even capable of answering me now ".

That was the last thing I hear as the adrenaline rush disappears and my consciousness fades .


Opening my heavy eyelids , I find myself in a bed with my body in bandages. Waves of pain spread through my body as I try to get up.

" You are up Mr Edwinson ". I hear a familiar voice and turning my head, I confirm my suspicion.

So it was him after all, the man sitting on the sofa in the corner of the room was none other than my school Principal Stark Zeven.

" So, I would like to hear your circumstances ". He speaks with his eyes on me.

And then, a round of question and answer starts. After I explain to him everything, except the things related to the system, he walks to the door before speaking, " I will try to contact your parents. You can stay here until you recover ". With that, he leaves the room.

Lying on the bed, I stare at the ceiling as the earlier events repeat in my mind.

Damn it, I was so close to death. If I don't get strong, I will definitely die. I can't depend on this system. And saving the world comes later. With my current strength living in this world is already very tough for me.

Letting out a sigh, I command, ' System, show me my stats, I remember completing my quest '.

« Reporting to Host, Host's current status »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 0) (0/1000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (0.1/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 1007

« Stats »

Strength: 7

Agility: 6

Intelligent: 2

Endurance: 3

Vitality: 7

« Skills »

★ Calm Mind ( Passive) ( Max )

[Calm the Host's Mind, when host reaches his tolerance limit]

★ Gods Blessing (Max)

[ Allows 10-30% increase in all stats for 30 minutes
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Cool down : 24 hours]

★ Meditation ( Max )

[ Allows the user to gather flow energy . Speed, Effectiveness and time limit of meditation depends upon the INT and END of Host ]

★ Sprint ( Basic Skill )

[Allows the host to move at fast at low consumption of stamina. STR and END determines speed and stamina ]

' System, what is a basic skill '. I ask in curiosity.

« Reporting to Host, Basic skills are low level skills whose effectiveness depend upon the Hosts Stats. While Advance skills are those which give Host a power beyond his limits. »

' Woah ! Its that OP, why didn't you informed me earlier. I always knew you were the best. Now, let me create a skill « Destruction » which would allow me to control the element of destruction '. I clench my fist in excitement thinking , ' Let the Demons come, I will show them who's the Man '.

« Instruction Heard »

« Calculating.... »

« Advance Skill « Destruction » Lv 0 »

« Requirements »

• 10000000 FP

• Understanding of Destruction ( 0/100)%

• Lv 90 , Ninth layer of Ancient Manual


' Damn it, You really have a problem with me don't you. God Damn, just say it, if I can't make a skill. Don't get my hopes high, you useless piece of god shit ' . I curse at the system in anger.


Sigh, I will just level up. I put 1000 FP in the level bar and I get an alert.

« Host has gained a level »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 1) (0/2000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken ( 1/100 )%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 7

« Stats »

Strength: 7 —> 8

Agility: 6 —> 7

Intelligent: 2 —> 3

Endurance: 3 —> 4

Vitality: 7 —> 8

Stat Points ( SP ) left : 5

Looking at my stats, I realise that I gained a point in each stat. While there are also 5 extra SP which I can use according to my own judgement.

I put all my stats in my endurance. Since, I knew that I would have lie in the bed for a week or two. So having more meditation time would be useful.


A few days pass and I got to know Mr Stark even more. He always came to sit beside me for an hour or two in the evening. He didn't wanted me to get left behind and so I was being tutored by him.

Even though he behaved in a strict manner, I could feel his genuine concern for me. Actually I find it a little hard to believe.

*****( Few Days ago ), Stark's POV *********

I see the boy looking at the book and studying earnestly.

A few days ago a certain event took place changing my perception towards this kid.

When I tried to contact his parents, I was unable to reach them through their registered contact numbers.

I knew it was difficult to reach a on duty Mage due to security issues. But if they can't take their children along, they should at least leave him in proper hands.

Not knowing what to do, I approach his class trying to get some of his friends to visit him.

But what surprised me was when I asked, " Which of you are Max Edwinson's friends ? ".




And no reply, I ask the student on the front row, " Don't he have any friends ? ".

" Ah!...F..Friends ". The boy stutters for some reason.

Seeing him struggling, the student next to him answers, " I see him talking to Mark a lot. But he is absent today. He has gone to attend the Capital's Magic Academy entrance exams ".

I walk out of the class having a hard time thinking how a student like him could have no friends. I mean only one.

He don't seem to be a shy person or having any other personality problems.


Next day, I call Mark to my cabin and inform him that his friend had an accident.

" What ! , How? , When? , is he fine ? ". He asks as his eyes widen.

" You don't need to worry, he is fine now. He's currently staying with me. I just wanted to ask if you have time to visit him ".

" Yes, I definitely have time. Even if I don't have it, I will make it ". He replies.

So he has a good friend after all. Remembering the scene from yesterday, I ask him , " Mark, how is Max doing in his class? ".

********* Mark's POV *********

Hearing him ask, I couldn't help but feel troubled. Should I just say ' He is an idiot '. I can't do it, he's my friends. But can I get away safely if he catches me lying.

After a bit of consideration , I steel my resolve deciding to take my friend's side. But before I could speak , the door of the cabin opens, and a golem walks in.

" So did they completed it ? ". I hear the Principal speak.

Hearing him , the golemn nods.

Then he turn towards me, waiting for my answer .

And I speak without a shred of hesitation.

" He's an idiot , sir. He's good at nothing ".

His eye brows twitch at my answer and he replies , " Hm.. I see. And what about his friend circle ".

I let out a sigh hearing him and a flash of past appear before my eyes, " I am his only friend, ever since the primary school. He never had any friend because the students treated him very differently knowing his parents identities. He was alone most of the time as his parents were always away on missions. It was then, when we became friends. Since I was the same as him, no one approached me because of my looks and hobbies. But now things are different... ". But before I could realise anything, I go on a rampage speaking for half an hour.

When I came back to my senses, I find the Principal staring at me.

" You really do talk a lot, don't you ? ". He asks.

" S..Sir, I..I ".

" Go back to your class, your break time will be getting over soon ".

Hearing him speak, I turn around without even looking at him and leave the cabin.

**** ( Back to present ) Stark's POV ********

Seeing him concentrate on his studies and his behaviour, I couldn't help but think ' How could he tolerate something like this, where is he keeping all his loneliness '.

How can so many unfortunate things happen with him at such a young age.

I didn't knew what misfortunes would befall on him in the future. But I knew one thing, that in my heart, I had already decided to give this kid a chance.


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