The Ancient Genes
6 Blacksmith
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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6 Blacksmith

After a week, I recover enough to be able to go to school. I am still unable to contact my parents but Mr Stark has promised to get the message to them within a week.

For now, I am still free loading in his house.

Right now, as I brush my teeth, a notification pops out and I feel myself plummeting to the depths of hell.

« Host's recovery has been completed »

« Initiating Quest...»

« Daily Quest : Training »

« 100 Push ups »

« 100 Sit ups »

« 100 Squats »

« 10 Km Run »

« Reward : 10 FP »

« Penalty : (-1000 FP ) »

« Time Limit : 1 Day »

' You are kidding me, right. Please tell me this is a joke '.

« Host can avoid the daily training at the cost of 1000 FP »

' Damn it, I can't afford it. And are you trying to kill me. Those numbers are inhuman . Besides, why do I even need to this stuff. I just need to get FP and level up right '.

« Reporting to Host, the Host needs to adapt to his rapid increasing capabilities, or else the Host wouldn't be able to utilise his ability in the time of need. So daily training is very essential for Host to adapt to his increasing strength »

Even though I got what it meant, I still clearly felt one thing.

This system is useless .

Thankfully today was Sunday or else I would have to do my training in the school.

I don't even know what people would have thought. Obviously , I could have heard them through my godly ears , if they talked behind my back.

I get out of the house, letting Mary know that I was going out on a walk. Mary is the old Maid in Mr Stark's house, who really took care of me these days.


After an hour, I return dead tired, drenched in sweat.

I walk towards the bathroom planning to take a bath. But as I move , I hear a sound.



Out of curiosity, I follow the sound and find myself at the entrance of the basement. Entering the basement, I find Mr stark swinging a hammer and hitting a red hot piece of ore.

Seeing me enter, he glances at me and then continues to swing his hammer.

I turn around to see various kinds of equipments, weapons, ores and some strange looking object in the workshop.

After a while, the clanging noise ceases and Mr. Stark dips the piece of ore into the water.

He then turn towards me before asking, " Working out in the morning kid? ".

" Yes ". Looks like my drenched clothes gave me away.

" What about you Mr. Stark, is this some kind of hobby ? ". I ask.

" Even though I don't look like it, I am a 7 star blacksmith ".

" Blacksmith ? ".

" Now, don't say that you don't know about blacksmiths ".

Hearing him, I shook my head.

" You know Mages wear special accessories, use special weapons which give boost to their strength ".

" Yes, I know ".

" As expected, everyone knows about things related to mages, but they forgot us who support them by making equipments ".

" But Mr Stark, how can accessories and weapons boost someone's strength ".

" When equipments are made using mana ores, they can give boost to the strength of even a common person depending on the level of craftsmanship ".

" Oh, so are you good at it ?"

" Are you looking down on me, I was among the top 10 blacksmiths of my batch in the Magic Academy "

" Magic Academy ? Aren't those place for training mages? "

" That is only for the Mage department, there are many other departments like blacksmith, Formation etc. "

Before, I could say anything else, I hear the systems voice.

« It is determined, that in order for Host to get stronger, Host needs a competitive environment »

« Initiating Quest ...»

« Compulsory Quest : Get into Magic Academy »

« Reward : 1000 FP »

« Penalty : -50000 FP »

« Time Limit : 2 months »

Damn it, another unreasonable quest, how do I even get there if I can't use Magic in the first place.

I feel like crying but no tears come out from my eyes.

As I am busy in my thoughts, Mr Stark's voice pulls me out, " So do you want to give it a try ? ". He stretches out his hammer towards me.

" Me ? ". I ask pointing my fingers at my face.

" Yes, I am talking about you, only a month has been left before your graduating ceremony. And you still haven't decided on your career ".

" But, I haven't awaken any element ".

" You don't need to worry about it, Blacksmith's don't have affinity with all elements. So they use mana ores while making their products ".

" What does that mean ?" , I ask.

" It means they use ores with mana energy in them to enchant their weapon . A person like me who is an excellent earth mage can easily add quality of earth element to iron ore and make it an artefact. But , I can't do the same in case of other element. So , Blacksmith's use Mana ores of different properties for different kinds of weapon and enchantments ".

" So, you mean, I too can become a blacksmith ". Hearing him, I couldn't help but feel excitement wash over me.

Finally, a path, I can walk on. Every Mage needs a weapon. I will make the greatest weapon in the history of Mankind.

And then , I will see if the Great Grandpa of mine still has what it takes to avoid me.


As the plan forms in my mind, I laugh evilly thinking about how all the great mages will beg me to craft an equipment for them.

But my hopes were crushed once again as Mr Stark's next sentence pours a freezing cold water on it.

" But, you will have a difficult path ahead. Mages like us use the mana within our body to strengthen ourselves . Since you don't have that option , you have to do it physically ". He speaks with a smile.

Damn it , another injustice with me. But, wait ! , don't I have the system with me, as long as I increase my STR stat, won't Blacksmithing be a child's play.

And as this thought crosses my mindo, I hear the system's voice.

« With Host's current state, the system has confirmed Host's understanding of Blacksmithing to be (0/100)% »

Listening to it, I couldn't help but ask, ' You mean, I could create Blacksmithing as one of my skill '.

« Yes, « Blacksmith » Lv 0 »


•Understanding (0/100)%

• 1000 FP

' Ha...ha... I won't be fooled anymore, why do I need expend FP when I can learn it myself. You know what, you should change your name to Host scamming system '.

« Reporting to Host, system's skill make it easier for Host to apply his understanding practically. And once the skills are made, Host can increase his skill level simply with FP »

'Yeah, I totally get it, so just shut up '.

With that, I reach for the hammer in Mr Stark's hand.


As I grab the hammer, I feel its weight.

Damn it, how heavy is this thing, I can't even lift it properly.

I activate « God's blessing » and receive a mere 14 % increase in stats which barely allows me to lift the hammer on my shoulders.
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But now, I face another problem, I couldn't move.

Damn it, how can he swing this freakish hammer like a towel.

As I struggle to take a step, I feel the hammer being lifted off of my shoulders . I turn and see Mr Stark holding the Hammer.

" Go and take a lighter hammer from the shelf ". He speaks pointing towards the shelf.

I walk towards the shelf. I pick one of a light hammers. But as I leave, an old wooden box with a carving of crescent moon and a hammer catches my attention.

For some reason, I feel a strong urge within me to open the box.

As, I move my hands , it trembles. My heart starts beating fast.

I finally open the box with my trembling hands and find an ordinary half broken hammer in the box.

Looking at the marks on it, and the broken edge of one side of the hammer, I couldn't determine how old this hammer was.

But, I could feel one thing very clearly, the hammer was calling me.

I grab the hilt of the hammer , bringing it closer for a better look.


I hear a sound. Turning back, I see a hammer on the floor. And Mr Stark staring at me with wide eyes and dropped jaws.


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