The Ancient Genes
7 Magic Academy
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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7 Magic Academy

Seeing him look dumbfounded, I ask , " Mr Stark is everything all right ? ".



" Um..Mr Stark are you there ? ". I ask as I wave my hands in front of his face.


He finally snaps out of his stupor.

" Ahm... So where did you get this hammer from ? ". He asks as if nothing was wrong with him.

" Its from that box ". I point towards the wooden box.

He looks at the box with a complex expression before letting out a sigh.

Seeing him sigh, I couldn't help myself but ask, " Mr Stark is there any problem ".

" No , there is nothing wrong, its just that the hammer is my family's heirloom ".

" Oh! , I am so sorry. I had no idea about it ". I speak and turn to place the hammer back in the box.

" No, Wait ! , don't keep it back ".

" Huh? ". I stare at him in confusion.

" I mean, you can use it. It's a hammer after all ". He speaks in panic.

Seeing him behave wierdly, I couldn't help but feel something was wrong.

Still, I walk towards the working place with the hammer in my hand and he follows me.

Reaching the furnace, I ask ," Mr Stark, what do I need to do ? "



Not hearing anything from him, I turn to find him busy in his thoughts.

********** Stark's POV *********

I look at the kid with the hammer in his hands and a lot of feeling well up in me.




Finally, the unshakable hammer has been taken out of the box. Does that mean, the prophecy might come to be true.

But I can't understand , why the wielder of the hammer is a person without power.

Damn it.

Right now, I only can help him grow. That's what my family was suppose to do.

As I am busy in my thought, I feel a hand on my shoulder .

" Mr Stark "

" Mr Stark "

And the voice finally pulls me out of my thoughts.

*********** MC's POV *************

Seeing him finally snap out of his stupor, I ask him once again, " Mr Stark are you sure you are alright ? ".

" Yeah, I am fine ". He replies without batting an eye and then continues.

" You should start working, go take out a piece of ore from the furnace and show me a hundred swings of tempering ".

I give him a nod and use the equipment to take out a red hot piece of iron ore.

I raise the hammer and then bring it down with a force, hitting the ore.


The clanging sound continues as I repeatedly swing my hammer.

" Swing it harder. Maintain your strength and hit the ore evenly or else you won't be able to get the impurities out ". I hear Mr Stark shouting behind my back.

And the process continues for half an hour along with Mr Stark's instructions.

" No..No, you are doing it wrong.... "

" Not like that....."

After half an hour, I end up with a pair of aching arms and a destroyed piece of ore.

" Enough practical session for today, let me explain the process of blacksmithing to you ".

With that, I get an hour of lecture before returning to my room.

Returning to my room, I feel tired and lie down on my bed.

Damn it, was way tougher than I thought it to be.

It looks like I have no choice, ' System how much FP do I have ? '. I ask.

« Reporting to Host, Host currently has 217 FP »

' How about my understanding of Blacksmithing ? '.

« Reporting to Host, Host's current understanding of Blacksmithing is 27 % »

' If things continue this way, I can acquire a 1000 FP within a month and create Blacksmithing skill '.

But there is still a problem, how do I get into the Magic Academy. Even if I could have enough of skill, the entrance exams of all the universities are all ready over.

Damn it, I will just enter the Academy as a part time worker, if worse comes to worse.

After all, I couldn't afford to lose 5000 FP.


*********** Stark's POV ************
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Walking into my room, I take out my phone and dial a number.

" Yeah....Its me Stark, I need your know about the hammer right... yes .. the wielder has appeared...

******** MC's POV **********

After a month or So.

Two days ago, I finally had acquired 1000 FP. And my understanding of Blacksmithing has also reach 100%.

' System create the Blacksmithing skill '. I command in excitement.

« Creating Advance skill « Blacksmith » Lv 0 »

« Confirm : Yes or No »

Seeing the notification, I accept it without any hesitation and with the creation of the skill, I feel an urge to swing my hammer.

Getting downstairs, I confidently walk in the workshop and as usual find Mr Stark working with his hammer.

During this one month, a lot of things happened. My Dad contacted me, It looked like, he wasn't able to persuade my grandpa. It also seemed that he didn't inform Mom about the incident, which was a good thing, since I didn't want him to worry.

He was planning to return alone instead of taking me with him.

But I refused him.

Mr Stark has accepted me as his apprentice and I was planning to learn from him.

And with Mr Stark's help , I was able to get my Dad's approval. It looks like a 7 star Blacksmith is really a big deal.



Seeing me walk into the room, Mr Stark turns and ask , " You are up early today , huh ".

" I am getting a good feeling today, I will definitely succeed today ".

" Ha..ha.. , you really think that Blacksmithing is a child's play, understanding is one thing and doing it practically is another . You should be confident but being cocky to this extent won't do you any good".

I walk towards the shelf and pick up the broken hammer. After working for a month, I could feel a connection with the hammer.

Taking the hammer, I move towards the furnace and pick up an ore.

" You!... you , what are you doing !!. Keep that back, are you crazy ". I hear Mr Stark shout in shock.

But, I ignore him, and bring down my hammer.


" You brat ! , if you destroy that mana ore, you won't be getting away with it. I will let you starve until you are able to repay me ".

Hearing him shout in anger, I couldn't help but regret my decision.

Did I rush a bit too much. I better not fail this time. Because I could definitely imagine myself dying out of starvation.

Ignoring everything, I continue swinging my hammer.

******** Stark's POV ***********

This brat, where did he got so much confident from. I will let him starve for a day if he destroys the ore.

After a while, I feel like seeing things. I rub my eyes in order to confirm.

I see an edge of blade being formed.

Damn it. I couldn't help but curse in my mind.



I started learning blacksmithing at the age of 14 and casted my first equipment after 6 months of training. And casted my first equipment with Mana ore at 15.

After this, I was recognized as a genius placing in the top 10 Blacksmith's of my era.

But this guy here is casting his first equipment with Mana ore after one month of training.

Damn it.

I knew it, the wielder of the hammer can't be an ordinary person.

********* MC's POV ***********

I let out a sigh, seeing the shinny blade in front of me.

( Note : 1 STR = 2 Attack )

« Ice Dagger » [ 0 Star weapon ]

Attack +1

Agility +1

[ An equipment crafted by the Host at a level below 1 Star Blacksmith. Made with mana ore coldsteel, gives 2% chances of freezing the opponent on contact ]

I turn around showing the weapon to Mr Stark.

After an inspection, he returns the weapon to me along with a stack of documents.

" I thought of giving it to you later after the graduation ceremony. But it seems , this is the right time. You have successfully crafted your first equipment. If you want to become a top graded blacksmith, you have do it out there. You can't become a top graded Blacksmith without experience. So go out there and make me proud ". He speaks with a smile and pet my head before leaving me standing behind.

I didn't understood the meaning behind his sentences at first. But it all became clear as I opened the document.

Arcane Magic Academy

The letters appear in front of me.


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