The Ancient Genes
8 Towards Arcane
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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8 Towards Arcane

Arcane Magic Academy

Seeing the words on the document, I can't help but feel a happiness welling inside of me.

Hell yeah! , how many days has it been. I thought my luck was murdered by the system.

But suddenly I feel my excitement die as a realisation strucks me, 'I will have to leave this place '.

After spending so much time with Mr Stark, this workshop and specially the hammer.I feel my heart ache on the very thought of leaving this place behind.


Ever since, Childhood, I usually stayed alone at house with Rolv ,as my parents were always on missions. I used to say they were heroes and my idols in front of Mark, but in reality I wanted my parents to be ordinary like any other kid's Parents.

But when my Mom became pregnant with Lily, they temporarily took a break from their activities . We started spending more time together. Things started looking good. I felt happy despite of having a miserable school life.

But after Lily's birth, my father started to go out from time to time. But after my sister awakened, I was left alone.

Although I am fully aware of their cause in leaving me, I still can't help but feel one thing, ' Why me ? '.

Why am I the only one facing such things. Am I receiving a judgement from the heavens for my past life's misdeeds , I don't know.

But I feel that gaining strength will solve everything.


I let out a sigh.

Even though I think, it wasn't my parents fault for what happened, I can't deny that I am not disappointed in them. Specially my Grandpa.

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Now, the time has come to be alone again. I don't know , if I can make any friends in the Academy.


I get out of the workshop and walk towards the bathroom since I was very sweaty after sitting in front of the furnace for so long.

After getting fresh and wearing my uniform, I get down stairs to have breakfast.

After eating my breakfast, I look for Mr Stark hoping to get a free ride in his car to school.

Seeing me glance towards the stairs, Mary informs me, " Mr Stark has already left for school ".

Hearing her, I look at my watch and get out of the villa .

Waiting for a taxi, I took out my phone, looking for any information on the Arcane Magic Academy.

Seeing the information, I let out a sigh. Thankfully, the Academy is not in capital.

Orca , the Capital of the Mistellin Continent is a place full with monsters and prodigies of the Mage society.

With my current strength, if I get thrown out there and ended up offending anyone, I don't even know if my parents could save me.

And I don't wanna create anymore trouble for them. After all my current situation can already be considered troublesome for them.


After waiting for a while, I decide to run to the school since it was already getting late and I didn't want to get late for the graduation ceremony. After all running 100 laps of the field on the day of graduation ceremony would be too embarrassing.

After running for a while with my skill «Sprint», I barely reach the school gate on time.

Entering the auditorium , I look around for a while and find Mark waving at me from his seat. I walk towards him and take a seat by his side.

" I thought you were going to be late and why are you sweating so much " . Mark asks with a confused look.

" Its so hot today, I can't help it. And stop talking about me. Have you given a thought of ahead , what are you going to do ? ". I ask changing the topic.

" I already have qualified for entering the Capital's Magic Academy. With my high grades and Mana affinity, it was a piece of cake ". He replies while puffing his chest out.

" Do well. I will be depending on you on the future". I reply with a smile, finding his posture to be funny.

********* Mark's POV **********

Seeing Max smile, I realise my earlier wordings might not have been proper. He must be smiling to hide his pain. I forgot he didn't awaken any element. After we part, he would become lonely again.


I look at him before saying " Hey, if you need any help just give me a call and I forgot to ask, but what are you planning to do now "

********** MC's POV ************

Hearing him, I smile before replying " Why are you being so formal ? . Don't tell me you don't treat me as your brother anymore, since you got admitted in Capital's Magic Academy ".

" Don't change the topic, Answer me ". He keeps staring me with his eyes narrowed.

Damn it, this stubborn dude, I can't say him I am planning to become a blacksmith after forging a knife and getting into a mess between a God and Demon. Feeling helpless, I forge up a lie, " I don't have any plan for now ".

Hearing me, he gives me a look before turning his head.


After ending of the ceremony, I return to the Mr Stark's house.

Lying on the bed, I get lost in my thoughts.

So tomorrow, I will be leaving this place to start a new part of my life.


Next Day

Packing my luggage, I get downstairs.

Seeing Mr Stark and Marry, I give them a ninety degree bow , thanking them for their care until now.

Seeing my behaviour, Mr Stark smiles before saying, " You don't need to be grateful, just go out there and flatten everyone with your skills and make me proud ".

And he asks Mary to bring a box from the workshop.

" Kid, work hard, this is a gift for you ".

I look at the old wooden box with a symbol of crescent moon and a hammer.

" Isn't.. t..this ..y..your h..heirloom Mr Stark ". I stutter in shock.

" Yes, it is , but I don't have a kid. But you are my successor and you are no different then a son to me ". He speaks as his eyes flicker and a smile plasters on his face.

Tears fill my eyes. I have very few people in this world who care about me. Now, I had one more.

" Don't cry kid, Remember , A real Man laughs even in the worst situation. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ? ". I hear his voice.

" YES ". I reply wiping the tears off of my eyes


Bidding them farewell, I board a cab to the express station.

I take a ticket to Arcane and board the express car.

Getting into the express car, I take my seat. Feeling something wierd , I bring out the wooden box from my back pack.

Taking the hammer out in my hand, I ask the system, ' System can you appraise this hammer ? ".

« Scanning.... 10%....50%.....100% »

« Reporting to Host , a weaken spirit is detected within the hammer »

« Name : ????? »

Grade : ??

[currently damaged : 1 star grade ]

STR +3

VIT +3

Spirit : Dormant [ Awaken (10/100)% ]

« The weapon has been found to have some remnants of different eras »

Seeing and the notification, I couldn't help but think, ' How long of a family history does Mr Stark have '.

What kind of spirit is trapped within the hammer, a question pops out in my head.


" The passengers are informed that , we will be reaching Arcane in 5 minutes »

Hearing the announcement, I put the hammer back in my backpack, thinking that the time will answer everything.

For now, I have a new road ahead.

As the door of the express car opens, I get up from my seat and walk out of the door with a smile.

But, I forgot one thing.

When had life ever been good to me. It seems that it was unable to see me smile as I hear the system's sweet voice and a notification pops out.

« Warning : Demonic Aura Detected !! »


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