The Ancient Genes
9 Academy
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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9 Academy

Looking at the screen, I feel like crying, but no tears come out of my eyes.

Damn it, what the hell is wrong with my life.

« Quest : Mission Series : Investigation »

Demonic Aura has been detected in the nearby vicinity. The host needs to investigate the cause behind it.

« Reward : • Special skill

• 5000 FP

« Penalty : ??? »

« Time limit : 2 months »

Seeing the notification pop out, I can't help but feel wronged.

' At least give me a bit more time. I am still at Lv 1 just to let you know '.



No response.

Damn it, ' At least let me know the penalty, I can't be at ease without knowing it '.



No response

I feel helpless at this useless thing.

I walk out of the station and hail a cab to the Academy.


After a while, I find myself standing in front of the huge entrance of the Academy.

Looking at the gate and the flow of students, I can't help but let my imagination run wild.

" Hey , don't stand in front of gate, move ".

But, I am pulled out of my imagination by the curses of the crowd.
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" Ah! Sorry, my bad ".

I pull my luggage and walk towards the guard cabin.

" Excuse me, where is the Administrative department ". I ask the guard.

Hearing me, the guard points towards the poster on the wall.

I see a map of the Academy campus. I took out my smartphone and take a snap of the poster.


After a while, I reach the administrative department following the map.

I walk up to the counter and hand over my form to the guy on the counter.

" So, you are Max Edwinson ? ". He asks me.

" Yes, I am. Is there any problem ". I reply.

" No, its nothing. Its just that, we have been asked to sent you to the Headmaster's cabin "

Hearing him, I couldn't help but feel a little taken back. I mean meeting the Headmaster on the very first day of the Academy, it didn't feel right .

I mean , shouldn't he be a big shot appearing in the time of need.

That's how I used to imagine it.

" Excuse me, but we still have people behind you ".

The voice from the counter pulls me out of my thoughts.

" Ah! , I am sorry ". I bow twice in apology before getting out of the place.

Back on the streets of the campus, I took out my phone and started walking towards the Headmaster's office.

After a while, I reach the office.

Entering, I ask the lady in the reception, " Excuse me, I am Max Edwinson. I have been called by the Headmaster ".

The beautiful lady glances at me before replying me with a smile, " Head Master is free right now, you can meet him ".


Headmaster's Cabin , William Kingsman

Looking at the door with a name plate, I prepare myself. After all, He is the Headmaster of Magic Academy. Even if someone beat me to death, I won't believe that the guy in this cabin is an ordinary person.

I reach out the door with my trembling hands, but hesitate to knock.

Damn it, I wasn't prepare for this shit. Even though, I know he won't be punishing me.

I pull my hand back and forth in hesitation, but before I could steel my resolve, the door in front of me opens .

" How much time do you need to open a door ".

Hearing the voice, I look up to see a tall handsome man who appeared to be in his mid 30s , standing in front of me.

I stare at him with wide eyes, as he seizes me up and down.

" I...I...I..". I stutter in shock .

" Calm down, I am not going to eat you. Come in and have a sit ".

With that he moves toward his chair and I follow him.

Luckily, before I lose myself , a cool stream of air calms me down.

These are the only times when I feel that this dumb system of is some use.

I move forward and pull the chair and sit on it.

" So how is Stark ? ". He asks.

" He is doing fine ". I reply.

" Looking at you, I can't believe that crazy dwarf would have such a timid student ".


Hearing him , I couldn't hold my laughter back . I mean , I thought we were the first one who gave him his nickname. But who would have thought I would meet a Senior today.

But after a while, I realise something. ' timid student' , ain't he referring to me.

Damn it, how can you call me timid . I would really appreciate if you can imagine yourself in my shoes. I would love to see how much guts you would have then.

Obviously these were only my thoughts. How could I even dare to open my mouth in front of him.

" I heard you didn't awaken any element ". He speaks as he shifts his gaze on his laptop.

" Yeah, I suppose ". I reply awkwardly.

I can't believe he can say that with a straight face. At least consider my feelings. Don't you have a heart.

" I have already taken care of it. You just need to make sure that no one finds about it ".

" Why ? ". I ask not knowing what was going on.

" Didn't Stark inform you ? ". He asks shifting his gaze on me.

" No, he didn't ". I see his eyebrows twitch on my answer.

" He's always been like that ". He speaks as a line appears on his forehead.

" I will explain it to you. Do you know where you are right now ? ".

" Arcane.. Magic.. Academy ". I reply with a forced smile on my face.

" Magic Academy. Hm.. can you use magic, the power to control elements ".

" No ". I reply .

But thankfully, he was busy with something on his laptop. As I really had no idea on what kind of expression, I currently had.

Hearing me, he asks another question which left me hanging. I didn't know what to say.

" Then do you think, you belong here " .



Hearing no reply from me, he continues.

" In truth , it doesn't matter as long as I allow you to stay here. But do you think, others will accept you. You need to spend 5 years here.

So you better keep it a secret. And remember to stay out of trouble. In this Academy, we don't interfere in the life of the students until it gets very serious. Because we want our students to be strong. In such an environment, you should know what you ought to do. Now take this and leave. I have got work to do ".

He gives me a stack of document and points towards the door.

Taking the documents, I walk out of the Headmaster's office.

I let out a sigh. From what I heard , a few moments ago, I could confirm one thing. My future days would not be so easy. I just hope, a catastrophe don't fall on me.

After walking for a while, I realised that I was just wandering aimlessly.

I take out document and open it to find my identity card and my Dorm No .

It looks like, I will be living in Dorm No. 7.

As I walk towards the dorm following the map in my phone, I hear a commotion.

Turning back, I see two beautiful girls walking towards the administrative office.

Before, I could think anything else, I hear a voice " I can't believe myself, when did I get so lucky!! Damn !! Hey , brother, Did you see that too or am I dreaming".

Looking at the fatty, who seemed to appear out of no where, I reply" Yeah, I see them too ".

" What's with that dull reply, be happy, you get to see the two campus belle on the first day of the new term ".

" Hm... So they are the campus belles , no wonder they are so beautiful".

" What don't tell me you don't know them ". The fatty asks as his eyes widen in surprise.

" I am not from Arcane, I just arrived here ". I reply .

" No wonder you don't know them. Let me introduce, the girl with black hair and fairy like appearance whose skin seems to be carved out of jade is Lisa Walker, she apparently has a mysterious background. Every guy who offended her in our high school days, transferred schools the next day. While the girl next to her is Elly Lorenz, the blonde hair beauty with an other worldly elf like figure. She is from a powerful family of Mages. Every body knows about Garry Lorenz, the Demon Hunter. She is her granddaughter ". The fatty speaks as his eyes flicker in admiration.

Finally seeing the fatty stop, I ask him " You introduced others but what about yourself ".

" Oh my bad, I am Kevin Zen and I will be in Blacksmith Department ".

" Nice to meet you , I am Max Edwinson and am from Blacksmith Department too".

" Wow! I have never seen someone with such a physique in Blacksmith Department ".

Ignoring his remark, I reply " Well , I will be going then, I am quite tired after my journey ".

After all, I didn't wanted to get involved with this pervert.

" Oh, then let's go, my dorm is that way too ". But he sticks to me.

And we walk all the way to Dorm No. 7.

Looking at the fatty standing beside me, I ask , " Are you planning to follow me to the end of the world ".

" Ah ! , No, I live in this dorm too ".

I ignore him and take the stairs to the second door.

After a while, I turn and ask, " Are you sure , you are not following me ? ".

" Ah ! , I am not following you. I live here two ". He replies in a clarifying tone.

" What do you mean, you live here ? ". I ask in confusion.

" Huh ! , don't you know, the dorm rooms are shared in the Academy ". He replies with a grin.

" Y..You m..mean, there will be people living here beside me ". I ask in shock.

Its going to be troublesome. How will I manage to hide my truth and what about the pending quest. With so many eyes on me, it will be going to be a pain in ass.

And the biggest problem was my first dorm mate turned out to be a pervert. I just hope others are normal.

I feel a headache imagining my upcoming days.


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