The Ancient Genes
10 Dorm Mates
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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10 Dorm Mates

After entering the dorm, I find a total of five small bedrooms, a hall , two bathrooms and a balcony.

Looks like the Academy has got money to spent.

After getting settled, I open the system's window and find a notification which I was looking for.

« Compulsory Quest : Get into Magic Academy »

« Reward : 1000 FP »

« Status : Complete »

With the completion of the quest, now I have 1025 FP.

For now, my aim is to get to Lv 2. After that, I will go out for conducting the investigation.

I just hope nothing goes wrong. After all at a place like Arcane, there should not be any Boss level characters running amok.

As I am busy in my thoughts, I hear a knock on the door.

I walk up to the door and open it to find a tall and handsome boy with a sharp jawline standing with a smile on his face.

" Yo ! , so you are the newbie ".

Before I could open my mouth, he passes by me to get into my room.

" Huh? , ain't your room a bit too dull. You should decorate it a bit more. Want me to help you, I have a lot of decorative stuff in my room".

Seeing this stranger who seemed to be my dorm mate, blabber non stop, I frown and speak in order to get to his identity.

" Hey, don't you think you should introduce yourself first ".

" Ah! My bad, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Axle Rim, 16 year old from Formation Department ". He speaks with a smile while scratching his head.

" I am Max Edwinson, 16 year old from Blacksmith department ". I introduce myself while stretching my hand out for a handshake.

" Woah!, You could become a blacksmith with such a physique ". He ask as his eyes widen in surprise.
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What the hell is wrong with the people of this Academy. Do the students really need to have a strong built in order to get admitted in Blacksmith Department.

Hearing no reply from he speaks with a smile, " If you have any questions, you can just approach me ".

Though this guy talks a lot, he can still be considered to be a normal person. I feel a relief knowing that at least he was better than the fatty.

Now, I just hopes that the others are normal like him too.

But, I forgot one thing, my luck.

" Axle, what evil are you up to now. You better behave this time ". I hear a voice coming from the main door and find a guy with strong build and heroic face walk towards us.

" Here comes the, Jailer. I will see you later Max. If you are free later, join me for some fun ". With that, he walks away to his room.

Seeing him walk away, I turn towards the new face.

" Hi, I am August Von of the Mage Department. I am in charge of this Dorms' first year students ". He moves his hand towards me for a handshake.

" I am Max Edwinson of Blacksmith Department. Its nice meeting you ". I shake his hand while replying.

" I didn't see you in high school days in the Academy. Are you by any chance new here? ". He asks in an inquiring tone as his eyes glint.

" Yes ". I reply feeling weird due to his gaze.

" Good, you are not a part of this bunch ". He speaks with a visible joy on his face.

" Max , you should maintain your distance from the students in this dorm ". He gives me a warning with a stern face.

Seeing my confused expression, he continues " I don't know, why are you even in this dorm of trouble makers. You better apply for a dorm change soon ".

" What do you mean by trouble makers ?". I ask him in confusion.

" So you didn't know after all. This Dorm is also know as the Dorm of trouble makers. The boy you just met, is the biggest creep in the academy. He has been caught several times in the high school days, using invisibility formation to peep on the girl's bathroom. While there is also that fatty, He has offended many people and got beaten up several times in the last few years of high school. This guys are still considered cute in front of the last one, he is a totally messed u-"

Before, he could complete, we hear the main door being flung open.

" Ha...ha.... August, I knew it. You could be the only one to bad mouth someone behind their back ".

I see a guy with red hair and an average build walk towards us.

" Speak of the devil, Wilson , you better behave yourself this year, I am not the type of guy who would take anything lying down ". August speaks with a fierce glint in his eyes.

" Ha...ha.... I like it. That Dorm in charge of last year, didn't even bark in front of me. I wonder that the dog this year would only bark or would bite too ". The red haired guy speaks while seizing August up.

Feeling the tense atmosphere, I take a step back.

" What are you looking at , if you won't bite then get loss ". With that, the red hair guy stretches out his hand beckons August to come at him.

" Do you really think you are that strong, just because you haven't met your match until now, then let me open your eyes today". With that, August releases a terrifying aura which makes all the hairs on my body stand.

I feel my body sink into the ground. I take a short breathe and struggle for another. But , before it could get any serious, I see some runes glow on the walls of the room and the pressure on me vanishes. Letting out a breathe, I feel my clothes sticking on my back, drenched in sweat.

Seeing the runes connecting to form a formation, the red hair guy speaks " Tsk...Axle don't interfere in my matters, and release the formation. I know you are hiding there ".

With that, I turn to see the door of the room next to mine, open with a creaking sound and Axle walking out with a smile. Scratching his head, he says with a disgusting smile and squinted eyes, " I didn't think you would find me that easily, don't tell me you have been keeping an eye on me ".

" You pervert!! .You are the one stalking girls and peeping on them. I am not like you, Creep. Stay away from me, and get this damn formation off ". The red hair guy replies as a vein pops out on his neck.

" No way, I don't want you two to fight here and destroy all my Mio - chan action figures". Axle's eyes blaze as he speaks firmly. And refuses to budge.

" You all can continue your banter, I have important work to do and Wilson you better behave yourself ". After saying that , August walks out of the room, leaving us behind.

It looks like he really is busy. But I am really thankful to that person in my heart who gave him his task.

Seeing him leave, the red hair guy gives me a look before walking towards the last room in the corner.

I let out a sigh of relief, seeing the trouble gone. I turn towards Axle to ask " who is he? "

" He is Wilson Scarlet, you don't need to be scared of him, he is good guy from inside....probably ".

Good guy from inside , what does that even mean, what's with that ' probably ' .

I will have to change my dorm, or I might get into trouble because of this guys. And if that happens, I would have difficulty trying to hide my truth. After all, What would people think when I am being beaten the crap out of me and I don't even use my powers to fight back.

Making my decision, I ask Axle, " I feel hungry, I am going to the cafeteria . Would you like to come ? ". Hoping that he would refuse me, I wait for him to reply.

" Nah, its almost time for Mahou Shojou Mio - chan to air ". Telling me that, he returns to his rooms.

I get out of the dorm and walk towards the administrative office. Reaching the administrative office, I took a form for changing the dorms and submit it on the counter.

Looking at the form, the old man at the counter speaks " Dorm No. 7, it will be difficult for you to change your dorm. There are already a huge number of new students from Dorm 7, who has applied for change. Anyway, we will inform you if there is any news". With that, he opens a drawer and keeps the form along with many other similar forms.

Seeing the large number of forms, I start losing my hope, I walk back towards my dorm dejected.

Entering the room, I remember Axle's invitation and walk towards his room. Although I heard August's warning, I really had a hard time believing it. I mean, at least Axle looked like a nice guy. So, I walk towards his room in order to see that guys character with my own two eyes.

I give a knock on his door and wait for a response.

A while later, Axle opens the door, " You are here, come in have a sit ".

Entering the room, I see some beautiful anime action figure dolls on the shelf's and anime posters on the walls.

" So, is this the decoration you were talking about ?". I ask in a daze.

" Yes, let me introduce to you , this is Mio - chan ". He says while pointing towards the action figure.

He continues and his tone becomes deeper and serious, " Max , I also wanted to talk to you about something. Actually, I like you ".

Hearing this, the hairs on my body starts rising and I stand up. Taking a defensive posture, I think of the earlier events. If this guy has set up some formation in this room, I will be doomed. I start thinking of ways to save my purity.

" Woah! calm down Max, don't get any wierd ideas, what I meant is, I like you but not that type of 'like' , you understand right."

Looking at him, I sit down on the chair, still keeping my senses on, ready to retaliate at any moment.

He continues speaking " When I was in my high school years in this Academy, I had a friend like you. But he offended someone and things changed. I don't know if you have a strong backing or not, but I am warning you because I like you as a ' friend ', there are some Big Shots in this Academy, whom you should not get involve with even if you have a strong backing ". He speaks giving a special emphasis on ' friend '.

" Big Shots ". I mutter with curiosity.


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