The Ancient Genes
11 Four Tyrants
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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11 Four Tyrants

Listening to him, I feel curious about this so called Big shots.

I mean ain't it a bit too dramatic. I thought this things only happened in mangas and animes.

Obviously, I don't like this stuffs, it was because of Mark, I started watching this stuff. I mean, he is a nerd and my only friend. I couldn't talk to him without knowing his language, right.

Anyway, now, I really wanted to dig this Big shots out.

I look at Axle and ask calmly, " So, who are these Big Shots ? ".

" There are a quite a few ".

" But the nastier ones are the 4 Tyrants. Never get involved with them. They are just a bunch of self-centered bastards ". He speaks as a fierce gleam flashes in his eyes.

" There are so many students in the Academy, how can they behave so arrogantly and get away with it ". I ask in bewilderment.

" Let me ask you, which is the strongest organization in this Continent of Mistellin right now ?". He suddenly asks, changing the topic.

" Huh? ". Seeing my confused expression, he speaks again.

" Just, answer me ".

" Mage Association or the Guilds' Union ". I reply without batting an eye. After all, it is a common known fact.

" Why do you say that ? ". He asks with a smile as his brows arch upwards.

" Isn't that obvious, they command a huge number of mages along with some legendary figures in their rank ". I reply rolling my eyes at him for asking an obvious question.

Letting out a short laugh at my expression, he asks, " then will you be willing to offend them".

" Is something wrong with you- ". Before I could even complete my sentence, he interrupts me.

" See , its obvious, that's the reason, no one dares to go against them ". He answers me casually waving his hands sideways.

"". I stutter after getting a hint and sweat starts to form on my forehead.

Looking at my reaction, Axle laughs " Don't worry, calm down, you haven't offended anyone yet. Anyway, I will give you an introduction , listen well and remember never cross paths with them ".

After that he switches on his laptop and continues with a deep smile " The first one is the one of the two campus belle, Lisa Walker, I know a bit about her from the rumours , she has hospitalized quite a number of boys in our high school days. Now nobody dares to make a move on her. If you piss her off, she would remember you forever and make you suffer endlessly. ". I see a familiar face on the laptop. A black hair beauty in a white dress.

He pauses and looks around as if checking to ensure that no one is around. Then, he flicks his fingers and runes start to appear on the walls of the room.

" Perfect , now let's continue. I am going to share some insider information, so remember not to share it with anyone else or you will be in trouble ".

I gulp at his warning, thinking if I should stay in the room or leave.

Before giving me anytime to make a decision, he drops a bomb on me by whispering " Lisa Walker is the daughter of the Mage king ".


I feel my head bursting.


Why the hell is a figure like that in Arcane. Is this the capital ?, What in hell is the daughter of Mage Associations Head doing here. Did Mr Stark fooled me, what the hell is going on?. I feel my heart rate increasing and sweat dripping off of my face.

As I approach my tolerance limit, the system's skill calms me down as a cool stream of air washes over my head.

" Obviously you can go ahead, if you are a Masochist . I mean , what can make you feel more bliss then being stepped upon by her. You might even get a chance to behold the sight of the forbidden garden ". He speaks as his eyes sparkle and a smile plasters on his face.

This guy will really get me into a trouble. Hearing him, I could confirm one thing. That fatty was definitely better than him.

" I am not a Masochist ". I reply feeling ridiculous, that I am even answering a question like this. I beckon him to move forward.

He continues with the second member on the list, " Eren John, I don't know much about him personally, but the information says, he is the son of the one of the director's of the Academy. Unlike others, he doesn't care about his image and openly bully's students and misbehave with girls ". I see the face of the guy and first thing which came to my mind is, " He is definitely a pervert".

I note his name in my mind, deciding to never cross paths with this bastard.

" This guy can still be considered good in front of the the next one , James Ovens". He switches the image and a picture of a guy with good features appear. He appear to have a strong built, and a face which seem to be cut out of a fairy tale.

" Don't judge him by his looks. He is a cruel and vicious person. The friend, I mentioned earlier had offended him and paid the price with his life. He never shows mercy ". He says with his face twitching in anger and hatred.

" What ! you mean murder, How can that be possible ?". I ask in a shock.

Damn it, even the mangas and anime that I watched weren't that extreme.

" Everything is possible, if you have power. That bastard can do anything as long as he does not leave any evidence, after all his father is the head of the Guild Union, Karl Ovens ".


I feel my head bursting, another monster figure. What the hell is wrong with this place.

Unable to hold myself, I ask Axle ," Why are such figures studying in Arcane. I thought the Magic Academy of the capital is the best Academy in the Continent ".

" Who knows, it was during the mid term of the first year of high school , when these bastards started pouring out of nowhere ".

" Anyway, here is the last one, there are only rumours about him. Norek Blaze, He do as he wishes and nobody stops him, even the teachers for some reason turn a blind eye to this guy , Even the other 3 tyrants, never cross paths with him".

Hearing his description, and seeing the face of a guy with a pretty face and short purple hair. I feel that this place is really messed up.

Should I get transferred. While I am busy in my thoughts, Axle speaks, " There are several others in this list too. But they are not considered tyrants because they are not as extreme as this four. He introduces a bunch of people in which, I see three familiar faces, Wilson, August and the girl with blonde hair, Elly Lorenz, whom I saw a few hours before.

After talking about an hour, I get up from the chair thanking him for his help and refusing his invitation to watch Mahou Shojou Mio - chan together.

I walk out of the room, but before closing the door, a thought struck me and I ask Axle, " Hey, I didn't thought about it, but where did you get such detail information . Don't say me you are also one of a big shots ".

" Ha..ha.. " he laughs while replying, " do I look like one. You heard , right, the power of my formations from August ".

" You! you better stay away from me". I reply while closing the door.

******* Axle's POV ******
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Looking at the closing door, I clench my fist. That silhouette is too similar to him. I will definitely take revenge for you brother. And I will make that bastard, James, beg for death.


I had a twin brother, he was like Max. His gaze was always filled with a determination to achieve something even when he shivered in fear, on the thought of his goal.

We were always together, until I awakened early in the first year of high school as an variant. My element showed an extreme degree of affinity with formations, and the Academy decided to raise me on a scholarship.

I started having extra classes on formations and the distance between us increased. I didn't notice anything weird with my brother at that time.

But I was wrong.


The sound of the message pulls me out of my thoughts and I pick up my mobile phone.

Looking at the message, I realise that the time of the revenge is drawing close.

******** MC's POV ******

Getting into my room, I lie down on my bad. Thinking of my oncoming days, I let out a sigh. I wonder what this semester will bring me to.


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