The Ancient Genes
13 Trouble
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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13 Trouble

I feel a headache knowing that I will be in the same class as the three tyrants.

Well worrying won't help me anyway, I will just stay out of their sight and hope that nothing goes wrong.

grr !

grr !

I hear a rumbling.

Turning towards the side, I find the fatty holding his stomach with both his hand.

Seeing his expression, I speak.

" Let's go to the cafeteria. I am hungry and there is still an hour before the general courses ".

Even though, I don't want to admit, I don't find this fatty repulsive.

For a lonely person like me, seeing him kind a resembles me.

Although I was not bullied, everyone used to laugh behind my back.

Now, I can't ignore him knowing his situation.

I will just stay out of his problems, and be friends.

After all, he is my dorm mate.


Hearing me, the fatty replies excitedly " Yeah , let's go , I am dying from hunger ".

We get out of the class and walk towards the cafeteria.

Seeing the crowded cafeteria , we wait for a bit to get an empty table.


Sitting on the chair, I ask the fatty, " what do you want to eat, I have decided on mine ".

" Uh..wait a second "

He takes a while before answering " Get me three courses of lunch set B ".

Hearing him, I look at the lunch set B and my brows twitch. Even with his size , there has to be a limit to how much one can eat.

I get up from my seat and join queue to order the food.

After a while, I hear a commotion.

Looking towards the entrance of the cafeteria.

I see a tall and handsome guy walk in with a gentle smile on his face.

A guy, whom I really didn't wanna meet.

James Ovens.

Looking at him, a feeling of danger creeps up on me, as if my instincts were yelling to stay away from him

He directly walk towards the stairs to the second floor and left his followers on the first floor .

Seeing them, the students closer to them abandoned their seats .

I see a familiar face among those lackeys of his.

So that silver earring bastard is one of his lackeys.

I feel disgust and contempt rising towards these bastards.

******* Stain's POV *********

" Hey, Stain look there". The bald guy sitting next to me points toward other end of the cafeteria.

I follow his hand and a smile creeps up on my face.

" Isn't that the fatty who used to follow Boss's women ? ". The guy opposite to me asks.

" Yes, its him. Didn't Boss ask Stain to let the fatty have a wonderful life in the Academy ". The guy next to me mentions, shifting everyone's gazes on me.

Snickering, I give the guy next to me a disdainful look for his little scheme.

I reply, " you don't need to remind me ".

With that, I get up from my seat holding a glass of water and make my way towards the fatty.

******* Kevin's POV ********
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I clutch my stomach in pain, waiting for Max to bring the food.

But suddenly, I feel water burbling down my head.

Feeling the soaked clothes sticking to my skin, I feel my stomach churn in anger.

I turn back cursing, " What the fuck ! ".

********* MC's POV ***********

Getting the order, I finally get out of the queue. When I hear a commotion.

I look at the source of commotion and find it to be in the direction of my seat.

Feeling something wrong, I look at the group of James's lackeys and find them missing.

Having a bad premonition, I quicken my pace.

Passing through the crowd, I hear the fatty's groan.

Finally , I make my way to the centre of the crowd to find the fatty lying on the ground with finger marks on his face.

Seeing his state, I feel anger brewing within me, when I hear that earring bastard's voice.

" You all have seen, this isn't my fault ".

" I just stumbled and the glass of water fell on his head ".

" But, this fatty was being unreasonable even after I apologized and was demanding compensation ".

" And when I refused, he started cursing out and made the first move ".

" Yes, I can be his witness". A guy from the crowd says.

" Me too". I hear another voice.

" I saw it too ". Another guy speaks.

I see the James lackeys, speaking from the crowd, claiming to be witness.

Hearing them a guy from the crowd speaks " yes, I heard the fatty cursing too ".

Seeing them twist the truth, I feel my anger reaching the limit.

I knew the fatty won't do anything like that, if he had that much of guts, he wouldn't have taken it lying down during the first class.

I keep my tray on a nearby table and push the guy in front of me to step into the center of commotion.

I don't know what would happen, but if I step back today, I won't be able to forgive myself.

Today many things could happen.

But the one thing I am confident of not happening is, me having regrets.

With that in mind, I move forward, activating my skill « God's Blessing » .

But before I could make my move, I feel a chill down my back and next thing I hear is a thunderclap.


And a purple lightning descends out of nowhere, landing right next to Stain, hurling him right through the tables.

" You bastards, take it out, don't spoil my food"

I hear a familiar voice.

I follow the voice to find a red hair guy munching on his food without a care of his actions.

Its him, the guy from the Dorm.


" Who the fuck was that. You so- !!".

Stain shouts before getting up in anger, covered in different types of dishes.

But his cursing stops when his gaze meets Wilson.

Hearing him, Wilson replies with a grin, as he gets up from his seat.

" I am the one ".

" So what are you gonna do ?, Wanna fight ".

" Bring it on, it has been a while since I let loose ".

He stretches out his hand and beckons Stain to make a move.

Seeing Justice being served, I feel a happiness swelling from the bottom of my heart along with a yearning for power.

I suppress my feeling realising that the fatty was still lying on the ground.

I move to help him up while the drama continues.

" You!... Don't be too cocky Wilson. Do you think you are the strongest one in the Academy ". Stain speaks as the veins on his face bulges out.

" Yeah! Right, I forgot you were just a dog. Why don't you bark for your owner to come out ".

Wilson speaks with out giving any inch of face to Stain.

" You ! you!....". Before Stain could speak any further, one of his comrades stops him and replies in his place.

" Wilson this has nothing to do with you. So, stay out of it ".

" Ha..ha...if you speak that way, then let me tell you, the two guys you see there are my dorm mates and can be considered to be my friends ".

With that, I feel numerous gazes on me.

I feel helpless.

Even though, I was prepared to do something which would make me the center of attention, I didn't think it would come in this way.

Wilson laughs before, speaking again with a stern face as a trace of anger flashes in his eyes.

" Now do you expect me to watch, as you bully my friends ".

He raises his hand as purple lightning crackles in it.

********* Stain's POV ********


This guy is crazy.

I gesture the guy beside me and understanding me, he tooks out his phone and sends a message.

Now, we just need to hold him back for a while.

Boss will be here any second.

******* No one's POV ( Third Person ) ********

On the second floor of the Cafeteria.

A place where only few rich students come for having food.

Currently at a table, two girls along with a handsome guy can be found sitting.

But, there conversation is interrupted as they are disturbed by the beeping sound of the phone.

The guy speaks with a beautiful smile on seeing the notification.

" It looks like, I will have to go. I hope to share a conversation with the two ladies if chances allow ".

With that, he gets up and walk out and a group of people too get up, leaving their seats and follow him.

Seeing them leave, the girl with blonde hair speaks.

" Lisa, do you really think, it was a coincidence meeting him here? ".

" Who knows? ".

" Besides, even if it wasn't, he seems a preety decent guy, don't you think too Elly ". Lisa speaks with a teasing smile.

" No, I don't. Something feels wrong about him ". Elly replies with a frown.

************** MC's POV *************

Seeing the face of this guy sweat profusely, I feel happy.

Serves these bastards right.

But, before I could celebrate any further, I feel a chill running down my spine.

And the thing which I totally forgot in celebration, comes to my mind.

Yes, he was here.


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