The Ancient Genes
14 Exchange
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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14 Exchange

Suddenly a heavy pressure envelopes the cafeteria.

My knees start to bent. I feel sweat dripping down my forehead.

Turning around, I find a tall and handsome guy walking towards us along with a bunch of students following him.


I forgot about him.

What do I do?

How can I do anything, when I am having trouble to even stand properly.

I see the guy approach and stand in front of his lackeys before speaking.

" Now..Now, May I know what my friends did to anger you brother ".

I hear James speak as a sadness cover his features.

I literally couldn't believe my eyes and ears.

This guy was Acting.

But it wasn't enough to fool me.

" Look its him, James "

" OMG, he is so handsome "

" Finally, someone is here "

" Yeah, now these trouble makers will have their asses kicked ".

But the voices I hear confirm one thing.

He was the hero here and we were the villain.

This guy is a beast in humans skin.

********** Wilson's POV *********

This bastard is pissing me off from the very first day.

Looking at him, reminds me of that guy.

Today, I will beat the crap out of him and drag his true face out in front of everyone.

With that in mind, I step forward while speaking.

" James, I don't want to hear anymore of your shit ".

" And your stupid acting might fool this bunch of bastards, but not me ".

I was never a person who was afraid of anything.

I release my aura to push back the pressure released by him.

************* MC's POV ************

I see a terrifying pressure being released by Wilson.

As he moves forward, I could hear the sizzling sound of electric current around him.

Seeing the situation, all the students starts to move away from them.

I too along with fatty get away from the center of commotion.

************ James's POV *********

This guys are so useless.

They can't even handle a worm like him.

I give them a look before turning toward Wilson.

Today, I must make an example out of him. Even if it reveals a bit of my power, this bastard ruined my plan after all.

Seeing him walking towards me, I start circulating the mana within my body.

************* MC's POV ************

Seeing Wilson approach James, I feel nervous.

Obviously, I didn't want Wilson to get hurt.

After all, How many people are there, who stand for the weak.

This alone proves that, he is a good guy.


Now, I understand the meaning behind Axle's word.

He is a good guy. But if he gets pissed, things take a turn and it becomes worse depending upon the guy standing against him.

As I am busy in my thoughts, Wilson hastens his steps and I could see lightning covering his hands.

Within a second, he covers the distance between him and James.

Without waiting for any moment, he swings his hand in upward direction, going for an uppercut.


I hear a loud noise of impact. The sound from the blow displayed the power behind it.

I can imagine myself getting hospitalized, if that attack had been directed towards me.


But, the next scene left my jaw hanging.

I see Wilson's punch being blocked by James with his bare hands, before it could reach his chin.

A silence envelopes the cafeteria.

I couldn't help but feel despair.

But, at this moment, I hear a sound in the silent hall.


Hearing the sound, everyone turns to look towards it.

Following the sound, I find a person with short purple hairs and a preety face munching on his snacks.

I couldn't help but feel his face a bit familiar.

As I try to remember the guy, I hear James voice.

" Sorry, I remember having some urgent work ".

With that, he releases Wilson's hand and walks toward the exit.

As he passes the purple hair guy, he pauses and speaks.

" I didn't expect to meet you here. I thought you didn't like this place ".

And the purple hair guy does not respond.

But this doesn't affect James face even a bit and he continues.

" I don't have much time today or I would love to have a chat ".

" So, I will be leaving, until we meet again, Norek Blaze ".

And he leaves the cafeteria, while I remember this guys identity.

Norek Blaze.

The one considered to be the strongest out of the 4 tyrants.

Thank God

He was here, otherwise Wils-
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Yeah, I forgot about him.

I turn to find him, but couldn't locate him.

So, I ask the fatty beside me and he replies.

" He just walked out of the cafeteria ".

************** James POV ***********

" Boss, why didn't you taught that bastard a lesson ".

I hear Stain speak in frustration.

But, I give him a look and he shuts his mouth.

Since, when did anyone dare to question me.

Regarding Wilson, I will deal with him very soon.

I could have done it right now too.

But, I don't want that guy to know about my power.

And besides, I too don't know anything about him.

And Dad warned me too.

Deal with him only when you have a 100% chance.

I will let this bastards live this year. But, I can't say the same for next year.

A smile appears on my face on the very thought of my plan.

*************** MC's POV ***************

After splitting up with fatty, I walk towards my classroom.

Suddenly, I see a red hair guy, walking in a distance and turning around the corner of the hallway.

" Wilson ".

I give him a voice.

But he didn't seem to hear me.

I rush after him, after all, I didn't get a chance to thank him.

If he didn't interfere, who knows what would have happened.

I might have been lying right next to the fatty.

And to be frank, I didn't wanted to cause any trouble on the very first day.

But, I was being happy too early, because I forgot about my real enemy.

My Luck.

As I turn around the corner in a rush, darkness envelope my eyes and I feel a soft but sturdy impact.

I tumble down the floor and feel my head hitting something soft and a sweet scent fill my nose.

I open my eyes to find a other worldly beauty beneath me in black dress staring right at me.

Blonde hair, white skin and her eyes....

I knew those eyes. They were very familiar to me.

But I couldn't remember where have I seen them.

" You Pervert! , how long are you planning to stay on ".

" Get off of Elly ".

I hear a sweet voice.

Turning around, I am stunned to see another beauty.

Black hair, jade like skin and her eyes...

I knew these eyes too. They were the eyes filled with the intention to kill.

Looking at both the girls, I knew I was done for.

Looks like my bad day was just beginning.


I feel a heavy impact on my side, which sends me flying 3 feet into the air.


I tumble down the floor and an aching pain spreads through out my body.

Damn it.

It hurts.

I just hope, I will still be in a single by the time this ends.

As I struggle to get back at my feet, I hear some footsteps getting closer to me.


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