The Ancient Genes
15 Path
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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15 Path

********** Third Person POV **********

" I can't believe the Academy has admitted such perverts ". The girl dressed in white garment that was adorned with blue floral pattern spoke with disgust.

" I will make sure to break evey bone in your body and then get you expelled ".

" Right, Elly ?".

Hearing No reply, the girl turned her head sideways and found her friend Elly staring at the guy in daze.

" Elly, are you fine. Are you hurt anywhere ? ". She asks with a tensed expression in concern for her friend.

" Ah!... I am fine. Let's go Lisa ". Elly speaks while knitting her brows as she gets back on her feet.

" What! , we are really leaving him like this. At least let me break his legs. He have touched your purity ". Lisa speaks while rolling her imaginary sleeves.

" What are you?, a ruffian ". Elly speaks with a sweet smile.

" Besides, there was only Wilson in the hall way, a while ago. I don't think, there will be any news about this incident. Unless, some moron goes and break a person's leg claiming that he hurt my purity ". Elly speaks as she roll her eyes at certain someone.

" Ah!, fine then ".

Listening to her, Lisa gives in. But before leaving, she speaks in a determined tone.

" Hey, you pervert ".

Hearing Lisa's voice, Max raises his head.

" You better keep this a secret or else, I will make sure that there won't be any need for you to hold any secrets ". She speaks with a light smile which didn't appeared to be a smile in Max's eyes at least.

Then she stepped on Max's back and left for her class.

Elly follows after her. But before leaving, she gives Max a glance.

************* MC's POV *************

What in hell did I do to deserve this ?

Who can give me my answers.
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Earlier, I could have shouted for God. But now, even thinking about it reminds me of that old Geezer's face.

My eyes start to get wet. But I held it back.

No, I won't cry.

If that Old Geezer is observing me, he will definitely have a laugh of a lifetime. My dignity won't allow it.

I struggle to get up. But find it difficult as a sharp pain runs through my sides.

Suddenly, I hear the system's sweet and pleasant voice.

« Reporting to Host, Host had activated the conditions for « God's Pity ». »

And, a notification window appears in front of me.

« God's Pity »

Requirement : • Host is in pain

• Stress level is very high

• On the verge of nervous breakdown

Description : A situation when Host has started to lose his sanity. And it is assumed that, any further degradation in Host's circumstances could lead to a nervous breakdown.

P.S. by God : Is this even needed. If our descendants need something like this, I won't even dare to call him my junior.

Is he even capable of defeating the demons. He should just drop dead already.

Pity : • 100 % increase in efficiency of Calm Mind for next 24 hrs ( 20% permanent increase )

• 1000 FP

• 1 ★ Recovery Pill

Seeing the notification, the tear which I have been holding back, slid out of my eyes.

Its not that bad, right.

Do I look like a person who is on the verge of nervous breakdown.

God Damn it !

Everything has a limit, and today, you have crossed that limit Old Geezer.

I grit my teeth and ignoring the pain, slowly get back up on my feet.

I don't know anything about the Demon shit. But, if you can hear me, remember one thing.



' System, get me the recovery pill '.

Suddenly, a red pill appears out of thin air and hovers in front of me.

Taking the pill in my hand, I directly swallow it.

After a while, I feel a warmth wash over my body and the pain subside until it clearly disappears.

Getting up, I walk towards my classroom.

While walking, one thing keep revolving in my mind.

It is only the first day and So much happened, If things keep on going this way, I will have a painful life.

Right now, I can only imagine two things that can improve my situation.

First, get out of the dorm and stay away from them.

Second, to become strong enough to protect myself.

First one seems possible to some extent, but my conscience won't let me do that. After all, I don't find those guys troublesome at all.

While the second one seems a bit impossible. I only earn a mere 25 FP per day.

I keep thinking.

But as I enter the classroom, I feel a fierce gaze on me.

Turning towards my left, I find the two beautiful girls whom I just met, sitting on the very first row of the class.

Damn it, I didn't expect to have another meet up this soon.

Even though, I wanted to apologize to the blonde hair girl. I threw the idea out of my mind feeling the intense gaze of the girl next to her.

She was on the list of tyrants too. Its better to stay away from them.

So, avoiding any eye contact, I pretend not to notice them and walk towards the corner seat in the back.

*************** Elly's POV *************

Looking at the guy, I can't help but find something very familiar in him.

Specially those eyes....

I have seen them somewhere, but I can't seem to remember it.

" Elly "

" Elly! "

I am pulled out of my thoughts by Lisa's voice.

" Are you fine, you have been behaving very oddly since that pervert attacked your purity ". She speaks with concern.

" I am fine, its just that I had something on my mind ".

" Besides, you're doing it on purpose aren't you ".

" What are you talking about ? ". She asks with an innocent and puppy eyes.

" I know you very well, that ' attack on my purity ', it was just an accident ".

" You bring that up one more time, and I will let Uncle know all your secrets "

" No, please don't tell my Dad, I won't repeat it ". She speaks in a pleading tone while holding her ears.

*************** MC's POV *************

Taking my seat, I once again lose myself in my thoughts of options, when I think of asking the System for help.

' System, how can I earn FP faster, in order to level up ? '.

« Reporting to Host, Host can earn FP through meditation, Daily Quest, Mission Quest and Request Quest and also by battles. As all this things affect the Host which means it affects the Hosts Flow line »

' I get it, but what is the Request Quest ? '.

« Reporting to Host, it is the Quest requested by a particular person and Host has the choice to accept or reject it »

' One more thing, if you already knew all about it, why didn't you inform about it earlier '

« Reporting to Host, the suggestion system is currently off »

' On it, right now! '. I order in frustration.

« Suggestion : From System's observation, it is suggested that Host switches his Gene ability status »

« Gene Abilities »

Enhanced Hearing - On [ On/ Auto/ Off ]

Damn the creator !

Seeing the notification, a curse slips out of my mouth.

I turn the ability to Auto and now I could control it.

I feel happiness swell from the bottom of my heart.

It looks like, I am getting rewarded for my sufferings.


After a while of thinking, I finally find the way to get strong faster.

Its the Orena, A place filled with beasts and mana treasures.

And Arcane isn't that far from the Border to begin with.

The only problem is normal people aren't allowed to cross the border.

The only thing, I could do now is become a mercenary.

It would provided me with both Quests and approval of travelling into the Orena.

Ha...ha... I am a genius.

System show me my status.

« Status »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 1) (0/2000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (1/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 2025

« Stats »

Strength: 8

Agility: 7

Intelligent: 3

Endurance: 9

Vitality: 8

« Skills »

★ Calm Mind ( Passive) ( Max )

[Calm the Host's Mind, when host reaches his tolerance limit]

★ Gods Blessing (Max)

[ Allows 10-30% increase in all stats for 30 minutes

Cool down : 24 hours]

★ Meditation

[ Allows the user to gather flow energy . Speed, Effectiveness and time limit of meditation depends upon the INT and END of Host ]

Basic Skill ( 1/9)

★ Sprint

[Allows the host to move at fast at low consumption of stamina. STR and END determines speed and stamina ]

Advance Skill ( 1/9 )

★ Blacksmithing Lv 0 ( 0/1000 )

[ Allows the Host to use the blacksmithing skill at the level of 0 ★ Blacksmith ]

Noticing the ( 1/ 9 ) over my skills, I asks the system about it.

« Reporting to Host, Host can only have 9 of each type of skills. And if Host wants to make another skill, Host would have to delete an old skill for it. Any achievement in the deleted skill would be lost forever »

Seeing the system's notification, I didn't feel that much of a shock this time.

May be it was due to the 100% increase in my skill « Calm Mind » or it was due to lack of any kind of expectations from it.

Closing the notification, I decide to put 2000 FP into my levelling bar.

« Host has gained a level »

Seeing the notification, a smile stretches out on my face.


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