The Ancient Genes
16 Shura
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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16 Shura

« Host has gained a level »

« Status »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 2) (0/3000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (2/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 25

« Stats »

Strength: 8 —> 9

Agility: 7 —> 8

Intelligent: 3 —> 4

Endurance: 9 —> 10

Vitality: 8 —> 9

Extra Stat Point ( SP ) - 5

I put my extra SP into the Intelligent and Agility stat, increasing them to 6 and 10 respectively.

I had planned to invest all the SP into the Intelligent stat, but for reason, I had a strong feeling to increase my Agility stat.

I don't think it would do me any bad to raise my stats anyway, my built might change accordingly, but I would still grow stronger.


The sound of chair being pulled out, jolts me out of my thoughts.

Turning towards my right, a familiar figure with red hair comes into my view.

My eyes meet his scary gaze and I shiver.

" Aren't you the newbie ". He speaks as the scary look in his eyes disappears.

" Ha ..ha.., I will appreciate if you can call me by my name. I am Max Edwinson ". I reply with an awkward laugh and stretch my hand out.

" I am Wilson Scarlet ". He answers and ignores my gesture.

" Tsk, I hate this kind of fancy stuff. A true man do not need stuff like this ". He speaks with a sneer on his face.

" I just wanted to thank you for earlier ". I thank him for his help.

" You don't need to do that. I just couldn't stand those scheming bastards. They are just too irritating ". He speaks with a clear disgust on his face.

I could totally get him.

" I regret not using all of my strength from start, who would have thought that he would just run away before I could even warm up ". He speaks as regret fill his eyes.

Suddenly he shifts his gaze onto me before continuing with a smile.

" To be frank, I didn't like you at all the time I saw you in the dorm. Looking at you, I only felt disgust. It felt as if cowardliness was oozing out of your body. I felt you were same as those bastards, scheming for personal gain ".

Hearing him singing ' praises ', my face twitch.

But his next sentence makes me sweat.

" I was planning to beat the shit out of you before throwing you out of the dorms."

" But, today you changed my mind. I saw you stepping out to help fatty. You proved yourself."

Thank god, no not god. I should be proud of myself. My conscience just saved me from a disaster.

I notice Wilson raising his fist before continuing.

" You are a good guy. I acknowledge you. If you ever need any help just ask me ".

I raise my fist, giving him a fist bump.

It looks like I have got another friend.

'Academy life might not be that bad after all'. This thought crosses my mind and a smile leaks out of my face.


An hour later
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The class ends and after giving an excuse to Wilson, I slip out of the Academy.

Hailing a cab, I reach the Arcane's Central area.

After paying the cab driver, I look at my purse and let out a sigh.

It looks like I will have no money for a while, but I can't help it. I need to buy some stuff.

A mask, a cloak and a strap for holding my weapons.

All this things are necessary. The first two things are needed since I am planning to investigate the demons.

Doing it as a mercenary would obviously make it easier and with the help of mask, I will be able to hide my identity too.

After all, how can I be at ease if a title like ' Demon slayer ' gets attached to me, the demons might chase me everywhere.

A smile appears on my face. I couldn't help but imagine myself standing on a pile of dead bodies with a sword in my hand and giving a cool and heroic pose.

But my imagination is soon broken when I hear the system's sweet and pleasant voice.

« Warning : Demonic aura detected within 100m »

« Reporting to Host, a presence of Demonic entity has been confirmed. It is advised to move with caution. »

Looking at the notification, the hairs on my body rise.

You gotta be kidding me.

Even though I knew there were Demons in Arcane. This was the last place I thought them to be.

How is it possible for them to infiltrate the city's central area.

A Terrifying hypothesis forms in my mind and sweat starts to drip off of my forehead.

The only thing I could imagine was, this Demons were being supported by some huge figure of the society.

After all, I can't think any other way for them to infiltrate the city centre, by passing both the Mage Association and the Guild's Union.



No, I couldn't get to any conclusion this quickly.

The System has still given only a warning. If I remember correctly, it should be able to notify me of any incoming threat until I reach Lv 10.

So, there is still some time until something goes wrong.


Why am I thinking about this ? , I can't do anything about it.

I am currently too weak to get involved in this mess. I would die even before being able to do anything.

So, I decide to stay away from this mess.

But as I get out of my thoughts, my body freezes.

I see a small family of three people.

It looked like the parents had taken there daughter out for a walk.

Looking at the girl and her parents reminded me of my Parents and my little sister Lilly.

I turn around in a circle.



Damn it

Now, I am unable to avoid the current circumstances.

There are so many people here. If any disaster strikes, I couldn't even imagine the number of deaths before the help could even arrive.

It looks like, I need to speed up my plans.


After purchasing my things from an ordinary equipment shop, I walk into an alleyway and come out with the mask and cloak on.

[ Mask : for reference. It is a demon mask ]

I looks preety good I guess. After all the mask was preety badass.

I can probably intimidate my opponent only with my looks.

After getting all set, I start walking towards the Magic Association Branch of Arcane.

One can only become a Mercenary after getting registered at the Association.

One do not need to even disclosed their identity. Its because Mercenary are considered to be supporting bodies of Mage.

As all the strong Mages are usually associated with either the Association or Union. They have the duty of protecting the continent and its citizens.

In such case, Mercenaries are the one who perform various tasks to help and support the Mages as well as the citizens.

Some of these tasks include exploration of Orena, Searching of Mana treasures, assisting mages in case of need.

All these tasks are very dangerous. So the Mage Association don't mind the identity of the person as long as they can have an extra expendable pawn.


Finally after walking a while, a huge building comes into my sight.

Looking at the huge tower, only a single thought crosses my mind.

' They really are the Overlord of the Mage World '.

After appreciating the tower for a while, I start walking towards the entrance of the Association.


Inside the Association

Woah! , this place really is huge. I could see a lot of people coming in and out of the entrance.

Judging from their robs, they seemed to be high level Mages.

Looking around, I try to find the sign towards the registration counter.

Found it.

Finally the sign which I was looking for enter my eyes.

As I approach the counter, a beautiful lady with voluptuous figure enter my eyes.

" Hello Sir, How may I help you ". She speaks with a smile.

I couldn't help but get impressed with her calm behaviour. After all, if I was in her place, I wouldn't be able to maintain such an expression, seeing a person dressed liked me.

It was clear that she had experienced a similar situation or she was very talented.

" Sir ". She speaks again not hearing any reply from me.

If it was a few days back, I might have got flustered talking to such a beauty. But now, it wasn't enough. I had seen how cruel people could be.

" I want to register as a Mercenary ". I speak with a little change in my voice trying to make it a bit hoarse.

Hearing me, she seizes me out of the corner of her eyes before replying.

" Sir, You would need to give a name to register yourself. It can either be your original name or an alias ".

It was obvious that I was going to use an alias I had prepared long ago.

" I am Shura ".


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