The Ancient Genes
17 Missing Child
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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17 Missing Child

Right now, I am on my way back to the Academy.

I had changed my get up back into my usual ones and had taken a cab.

After getting myself registered, I was given an ID as a proof of my identity as an Mercenary.

Turning the card around, I find some instructions along with a link.

I take out my mobile to check the link.


It turned out to be a site for Mercenary. I could see various bars on the Home page with headings like Quest Board, Friends, Community, Notice Board etc.

They really had done a lot of hardwork in creating this site.

Clicking on the Quest bar, I decide to take a look around.

7 ★ Quest : Hunt an Adult Gryphin

Reward : • 7 ★ Equipment

• 10 Million Zen

« Initiating Request ....»

« Quest : Hunt a Gryphin »

Reward : 50000 FP

« Would Host like to Accept it? »

Seeing the Quest and the notification, I shook my head in disagreement.

" No ".

Only an idiot would accept that Quest.

Even though the reward is amazing. The Quest Itself is no less than walking into one's own grave. I mean an Adult Gryphin can reach up to the level of 3 ★ Savage Beast.

This types of quest are only possible by those Mercenary who in reality are Mages, but have joined for either making some extra money or for battle experience.

And besides, the 7 ★ Equipment might look irresistible to the eyes of Others.

But in the eyes of Blacksmith's like us, it is only trash in comparison to that Gryphin's Body.

Every part of that Gryphin's body is a treasure for making a high graded equipment.


I scroll downwards to look for something else.

5 ★ Quest : Hunt a Silver Wolf.

Definitely a No.

6★ Quest : Search for a High grade Fire Ore.

It looked a bit descent but still a No. This types of treasures are usually found in Orena with Great Mana Density which attracts stronger beasts too.

After scrolling down a bit, I find some suitable Quests but reject them as they were not suitable for me.

I needed some Quest which would not interfere with my Academy life.

I should be able to do it in my own way.

As I scroll down, a Quest catches my eyes.

1★ Quest Missing Child : A girl named Mia Rozen , 8 years old, disappeared a week ago after accidentally being separated from her parents in the Shopping Area of Central District.

Quest Initiator : Hiron Rozen ( Father of the Girl )

Reward : 100,000 Zen

« Request Quest Initiating.....»

« Quest : Find the Girl »

« Reward : 500 FP »

« Would Host like to Accept the Quest? »


It looks preety good for a new start. Both the amount of money and FP is preety decent too.

' System, I accept the Quest '.

« Reporting to Host, the Quest has been issued »

« Quest : Find the Girl »

« Reward : 500 FP »

" Sir, we are here ".

The cab driver's voice pulls me out of my thoughts.

Looking out of the window, I see the dark sky and the lights of the Academy's Gate that glisten like gems under the night sky.

The cab parked at the entrance of the gate, as I got down and paid the driver. After that, I completed my ID check at the entrance before walking towards the Dorms.


As I push the Door open, I am shocked.


What happened here?

I see the broken table, upturned sofa, a hole in the ceiling, broken wash basin and the thing which shook me the most was the Mummified Fatty lying on the floor.

I run up to the fatty before taking his hands into my grasp.

" Fatty, What happened? Who did this? Answer me".

But he do not responds and his hands slip out of my grasp and fall lifelessly on the floor.

My hands tremble and veins pop out on my neck, as my eyes become moist.


I shout in anger.

" I did it ".

A voice rings out next to my ear jolting me up.

I immediately pull out my Ice Dagger from my sleeves and prepare to face off the enemy.

Even if I die, I will take that bastard down with me.

Steeling my resolve, I turn around to get another shock as a familiar figure with red hairs enters my sight.

" Wilson "

He stares at me, I return it back to him.

" Why ? ".

I ask as a sadness covers my face. I couldn't believe he would do something like this. I wanted to hear an explanation.

" It was this idiots fault for being so slow". He replies indifferently pointing towards the fatty.

Hearing him, I feel my stomach churn in anger as my eyes turn red and yell at him.

" That isn't a reason for you to kill someone, just because his idiocity irritates you. I can't believe you are the same guy who was talking about being a Man ".

"Ha..ha.., Interesting, I thought you only knew how to cower in fear. It looks like you too have got something in you ". He laughs before stretching his hands out and speaks once again with a look of madness in his eyes.

" Bring it on ".

And a silence prevails as no one makes a move.



" Didn't you already made enough of a mess Wilson ".

The silence is broken by Axle's voice, as he walks in with a bowl in his hands.

" Tsk, Everyone keeps spoiling the fun ".

Saying that, Wilson turns around and walk towards his room.

On the other hand, Axle walk towards the fatty and kick him.

" And you lump of fat. You just created another fight. Get up ".

He kicks once again, and I hear fatty groan in pain as he wakes up.

" This is a bowl of medicine, take it and crawl back to your room ".

With that, he turns around and walk back towards his room.

And I hear his door slam shut.

What the hell is going on?

I can't even imagine what could cause him to get angry to this extent.

No wait! , I can imagine it.

I turn towards the fatty who was struggling to get to the bowl of soup.

Only he can give me my answers.

So, I approach the ball of meat to get some answers out.


After a few minutes


I can't believe this guys.

************ Third person POV *********

An Hour ago.


The Door to the room open abruptly as guy with a strong built enters a room carrying on furious face.

Looking at his face with veins poping out of his forehead, the fatty seating on the sofa trembles.


The guy with the strong built let out roar which seemed to shook the entire Dorm.

" Who is looking for his death, so late at night ". A red hair guy walks out of one of the room while yawning.

" Wilson, I warned you to behave in the Academy, didn't I . " The guy questions Wilson as a line appears on his face.
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" Huh? , What are you talking about so late at night August. If you wanna fight just get this done already ".

Wilson speaks while putting a finger in his ear and taking out the dirt.

" Fine, you have done it now ". August replies as his brows twitch and he finally loses his calm.


Looking from far away, one could have seen a purple lightning and a black flame dancing around the second floor of Dorm No. 7

************** MC's POV ***********

Current situation

And that's the most of it.

In the absence of Axle, those two guys wrecked havoc here and the pitiful fatty got caught in it along with Axle's precious Mio-Chan figure on the table.

And now, it seems that August will be staying with us to keep a close watch on us.


I get into my room after dragging the fatty onto his bed.

Having my dinner, I got onto my bed early. As tomorrow I had plan to meet the father of the missing child.

Lying on my bed, I close my eyes in hope of a peaceful next day.


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