The Ancient Genes
18 Meeting
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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18 Meeting

********* Third Person's POV ************



The sound of alarm breaks the silence in the room.

A hand slips out of the blanket and reaches the alarm, stopping it.

A few seconds later, the blanket rises as a stunning beauty emerges from it.

The beauty was none other than the blond hair girl with a voluptuous figure.

Elly Lorenz.

She gets up from the bed in her cute night dress with a bunch of kitty paw marks on it.

************** Elly's POV *************


I let out a sigh.

What is wrong with me.

From time to time, the scene from yesterday keep appearing before my eyes.

After thinking a lot, I feel that his eyes kind of resembles mine.

Did he went through the same thing which I had to go through. But on a second thought, how can there be such a coincidence in this world.

I must have just seen my reflection in his eyes.

I close my eyes as some painful memories which I have always been hiding inside me appear before my eyes.



" Elly are you up. If you don't get up right now, don't blame me for leaving you behind "

" And you better not forget your promise of going on shopping me with, and besides a new mall has recently opened. I heard they have great offers ".

Lisa's cheerful voice pulls me out of my thoughts, and I get out of blanket.

************ MC's POV *************

I get back to my dorms after my morning training with my body drenched in sweat.

As I enter my dorm, I find Wilson coming out of the bathroom with his tooth brush.

As our eyes meet, he freezes for some reason and his eyes don't leave my body.

Feeling awkward at his gaze and the silence, I greet him.

" Good morning "

Listening to me, he too get back to his senses. But his greeting was a bit different then I expected it to be.

" Hm.., I can't believe you like to workout with that temperament of yours ".

Hearing him, my eyebrows twitch.

Who in hell would do this, if it wasn't for the system being unreasonable.

Seeing my expression, he smiles before continuing.

"You can't blame on that. Anyone would be unable to judge you based on first impressions. Looking at you, I had assumed you were more of a guy of Axle's type. But you really do like giving surprises ".

" At least he isn't creating trouble like a certain someone ".

A voice interrupts our conversation.

Turning around, I find August, my new dorm mate walking towards us.

" You really don't get it do you. I thought yesterday's lesson was enough for you ". Wilson turn towards August as he speaks with a troubled expression.

" But, Looks like, I was wrong ". He continues with an evil grin.

And lightning starts to crackle around him.

I see August's face twitch in anger for a while before he replies with a smile on his face too.

" Looks like I hit you too hard last night. You don't even remember who got his ass handed over '.

And a black flame lits up on his hand.

Holy shit!

Did this guy just cursed. It is definitely is Wilson's fault for destroying his hero like personality.

Why the hell am I worried about such things right now.

I should run while I have the chance. Its already dangerous for me to get in between the fight of mages. Not to mention this too freaks are variants.

As I prepare to run, I feel a chill down my spine and all the hairs on my body rise.

Turning around, I find the door to Axle's room slightly open, and two red eyes staring at us lifelessly from the darkness.

Not only do I freeze, even both Wilson and August stops for some reason.

Feeling an ominous foreboding, I decide to stop these two.

If this two ended up breaking Axle's precious action figure once again, I don't know what kind of calamity will fall on us.

" OMG! , its already 8 , you two better put this aside for now, or you will be late today ".

I speak with pleading eyes.

And thankfully, August backs down and leaves before saying, " I will have my eyes on you ".

" It doesn't make me a least bit happy for having a guy's eyes on me ".

Wilson too leaves with his reply and I finally let out a sigh of relief, wiping the sweat off of my forehead.

At this moment, fatty walks out of his room covered in bandages.

Looking at my expression, he asks.

" Is something wrong ".

" No ". I am happy that I didnt ended up like you.

Obviously, the latter part was not spoken.


After 3 hours.

Finally, both my classes on Extraction and Synthesis had ended.

And with that, I got a notification too.

<<  Reporting to Host, Hosts understanding on Extraction and Synthesis has increased >>

Extraction : 45%

Synthesis : 40%

<< Host can perform this skills, when Host's understanding reaches 100%  >>

Hm! , ' System , I thought that I can perform this with Blacksmithing skill '.

<< Reporting to Host, this skills are performable as long as Host's understanding reaches 100% >>

Closing the notification, I get out of my classroom.

" Let's go to the cafeteria, I am very hungry ".

Hearing fatty's pitiful voice, I turn around and give him a disdainful look.

How much can you eat.

This guy just ate 3 person's worth of food a few hours back. And now look at him.

And that doesn't even matter the most. How can he forget about that incident in cafeteria so easily.

" You can go, I have some matters to attend to. And stay away from those guys ".

I speak before getting up to leave.

" You too. Even Axle is busy these days. You better come early, I don't feel at ease with only those two around in dorms ".

He speaks with a fear in his eyes.

I could totally get him. But I had no plan to listen to him. After all, only Axle can stop them. Even if I stayed at the dorms, it will just increase the number of dead bodies.

So, I reply with a smile.

" Don't worry I will be back soon ".


Getting out of the Academy, I take a Cab to the Southern District of Arcane.

I had planned a meeting with my client in a coffee shop.

After a while, I reach my destination.

I ask the driver to park near an alleyway before getting out and paying him.

He gives me a strange look observing the lonely alleyway before leaving.

Turning around, I check for anyone's presence before putting on my mask and cloak.

With that, I get out of the alleyway and head towards the Coffee Shop.


Entering the shop, I find a man with black hair, who appeared to be in his mid 30s waving at me. He seemed preety fit and had an average height.

I approach him and take the seat in front of him.

" Hello, I am Hiron Rozen ". He speaks. formally.
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" How did you recognise me? ". I couldn't help but ask. I mean there was no way, he had seen me before right.

" Um.. Its in your profile pic ". He replies in confusion.

Damn it, when did they took a picture of me. I didn't even realise it.

" So, can you explain how it all happened ". I try to change the topic and it works.

" It was last Wednesday, when me and my wife along with my daughter went out for having fun at the Amusement park ". He speaks as  sadness covers his face.

" Everything was going well. We had a lots of fun and as we were on our way back, my wife asked the driver to stop nearby a recently inaugurated shopping mall. She remembered some good offers being given at the mall. So, on her request, We decided to take a look ".

As he gets to this point tears start to feel his eyes, and he starts to stutter.

" A..After w..we  c..completed o..our, w..we r..returned  o..our B..But  s..she was m..i..missing  ".

Finally, the tears he had been holding back, slid out of his eyes.

" P..Please, P..Please f..find  D..Daughter "

Hearing his desperate plea, I couldn't help but  feel a sadness wash over me.

Is this the fatherly love. I had no idea about it, since most of my childhood was spent away from my parents.

May be for this reason, I felt a Strong urge to help this man.

" I will find your Daughter ". Since I have already decided to do it, there is no turning back now.

These are the times when I feel, I can't back down. May be it is blood within me which can't see something wrong happening .

" Huh.. w..will ". He asks in tears with his trembling voice.

Looking in his eyes through my mask, I hold his trembling hand before speaking in a determined tone.

" Yes, I will "


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