The Ancient Genes
19 Conspiracy
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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19 Conspiracy

********** Third Person's POV **********

In a empty coffee shop somewhere in the southern district, if one were to enter, he would be shocked to see a sight of person crying his heart out as tears and snot covered his face.

Seeing his miserable sight, the person in front of him in a white Demon Mask and a black cloak offers him a glass of water before speaking.

" Sir, you need to stay calm. I will help you, but before that, I need you to answer some of my questions ".

Hearing him, the man with black hair wipes the tears off of his face before accepting the glass of water.

********** MC's POV ************

After half an hour of Questions and Answers, I bid him farewell.

From all the information I received from him. I can sum it all up in a single word.


Yes, its ' strange '.

There are a bunch of things I find strange in this case to begin with.

First, is it really possible for them to not notice that their daughter was missing until they reached their car.

Second, the one which worries me a bit. I heard he had hired three mercenaries before me. But all of them refused it halfway.

Third, and the most important one which worries me the most is the Guild Union's behaviour.

He said the officer in charge of his case had shown him a body of a girl, claiming it to be her daughter.

But he is adamant on the decision that it wasn't his daughter.

Now, I can only draw two conclusions on the basis of the information I currently have.

First, that guy has gone insane on the death of her daughter and is not willing to accept the guilds results. And this may very well be the reason why the other Mercenaries dropped his quest.

Second, a terrifying hypothesis. The father of the girl is right and their is a greater conspiracy behind it.

But it would be too early to reach any conclusions with the current knowledge I have.

Looks like I would be taking a walk around Arcane today.

*********** Third Person's POV ************

Somewhere around in Shopping  District.

The people on the streets kept looking towards an accessory stall as an unfamiliar scene was occurring in this place.
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One could see two stunning ladies in their teens bargaining with a vendor.

Both the ladies were eye catching. One with a black hair and other with a blonde.

" No.. No... you are asking too much for it. Do I look like a fool to you. I won't give a single zen more than 10 zen ". The girl with beautiful black hairs wasn't willing to budge at her stand.

" Lady, I can't sell you this at that price. Its too low. If I sell it any lower than 15 zen, I won't be making anything on it ".The old vendor speaks with a troubled expression as sweat slid down his forehead.

" No, I wo- ". Before the black hair girl could speak any further, the blonde girl next to her speaks.

" We will take it for 15 zen ".

" No, what are you doing Elly ". The black hair girl lets out a desperate cry.

" I will pay the extra 5 zen for you Lisa, its fine now ". Elly speaks as she roll her eyes at Lisa before paying the vendor and taking the accessory.

" No its not ". Lisa murmurs with a sad face as she follows behind Elly.

" You don't understand the joy of bargaining, do you " . Lisa speaks as she stares at Elly with a seriousness never seen before.

Seeing her expression, Elly lets out a sweet smile before replying.

" No, I don't. Why do I need to bargain, when I have money to buy it. And secondly, even if you like bargaining, leave the old and poor people like that ".

" Fine, I get it. Lets go to the new shopping mall. This time I will show you my ultimate bargaining skill ". Elly speaks as she thump her cher chest with her fists in pride.


A while later, the two girls reaches the shopping mall and the guard at the entrance greets them before opening the door.

" Woah, look at it, Elly. I never thought I would see such a big shopping mall in Arcane ". Lisa speaks as her widens at the sight of the Malls interior.

" Yes, it looks preety big ". Elly to nods and gives her approval at Lisa's remark.

As they walk inside the mall, they fail to notice an evil grin forming on the guards face.

Seeing them leave, the guard takes out his phone before dialing a number on it.




And the phone connects.

" what's the matter? ". An erry voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

Hearing the voice, the guard shivers before replying.

" h..hello, Sir, I have found two good quality ingredients ".

" Ha..ha.. good, you have done an excellent job this week. Don't worry I will reward you. Just make sure there is no mishaps. I will be sending some people to help you. And you know right, I don't like failures  ".

"  Y..Yes  s..sir. I w..won't you". The guard replies in a trembling voice.

************* MC's POV ***********

After thinking for a while, I decide to check on the mercenaries website, and luckily I find out what I was looking for.

It was the Identity of Mercenaries who had taken this quest before me. If I could somehow contact them, I would be able to find something.

With that in mind, I look into the account of those three guys. And luckily, out of the three guys, one had registered with his original identity.

Noting his phone number and address down in my mobile, I close the website and give him a call.




And the call disconnects.

Looking at his address, I find it to be in the district next to my Academy.

It was getting preety late anyways. I will just meet this guy before returning.

And with that, I wait for a cab to come into my sight.

************ Axle's POV **************

Is this what I am truly looking for.

Even though I am going to get what I wanted, is this how it was supposed to be.

" Hey Newbie, get ready we are about to leave ".

Hearing the voice, I  push away all my thoughts.

I don't know if its right or wrong.

But I have come too far to turn back.

So, I get up from my seat and walk towards the guy.


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