The Ancient Genes
20 Shopping Mall Incident Part - 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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20 Shopping Mall Incident Part - 1

***********Third Person POV********

Residential District

The district with most residential areas. People of different income level live in different areas in this district. It is located next to Arcane Magic Academy and many of the teachers and staff of the Academy has personal Quarters in this district.

A white cab entered the district and moved towards the residential area meant for middle-class folks.

After a while, the cab stops in front the gate of a society and a person dressed steps out of the car.

He was covered from head to toe. A black cloak covered most of the part of his body,  while his face was covered with a white demonic mask.

He had a black jeans on with boots of matching colour.

And the thing which caught the most attention after his attire was definitely the old broken hammer hanging around his waist.

After paying the driver, he walks toward the guard cabin before taking out an identity card and speaking in a hoarse voice.

************** MC's POV ***************

" I am a Mercenary and am here to meet Mr. Pearson for some issues. Can you tell me the way to his quarters ".

Hearing me, the guard looks at the ID card and then sizes me up from the corner of his crooked eyes before replying.

" SIr, its the third house from here and he lives on the second floor ".

This ID card really do wonders, it looks like, the association is really trusted by the people.

Getting the information I needed, I turn around before heading towards my destination.


Finally, after a couple of minutes of walk by foot, I reach the house of the Mercenary, Mr. Pearson.

Ringing the doorbell, I wait for a response.




But even after a minute, there was no one to ask me in.

So, I ring the bell once more.




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It looks like he isn't home. I even wasted my meagre pocket money on this trip.

Where is this guy, when I looked at his account, it showed that he was currently idle.

Wait.. is this guy asleep. I can't rule out that possibility. So, I decide to give a strong knock on his door this time.

If I knew what this knock would lead me to, I definitely would have given it a second thought.

*********** Third Person POV **************

Shopping District

Currently, if one were to see, he/she would find a bunch of SUVs racing down the street under the darkness of night as the lights of the car lightened the dim streets.

The vehicles stop before a shopping mall and a bunch of guys in back outfits walk out of the cars.

The person leading these guys had long brown hairs which were meticulously tied up and his face had a scar which ran horizontally across his nose.

He had sword shaped brows and there was a fierce look on his face. Looking at this guy, one would definitely not want to mess with him.

He pats the sword on his waist before speaking in his menacing voice.

" Master just said to get the ingredients. He didn't gave any other direction, right. Since, its the last batch of ingredients, I finally can let lose. I just hope they offer a bit of resistance ".

And a creepy smile emerges on his face.

" Let's go, we will kill anyone who dares to interfere with our work ". He commands his man, directing them towards the mall.

But before, he could take a step forward, another voice interrupts him.

" Derek, I knew you were a fool, but there has to be a limit to your foolishness ". A guy steps out of the car.

He had blue hairs and a fair face, he was wearing a wizards rob and had a wand in his hand.

" Alciel, you bastard, why are you here ". The guy called Derek speaks with a frown.

" Because I don't want any trouble for my master. How can I be at ease by leaving everything to you. And hearing you, I think I was not wrong at all. Your plan of massacre would definitely alert the higher level of Association. ". Alciel speaks with a light smile and an helpless expression.

" Y..You-".

Before Derek could speak any further, Alciel interrupts him.

" I have taken Master's permisson. So, all of you listen to me, I would be incharge of this mission "


" Now, half of you including the formation masters will stay back and prepare the jamming formation. All form of communication should be blocked and don't let anyone get inside. While the other half of you will follow me in to capture the girls ".

With that, Alciel moves towards the entrance, and Derek follows him with a gloomy face.

************** Lisa's POV **********

" Woah! Elly, look at this black dress, its so preety. Why don't you try it. It would definitely look preety on you ". I couldn't help but urge Elly to give it a try after all it would go well with Elly's hair color.

" I have already tried so many dresses. And look at the amount of purchases you made. Isn't that enough. Look, its already dark outside. If we don't reach the dorms by 8, I will let you take all the blame ". Hearing me, Elly speaks with a trace of helplessness in her eyes.

" Oh come on!, Its the last one. I promise. We will return immediately after trying this one out ".

I forcefully put the dress in Elly's hand and push her towards the changing room.

As she enters the changing room, I hear a loud crashing sound and the windows of the mall shatter and a heavy pressure descends inside the mall forcing all the people onto their knees.

Feeling my knees giving in as the weight on my shoulder increases, sweat starts to form on my forehead.

Its a Mid level Mage.

I am very close to the halfway through the Low level category. Only a mid level Mage can force me onto my knees.

What's going on? .

It definitely do not look friendly. I gotta do something.

I pull my smart phone out and try to make a call. But my phone had blacked out.

Formation Masters !

This is not looking good.

" Hey Lisa, what's going on ?."

I hear Elly's uneasy voice from the changing room.

It looked like she felt the pressure too.

I slowly move towards the door knob of the dressing room resisting the pressure on me.

Reaching the door, I twist knob, locking the door.

" Huh.. Why isn't the door opening? . Why did you lock the door, Lisa. Don't do anything foolish. Open the door ". Hearing her worried voice, I feel happiness swelling within me.

" I know it very well, Elly. If you were in my place, you would have done the same thing ". I speak in a determined tone.

I pull out my pendant, a 7 ★ Artefact and stick it to the doors surface before pouring all my mana into it.

Receiving all my mana, runes start to appear out of the the pendant forming a complex formation.

" What are you doing? . Stop it, I said sto- ".

Before Elly could even complete her sentence, her voice abruptly disappears and I feel the world around me turn blur before darkness envelope my vision.


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