The Ancient Genes
21 Shopping Mall Incident Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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21 Shopping Mall Incident Part-2

*********** MC's POV **************

Even after waiting for a minute, I get no response.  So, I decide to give a knock on the door.

But as I touch the door, it open with a creaking sound.


Why is it open?. Did he forgot to lock the door.

Pushing the door a bit, I decide to step in to look around for a person, as I really didn't want to waste my money on a second trip.

" Hello, Is anyone in here ..". I speak , in hope of getting a response. And I get one. But sadly, it was the system.

<< Threat Detected >>

************* Third Person POV *************

Some Place in Arcane.

In a room, several girls from 5 to 20 years of age were currently being held.

A particular girl among these girls was specially eye catching.

It was the black hair campus Belle of the Academy.

Lisa Walker.

The little girls in the room were all in tears, crying for their Mom and Dad. While, the others were a bit better then them.

Nervousness and fear covered all their faces.


After a few minutes, Lisa finally gains her consciousness.

She seemed to get a shock on finding herself in an unfamiliar place. But she calms down remembering the earlier events.

It wasn't troubling her, instead she was imagining the condition of those  guys after they would be caught.

After all, this people would have definitely given a second thought of kidnapping her, if they knew about her true identity.

Now, it was all about time. She just had to wait for help to arrive. After all she had a tracker on her.

A smile form on her beautiful face at her thoughts. But, it lasts only a moment.

The tracker she was actually depended upon was the pendant she left on the door of the dressing room.

' What do i do now, I have to get out of this place somehow '. With that thought, she scans the room and failing to find anyone else beside the captured girls, she slowly starts to gather mana in her body, planning to free herself from her bindings.

' No.. this is bad '. A tense expression cover her features as she is unable to gather mana.

I forgot, this guys had formation masters.

Noticing the sweat forming around her forehead, a little girl who appeared to be less than 10 years in age speaks.

" Sister, are you okay. Don't worry, my Daddy told me that whenever a girl is in trouble, a hero will come to her rescue. When my hero comes, I will ask him to save you too ".

Listening to the cute little voice, Lisa turns around to find a small girl with brown hairs.

Looking at her face and brave expression. Lisa wipes out her sweat, before speaking with a smile and puffing out her chest.

" This big sister here is not worried at all. You just need to watch how I beat those bad guys up and save you even before your hero arrives. ".

" No, I want my hero to save me. I have already waited for a week. I don't mind waiting a bit longer ". She speaks with knitted brows which made her look very cute.

" What! , you have been here for a week ". Lisa couldn't help but ask with wide eyes.

" Yes, we are. It appears to be our last few days here ". The tall girl next to Lisa speaks with sadness on her face.

" What do you mean ? ". Lisa speaks as she feels an ominous foreboding.

" I heard them talking about completing their job and that they would transporting us. Most of us have already lost our hope after 2-3 days captivation. But these little girl still believes in her hero. I am really jealous of her. If it wasn't for her constant blabbering , I might have gone insane ". The girl speaks with a look of helplessness and jealousy in her eyes.

Listening to the girl, Lisa realises that the situation was much dire than she thought it to be.
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But, in midst of all of these , this little girl had definitley shown something which is not possible by many people.

" I didn't get to know your name cutie ". Lisa speaks with a a smile on her face.

" Ah!, I am Mia Roze, 8 years old ". The little girl speaks in realisations that she forgot to introduce herself.

********** Elly's POV *************

A row of books were stacked beside me, a vase lay beside it which was filled with Xyntheria flowers. A seal that belonged exclusively to the Head Master was left unattended atop of a parchment.

A tall and handsome man in his mid 30s is sitting in front of me. He had a deep frown on his face. And a heavy atmosphere prevailed in the cabin.

" H..Head..M..Master , I...I.."

I try to speak. But the words didn't leave my mouth as tears started to flow out of my reddened eyes.

" You can leave now. I will handle the matter. And don't speak about it to anyone ". He raise his hand, pointing toward the door.

" Risel, take her back to her dorm and keep an eye on her ".

Hearing the instruction, the maid in the room walks towards me to escort me towards my dorm.


I couldn't believe myself. Why did Elly use that teleportation formation on me.  It would have been better if I was caught in her place.

I don't even have anyone beside grandpa who worries about me.

************** MC's POV ***************

Lying on the ground, I look at the man in front of me as blood continue to ooze out of the sword gashes on my body.

Gritting my teeth and ignoring the pain, I slowly reach out for the dagger in my sleeves.

But, the man in front of me didn't seem to have any patients because I could see the sword in his hand approaching my head at a lightning speed.

And a thought crosses my mind.

Is this the end.


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