The Ancient Genes
22 Shopping Mall Incident Part-3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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22 Shopping Mall Incident Part-3

*********** MC's POV ***********

A few minutes ago.

« Threat Detected »

Looking at the notification, I feel a chill running down my spine. The hairs on my body rise as I hear the sound of blowing wind and a killing aura descends.

I react by turning around in an attempt to block the attack with my dagger. But, the other person's attack was too fast.

More than four sword strikes whistle through the air impaling my arms, thigh and shoulder. While, I was lucky enough to block the strike to my heart. This guy was definitely vicious and an expert in his field.

I felt it through his blows, there was not a slightest bit of hesitation. He was definitely going for a kill.

He swings his sword once again from a distance and a strong gust of wind is generated from it, which tosses me towards the other corner of the room.


I crash on a table, breaking the flowers vase and scattering the stacks of books on it.

Lying on the ground, I feel an intense pain running through out my body as blood ooze out of the cuts on my body. But it wasn't enough to keep me down.

Yet, I keep lying down, pretending to be heavily injured and waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

Suddenly, I feel a gentle breeze on my forehead, which makes by body cold. I raise my head only to find a sword approaching me at a lightning speed.

It reaches me in a blink of an eye, not giving me any chance to react.


I am dead.

Why in hell? , is this guy so impatient. Don't they usually let their guard down in such situations.

When the sword remains only an inch away from my forehead, I feel a strong vibration throughout my body.
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A strong metallic sound rang throughout the house. And I am pushed few inches away from my spot.

I raise my head up and find the hammer, which should be hanging on my waist, 4 feet into the air, blocking the strike of the person who was in a hooded blue jacket and a black jeans.

His hood had been blown away by the impact of the collision and a fair face with black hairs had came out of it.


Suddenly, the thought crosses my mind. I activate my skill « God's Blessing ». It seemed as today wasn't my day of death. A smile appears on my face as I look at the notification before me.

« Activating skill, 30% increase in stats detected »

Pushing myself up, I activate my skill « sprint » and dashed towards the guy with all I had. This was my last chance and I wouldn't get a better chance as he was in shock from the unexpected situation.

Within a second, I cover the small distance between us and give a horizontal swing of my blade with all the power I had.

I was aiming for his neck. I couldn't think much in the spur of the moment. His head looked hard. I wasn't sure about the heart's position. I wasn't sure if stabbing him in stomach would kill him. While going for the groin would be too painful too watch.

Ah! I need some fighting skills. I would have to learn some skill after getting out of this mess.

As the distance between his neck and my blade reduces, I feel my chances of winning increase.

' Don't blame me, it was your fault for messing with me. Just pray that you won't meet me in next life '. I was planning to speak some cool words as he would be on his last breathe.

But I was celebrating too early as the guy reacts in the nick of the time and pushes himself backwards in the air, barely saving his neck.

But, with the increase in my stats, I too was able to barely react to his movement and it was enough to make someone cry in pain.

As he moves back, I too push forward digging out a chunk of flesh from his chest.

But even as blood flews out of his wound, dying his clothes red. He didn't even let out a squeak and kept staring at me.


Spitting the blood in his mouth, he speaks with a tinge of surprise on his face.

" I never thought, I would meet a psychic here. I am really feeling honoured. But saddly, I don't have much time in Arcane. So, I really don't wanna get involved with you weirdos ".


Thank you God, you are great.

" Do you really think, you can get away from this place ". I speak with a smile, as I move both my hands behind my back and stand in a dignified manner.

" Ha..ha.. , you might be stronger than me. But,  I am sure at most, you are only a mid level mage. If I want to leave, I doubt you would be able to stop me ".

He claps his hands, as a strong gust of wind forms a tornado in the room sucking in the books, coverings, flower vase and other stuff.

As my vision gets covered with all the things blowing in air, I lose the sight of the guy.


All the stuff falls on the ground as the tornado disappears along with the guy.


Finally, I breathe in a sigh of relief. If that guy didn't misunderstood me for an psychic, I might be dead by now.

Psychics are are also variants. But they are even unique among variants. For example, Lilly is a variant of ice type. Her element is formed out of the basic elements. But that is not so, in case of Psychics.

I move towards my hammer to pick it up. If it wasn't for this guy, I might have been dead today.

« Name : ????? »

Grade : ??

[currently damaged : 1 star grade ]

STR +3

VIT +3

Spirit : Dormant [ Awaken (30/100)% ]

A notification window pops out, as I look at the hammer. Looking at it, I realise the percentage of its awakening has rose up by 20%.

It is already protecting me even before it has awakened. I really want to know, what it will actually become after fully awakening.

I bent to pick the hammer and as I grab its hilt, I find a half cut piece of paper covered in blood.

If I am not wrong, it would definitely belong to that person. It looks like I tore a hole through his chest pocket.


I Ticket-50 zen.       I

I                                 I

I Shoppers street    I


It seemed that guy had taken an express car from shoppers street. It would be nice, if I could get the name of the guy. But unfortunately, that part was torn.

Damn it, I should have striked a bit above.

But, it still counts as a lead.


Hmm... Wait! ,what about the owner of the house.

I shift my gaze to scan my surroundings and failing to notice any signs of living being.

I concentrate on my ears.

Huf !

Huf !

A sound of heavy breathing enter my ears, and I turn toward my left to find a blood trail connecting towards the last room in the corner.

I slowly start to walk towards the room, while making a call for medical help.

This guy needs to survive


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