The Ancient Genes
23 7 ★ Quest Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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23 7 ★ Quest Part-1

************* MC's POV ***********

" Ah! ".  I cry out in pain as the antiseptic is applied to sterilize my wounds.

" Don't move ". The nurse treating me, grabs my leg as she rolls the bandages on it.

" How did you get such injuries? ". She speaks after completing first aid.

Hearing the elderly voice, I get in trouble to come up with an answer.

" I..I..I fell on the stairs ".  I speak with a forced smile.

Listening to me, she rolls her eyes but didn't question any further.

" Huff ! ".

I let out a sigh of relief.


After rescuing the half dead man, I send him to hospital. Before changing my attire and following him to get myself treated too.

Getting my dress done, I head out off the room to find the guy.

As I pass through the corridors, I hear some noises. Concentrating on the voice, I hear the two nurses gossiping.

" Did you hear about the burglary in the shopping mall ".

" Yes, I did. But it isn't as everyone is talking about. My sister was present in the mall at the time of incident. She said that the people didn't robbed the mall, but kidnapped a girl ".


Shopping mall...


Don't tell me. I immediately take out my phone and search about it.



Damn it!

Even though the information on the internet was indicating the incident to be a robbery, I didn't believed it.

It was the same mall.

Such coincidence didn't exist. There has to be some link with the mall.

It all started to connect somehow.

First, the girl gets kidnapped.

Second, the Guild union claims the girl to be dead.

Third, the mercenary quits the quest half a way.

Fourth, someone tries to kill them

Fifth, another kidnapping.

Someone is definitely trying to kidnapped the girls. And anybody who interfere would be in deep trouble.

The only one who here is the most suspicious is the officer in charge of guild union.
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I don't think he needs to be scared of anyone or is it really possible to even fool the people of union.

I keep walking towards the counter as the thoughts keep revolving in my head.

After a few minutes, I reach the counter.

" Excuse me, I am Mr. Pearson's neighbour. I heard that he is hurt. May I know his ward No. ".

Listening to me, the lady at the counter replies in an apologetic tone.

" I am sorry Sir. No one is allowed to meet him. You don't need to worry, though he is still unconscious. He is not in any kind of danger ".

It looks like, I will have to wait for getting a meeting with him.

***William Kingsman( Head Master's POV )***

" Hello , its me William ". I speak as the call connects.

" Hm..what happened, its been a long time since you remember this friend ". A teasing voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

" Don't behave like you don't know it. If you don't even have a strong source of information network, how can you call yourself a 7★ Mercenary ". I speak with sarcasm.

" So, what do you want ? ".  He speaks as his tone become deepers.

" I want to issue a Quest to the highest ranking mercenary in Arcane ". I speak with seriousness.

" Why me?. There is the guild, the Association and you yourself. And I am pretty busy ".

Hearing the voice, I feel my anger rise. But knowing his character, I control it.

" I can't leave the academy. Do you think, I would have needed your help, if I could do so. Secondly, you know the situation between the Union and the Association.

" Even if they don't have much resources here in comparison to capital, l doubt it would take them much time to figure about it ". The voice from the other side of the phone reaches my ears.

" Right, If anything happens to the girl, you know what's coming ". I speak massaging my forehead.

" Ha...ha.., fine , I accept your quest ".


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