The Ancient Genes
24 7★ Quest Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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24 7★ Quest Part-2

************ MC's POV ************

I get out of the hospital and wait for a cab to get back to Academy.

Shit !
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Looking at the street lamps which were lighting the dim streets, I take a look at my watch.

I am Dead.

Even if I somehow managed to get pass the guards. I still feel a headache knowing that there is still a person, I needed to look out for. I just hope August sleeps early.

After waiting for a while, a cab finally enters my vision. And taking the cab, I head towards academy.


" Yeah, just stop here ".  I ask the driver to stop as the view of academy's gate enters my vision.

The cab stops a few meters away from the entrance and I get out of the car paying the driver.

I could see the lights in the guard cabin. It didn't seem he was asleep. But it wouldn't do me any bad to confirm it. So, I concentrate on my ears hoping to catch the guards snoring sound.

But a different sound enter my ears.

" Ahh..."

" Ahh.."

" Ahhhh..."

Damn it !

What the hell is this dude doing in there. If he really wanna do it, he should at least care about his privacy unless he is an exhibitionist.

Anyway, I better not disturb him. It will spoil his mood and mine too. So, I decide to climb over the wall of the academy.

Standing in front of the wall, I position myself by lowering my center of gravity. Putting all my strength, I give a push and manage to push half of my body above the wall.

As, I roll over the wall and go for a smooth landing on all my four limbs. I collide with something in the darkness.

The soft but sturdy impact disturbs my balance and I fall face first on the ground. But oddly, I don't feel any pain at all. It felt as if the ground had turned into a soft cushion.

" Ah ! ".

As I press my hands below to push myself up, a soft sensation enters my hand while a girl's cry enter my ears.

Feeling an ominous foreboding, I take my phone out. As I turn my phone on, its light illuminates my surrounding. And I am frightened by the scene in front of me.

There was no soft ground below me. It was the same blonde hair girl I got into trouble recently.

Looking at her flushed face, I raise my hand as a realisation struck me.

I am dead.

" I...I.".

Before I could even speak, she pushes me off of her before pouncing on me and putting on her hands on my mouth.


Don't tell me, I am going to graduate.

I don't mind if the girl is pretty like her. But isn't this too fast. I haven't even held the hand of a girl properly.

" Don't talk ".

I am pulled out of my wild fantasies by her tensed voice.

And I hear a lady's voice.

" Find her.  Head Master has given orders for her not t live the campus ".

" Yes mam ". I hear a union of voices.

As the voice disappears, she let's out a sigh of relief and gets up leaving me on the ground.

As she approaches the wall, I couldn't help but ask.

" Where are you going ? ".

I didn't had anything to do with her except of owing her a couple of apology.

But, her eyes kept attracting me towards her. It wasn't love but more like a sense of familiarity.

I wait for her response, but she ignores me and continue to walk towards the edge of the wall.

" If you don't speak, I will shout right now ".

This time, my words stop her and she turns around giving me a death gaze.

The hairs on my body rise feeling a threat. But, I maintain my stand pretending to be unfazed by her gaze.


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