The Ancient Genes
25 7★ Quest Part-3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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25 7★ Quest Part-3

************ MC's POV ************

I feign complete calmness while returning her gaze.

Seeing my confident expression, she speaks as sadness covers her features.

" You remember that girl, who kicked you yesterday ? ".

Hearing her question, the image of a black hair beauty enters my eyes and I nod at her.

She grits her teeth before speaking further.

" Today, she was kidnapped and I wasn't able to do anything, instead I was saved while she was taken away ". Her eyes become wet. But she manages to restrain them.

******** Elly's POV ******

I don't know, why am I even speaking to this strange guy. But for some reason, a sense of familiarity makes me to want to trust him.

" If they managed to do something like that, doesn't that mean that they are strong. Do you think you can rescue your friend alone. Beside do you have any idea where to look for her ".

His commanding voice forces me to think about my actions.

But I can't sit without doing anything. At least, I need to try. If I don't, how could I even face Lisa.

Steeling my resolve, I reply him with a determination.

" I won't get into any trouble. I will just look for their trail. If I find it, I will immediately seek help. I am not a fool. So, you should stay out of my way and keep your mouth shut ".

As I speak, I let out my aura. I needed to scare this guy away. I had no idea how strong he was. I couldn't sense his power level. But, the way he kept calm, he must not be that bad.

********** MC's POV **********

Damn it.

As the terrifying pressure descend, I feel my legs sink in the ground. But, I maintain my stance with a smile even though my back was drenched in sweat.

" Fine, you can go ". I speak in a calm manner.

With that, the aura slowly seeps back into her body and she turns around towards the wall.


As her back appears into my sight, I move without hesitation while pulling my dagger out.

Sorry Miss. But, don't blame me. I know very well how easy it is to get into trouble.

Sensing me approaching, she slowly turns around. But it was too late. If it was a real battle, her death was set the moment she let her guard down.

Before she could fully turn, I was already on her back. Without giving her any chance, I turn my dagger and using its hilt. I bring down a heavy chop on her head.



She let's out a loud groan in pain, before passing out.


Did I hit too hard. 
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I put my fingers below her nose to check her breathing.

" Huff "

Feeling her breathe,  I let out a sigh.

I didn't do anything wrong. If she couldn't deal with a thing like that, how can she even think about trailing those guys.

Beside, this could be counted as my apology for the earlier two incidents.

" I heard a scream, let's check that place ".

" Yeah, I heard it too ".

Hearing the voices, I give her a last look before leaving with a sentence.

" I will save her ".


As, I walk back towards my dorms, some thoughts keep revolving in my mind.

So, that girl got kidnapped too.

I don't know, if she even needs to be rescued. With her temper, they may send her back themselves.

All right, jokes apart.

What do I do?

I have leads, but this has become too big for me to handle.

Even though, I just said all that to blonde girl. I can't pull myself back because of this system, now that I have accepted the quest.



Hearing the alert, I look in the air. But failing to find any notification. I ask the system.

' Have you finally gone insane ? '.

« Reporting to Host, It is the Host's inability to remember that Host has turned the alert off »

« Suggestion : • Check your phone

• Increase your Intelligence.   »


I will really expend any amount of FP to get your attitude changed.

« Checking for Host's request.... »

Seeing the notification window, a happiness swells out from the bottom of my heart, only to be crushed with another notification.

« Request Denied »

My brows twitch, I control myself from letting out curses.


Closing all the notification window, I take out my phone.

As I read the message, a smile forms on my face.


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