The Ancient Genes
26 7★ Quest Part-4
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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26 7★ Quest Part-4

************ MC's POV ************


You have been requested to report to the Mercenary department of Association for providing information on Mr. Pearson's case.

Looking at the message from the Mercenary association's website, a smile stretch out on my face.

It looks like they found out some link. It was obvious they couldn't stay calm after the kidnapping of Mage King's daughter.

Whatever the reason it may be, the fact is, it will help me. I will just have to pass my leads onto them and wait for them to complete the quest for me.


After a few minutes of walk, I finally reach my dorms.

I slowly turn the door knob to avoid any kind of noise from leaking out. Seeing the darkroom, I let out a sigh. It looked like they were all asleep.

I move my hands around the wall on the left side of the door trying to find the switches to the lights.

Ah.. Found it.


As the room lightens up, I freeze on the sight before my eyes.

August, Wilson and Fatty were all present inside the hall. August was sitting on the sofa with a heavy frown on his face. While Wilson was meditating and the fatty was lying on the sofa asleep as his drool dripped on the floor.

" So, you are finally back ". August speaks with smile, which didn't seem to be a smile at all.

" Yeah ". I reply while scratching my head and trying to think of some excuse.

" Why were you late ? ". He gives me a stare and I feel sweat on my back.

" What does it matter ? . He is back, isn't that alright. ". Wilson speaks, as he finally gets out of his meditation.

" Shut up! , this is my duty as this dorm's observer. Go back to your room and sleep".

August shouts at Wilson.

Hearing him, Wilson's face twitch as a vein pop out on his neck.

" What did you say, you noble dog? ". Wilson takes a step forward towards August.

" No...No... Don't take it away. I want to eat more, I am not done yet ".

Thankfully, before the situation could worsen, fatty's wailing distracts everyone.

" If you want to sleep, go back to your room you lump of mass ". August kicks fatty and fatty wakes up with a scream like a pig being slaughtered.

" Ahh ! ".

" Who in hell did that ?, show your face in front of this daddy ". Fatty gets up while spewing curses.

But as August's face comes into his vision, he freezes.

" Who's daddy are you ? ". August asks as a vein buldges out of his forehead.

" No....No...I didn't mean it ". Hearing fatty's plea, August ignores him and shifts his gaze on me before speaking.

" This is the last time. From now on, no one will leave the dorm or come late without taking any permission from me. And I am not your Steward ".

Giving us his direction, he walks back into his room and slams his door shut.

Why is he so angry today? And isn't he changing. I mean his behaviour. Or is it just me.

As I come back to my senses, I find Wilson missing and only fatty lying on the ground groaning in pain.

I approach him and help him up.

" Why the hell were you sleeping here ? ". I couldn't help but ask.

" Wilson was meditating and August was waiting for you. I was feeling bored with Axle missing. So, I thought of talking to them a bit. But those two didn't paid any attention to me and I fell asleep ". He speaks with teary eyes.

" Huh.. What do you mean Axle is missing ? ". I ask with a questioning gaze.

He answers me by pointing towards the piece of crumbled paper beside the trash can.

Out of curiosity, I pick it up and find a message.


Its me Axle. I won't be back for a few days. Since, August is the Dorm in charge, I give you the responsibility of protecting my dear Mio-Chan.



No wonder, August was in a bad mood. This letter didn't even state the reason for his leave. Beside is it even allowed to take leave like this.

" Could you help me a bit to my room ". Hearing the fatty's voice, I find him clutching his sides with a pale face.

It looked like he really got a hard hit. So, I give him a shoulder and help him to reach his bed.


Finally, after finishing the tiresome day, I get on my bed and following my usual routine, I check my stats and FP.
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As the system's window opens, I get a pleasant surprise.


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