The Ancient Genes
28 Meeting in the Association Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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28 Meeting in the Association Part-1

************ MC's POV **************



As usual, my day starts with this annoying morning alarm. Even though, I hated it. I didn't had a choice. I had to get up for the morning training as I didn't wanted to lose a 1000 FP.

I was already having enough trouble gathering FP for leveling up and creating skills. And this system was so merciless to set such a heavy penalty.

So, I dragged my unwilling body out of blanket and walked towards the bathroom.


After brushing my teeths and getting fresh, I walk out of my Dorms on my toes, as I didn't wanted to wake anyone up.

Beacause every time we all meet, it results in a mess with the result of fatty getting pulverized. I think I am lucky enough to be able to survive till today.


Finally, I get out of the dorms.

I breathe in the fresh air of the morning and I feel every pore on my body opening. I felt relaxed.

Slowly, I move my left leg forward taking a step ahead and start jogging. Slowly and steadily, I increase my speed, until I had a hard time believing myself. I was running as fast as a car.

It looked like investing all my points in Agility stats did the job. I had reached the speed in the league of Low level mages. Although I couldn't be compared to those at the peak of low level, I was not far behind.

Obviously there are some exception. The wind element mages are a level above others in agility. And the same can be said for every other element.

Fire gives extra attack power.

Water gives extra concentration and perception .

Earth gives extra defensive power.


After a minute of running, I reach the academy's ground.

Seeing not a single shadow of student in the ground, I realise that today I was the first one to reach here.


After an hour of hardwork, I finally return back to my dorm. Although I was tired, it wasn't comparable to yesterday. Looks like the stats from levelling up had started to work.

I couldn't help but feel excited at this new found strength of mine as a grin forms on my face.

" What are you grinning for? , If you do that in public, you will definitely treated as a creepy bastard ". Hearing the very familiar voice, I turn back to find Wilson walking out of the washroom.

" Good Mor-".

Before I could even greet him, a familiar and domineering voice sounds in the hall.

" Do you need to let out curses in the very morning and spoil everyone's mood Wilson ".

I turn to my right to find August walking out of his room dressed formally in a gray suit and matching trousers along with a white shirt which made him look like a nouveau rich young master.

" Huh.. I knew it. What the hell do you want noble dog. If you are just craving for spanking, just say so. Why go to such length ? ". Wilson speaks with a troubled  expression as his brow drop and he shakes his head as if in trouble.

I see August's shoulder quiver for a second, but he manages to retain the smile on his face, before speaking with a short laugh.

" Ha..ha..  consider yourself lucky. Today I have to attend the student council's meeting and the President will be present too. If it wasn't for that...". He pauses as his brows became narrow and the air around him becomes erry. " You would have been seven inches below ". With that, he walks out of the dorm.

Hearing him, a chill runs down my spine.

" If you have got the guts, don't forget we leave in the same dorm ". Wilson taunts him with an amused expression on his face, before returning to his room.


Its getting riskier day by day living along side this freaks. And with Axle gone, it has become worse.

Axle please return quickly. I am really missing you.

After praying for Axle's early return, I walk into my room and get ready for the day.






Finally after four hours of continuous classes, my day was over because I wasn't planning to attend the General courses.

I mean after yesterday's incident, I would feel a bit uncomfortable sitting in the same class as her. And not to mention, if she decides to take revenge on me. I would be done for. I definitely would not like to become a laughing stock in the Academy.


As I get up to leave, I hear the fatty's voice.

" Are we going to cafeteria ? ".

" Ah.. I have got some work to do and I won't be attending the last class to ". I speak while scratching my head.
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I totally forgot about him

" What in hell do you have to do everyday? ". He speaks with a questioning gaze.

I couldn't help but feel my mouth shut, as I couldn't come up with an answer.

Suddenly, I feel a tug on my sleeves. Turning around, I find the fatty grabbing me.

" When will you be back ? ". He speaks with seriousness as his gaze pierce through me.

Feeling his strong gaze I found it tough to lie. So I evade his eyes while speaking with a sweetness.

" I will be back in an hour ".


But this time it didn't work and I was caught.

" No.. don't leave me alone with those two. I..I. h..have already.. s..suffered so much ". He clings on my hand as tears and snot burst out of his eyes and nose.

"Back off! "

I try to free myself as his snot reaches my arms. But this fatty was stuck like a magnet to me and refused to even budge.

Feeling helpless, I speak while giving up.

" Fine..fine... I promise, I will try to get back as soon as I can. Now back off, you are gross ".

He finally loosen his grips and I free myself from his clutches.

'Damn it, how much strength does he have'. I couldn't help but curse feeling my hand ache.


Finally getting out of the Academy, I let out a sigh of relief.


Now, it was time to become Shura and get into the Association.


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