The Ancient Genes
29 Meeting in the Association Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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29 Meeting in the Association Part-2

********** MC's POV ************

Central Area, Arcane.

" Stop around the corner ". I ask the driver to stop the car as the view of Association's Office comes into my sight.
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Since I hadn't changed my get up. I asked the driver to stop a street away from the Association.

I get out of the cab after paying the driver. Checking my surrounding, I sneak into a dark alleyway and come out in my disguise as Shura.

Now, I am ready for the meeting. So, I headed for the Association and as usual, the entrance was crowded by hoards of people.

I could hear various voices in chaos. Some where here to issue a quest, while some where looking for help.

After walking through the entrance, I head towards the Mercenary Department and within a few minutes, a familiar sign enters my vision.

As I approach the reception desk, I hear a feminine voice.

" Sir, you are finally here. We have been waiting for your arrival ".

Hearing the familiar voice, I turn towards my left to find a beautiful and mature lady with a voluptuous figure walking towards me.

She was the same lady, I met the very first day on the counter.

" Sir,  a person is waiting for you. Please follow me ".

She waves her hand towards the elevator beckoning me to follow her.

Seeing her gesture, I give her a nod and take the lead towards the elevator as she follows behind me.


" So, who wants to meet me? . I haven't got much time ". I speak in a hoarse, pretending to be mysterious as I didn't wanted to get treated as an average guy.

" I am sorry Sir. But the person this time is someone whom even the Department Head has come out to welcome. Sir, I request you to take out a bit of time from your busy schedule We assure you some benefit ".

Although I had no idea of the expression on her face, she sounded very sincere.

On the other hand, I was shocked from the realisation.

Damn it.

How can I forget such a thing.

It was obvious that a monster figure would appear if Mage king's daughter is kidnapped.

Sweat starts to form inside my mask and I feel tensed.


Don't tell me its the Mage King himself.

No that's impossible.

Its impossible to reach Arcane from the Capital in less than a day.

At least that's the common knowledge.

What do I do ?

This is an opportunity to complete the Quest and rescue the girls at the same time.

I can't let my nervousness take over me. I need to create an image for myself.

As I am busy in my thoughts, a sound resonates in my mind.

« System's suggestion: Host's understanding of pretending and flaunting has reached 100%. Host can form a Basic skill « Acting » for 5FP »

Hearing the System's sweet and pleasant voice, though I didn't felt it to be right in someway, it didn't seem to be wrong either.

I didn't know if it would be any helpful or not. But at this time, having an extra trick in my arsenal wouldn't be bad thing.

So I accept it.


Finally after a minute of walk, we reach the elevator with the No. 7 on it.

It was a bit odd as there were no switches inside the elevator. It seemed to be connected to a single floor.

It looked like the Association really has a big pocket for being so extravagant.

I mean isn't this a bit too much.


The elevator's door open as we reach the designated floor.

" This way Sir ". The lady takes the lead and I follow after her.

Looking at the sight in front of me, I felt my body heating up a beat.

I couldn't help it. I mean she was hot and I am a man after all.

It was natural reaction and nothing more than that.

" Sir, please enter ". She speaks as we get in front of a cabin.

Her voice jolt me up from my thoughts and I stutter in shock before calming down.

" Y...Y..Yes, thank you ".


Oh! that was close.

Thank god, I created the «Acting» skill. I almost let out my original voice in panic.


After calming down, I finally push the door to the cabin, entering the room.


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