The Ancient Genes
30 Meeting in the Association Part-3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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30 Meeting in the Association Part-3

********* MC's POV **********

As I slowly push door of the cabin to enter, I could hear two different voices inside.

" No...Its my honour to be of any help. You have done so much for Arcane. Who can deny the achievements of the Beast Slayer  ".

" Ha..Ha.. those days are long gone. I don't have any of that vigour now ".

Entering the room, I find two man sitting against each other with a table in between them.

One of them was a bald man with olive skin tone. He was wearing a formal suit and had a flattering expression on his face. He seemed to be in his 40s. The name plate on his table showed him as Department Head, Carl William.

While the man facing him had spiked orange hairs with a bit of tanned skin and seemed to be around his mid 30s. His back was visible to me. He was no different than a titan with that heavy built of his. The heavy sword on his back was particularly eye catching. He was dressed in a typical mercenary outfit, a lightweight shield on his chest and guards on both of his arms and a black trousers with boots.

Seeing me enter, the bald man stands up introduces me to the other guy.

" Welcome Mr. Shura, we have been waiting for your arrival ".

" This gentleman here is the only 7 ★ Mercenary of Arcane, Murcas Daigo. I am sure you would have heard of him as the Beast Slayer of Arcane ".

7 ★ Mercenary

Those words give me a shock, even though I was prepared for it.


Isn't this a bit over the top.

I mean employing a 7★ Mercenary to squash a few mid level mages.

What the hell, this is clearly overkill.

Even though I was overwhelmed, I activated my « Acting » and pretended to be calm.

I gave him a nod and took a sit beside the huge guy.

I had just heard of his name once from Mark's mouth. He was an Otaku after all. I really wished that I would have listened to him properly.

" Hello, I am Murcas Daigo ". The guy speaks in a heavy voice and gives his hands forward for a shake.

Looking at that huge hand, I feel a threat. I mean typically in this kind of situation don't the other guy tests the strength by squeezing the hands.

If this guy puts in even 5 percent of his power, my hand would be no different from mashed potatoes.

I can't let this happen.

So, I give the guy a look and nod at him before avoiding his gestures.

" Ha..Ha... , so you are the shy type. Don't worry, we would soon form a bond as we work through this case ". He speaks with a laugh and puts his heavy hands around my neck.




" Yes, Mr. Shura, we think that the case that you are investigating is related to the recent kidnaps throughout the Arcane. So Mr. Murcas has decided to help us on it. Since, you are already onto this case, you are hereby requested to work with Mr. Murcas ". The bald guy speaks with a sincereness on his face.

" And you don't need to worry, since the difficulty level has been raised. We will provide you with 100 percent redemption on taxes, a proper remuneration and a raise in ranking as long as you can help in this Quest ". He offers some benefit with a sly expression.


I was thinking of refusing and watch from the sidelines. But now that he puts it that way, I can't refuse. Because doing so would make me a look a coward. And I can't offered to tarnish my image as Shura. It is the identity which would help me in my fight with the demons.

" Fine ".

I reply in a hoarse voice. My new skill even helped me in changing my voice. It is really a good skill.

" Ha..Ha.., then let's go partner ". Murcas gets up from his seat and catches me by his arms and drags me out of the room.

Damn it.

I couldn't even budge from his grip. How much strength did this guy have.

Since I couldn't move. I let him have his way and pretended to follow along.

I was already happy being able to fool this guys.

But I was celebrating too early.

As we get out of the cabin, the lady outside greets us.

" Sir, this way ". She gives me a look as I was caught by this man's strong grip before pointing towards the direction of the elevator.
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" Ha...Ha.., where is the fun in being so discipline. You should really enjoy your life. You don't even know when it ends ". He speaks with a laugh and a face which looked very silly to me.

He is really a fool. She is doing her job, if she were to have fun here won't she be dismissed.


" You can have fun  in every thing ". He speaks as if hearing my inner voice.

" Let me give you an example, how can I have fun while getting to the ground floor ".

Hearing him I feel uneasy. He could have all the fun he wants. But his hand which had a strong grip on me was my cause of worry.


Suddenly, I feel a strong tug on my arms which lift my feets up from the floor. And I see Murcas running towards the balcony.


" Sto-". Before I could even complete, he already stepped on the railing of the balcony leapt up.


Its over, I am finished.


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