The Ancient Genes
31 Walking into trouble
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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31 Walking into trouble

************* MC's POV ***********

" Ahh!! ".

I couldn't help but scream feeling my end drawing near.  My cloack fluttered in the strong wind as I fell towards the ground.

" Ha..Ha.. now this is fun, how do you feel kid ". Murcas speaks with a wide grin on his face.

Damn it.

He caught onto my age. I just lost my calm a minute ago and screamed in my original voice.

Since he already heard it, it would be better to not hide it from him anymore. It will even save me from some extra trouble.

" Old man you better have some way to land, or I don't even know what my body would look like after reaching the ground ". I speak in a pleading tone.

" Ha...Ha.. You are young. Just enjoy it. I am here to worry about this stuff ". He speaks with a short laugh.

You are the source of my worry to begin with.

Obviously, I couldn't speak that. I just hoped this guy was reliable.

My nervousness increases as the ground appears to get closer.

As sweat starts to drip off of my forehead, I hear a whistle.

" Phwwwwwwht!!"

I turn my head upwards and find Murcas whistling with his thumb and index finger in his mouth.

" Scree!!"

A loud screeh resonates across the sky as a large shadow appears in a distance approaching us at a fast speed.

As it gets closers, my eyes widen in shock. The flying creature had a pair of giant incisors along with a head of an Eagle and the body of a vulture.

Damn it !

What the hell is an Iron Black Hawk doing out in the middle of city.

Huh... Why is it getting bigger and bigger.


Its coming for us.

" Old man, take that  sword out, its approaching us ".

Yes, I needed to calm down. Even at its best, its a 1★ Savage Beast. With a guy like him, it shouldn't be big deal.

" Its here ". Murcas speaks looking at the beast which was four times his size.


Suddenly, I feel a tug on my hand. Turning my head, I see Murcas grabbing my arm with one hand while the other one comes for my collars.

Grasping me tightly, he speaks with a smile which send chills through my body.

" You appear to be a young lad. I doubt you have even seen a beast properly. Let me help you as your senior ".

That was the last word I hears from him, before he utilises the power in his huge arms to throw me straight at the incoming beast at speed of the sound.

" Ahhhhhh!!".

I tore through the air at the speed of lightning as the figure of the beast appear to get closer even faster.

Damn it

That guy was definitely taking revenge for my earlier behaviour. But isn't this too much. Did he misunderstood my strength.


I let out a sigh.

What does that even matter. There was no way, I could run away from a Savage beast and not to mention, I am not even on the land.


" Scree !! "

As the beast gets within the radius of 10m from me. It let's out a strong screech before flapping its wing and speeding towards me with its beak open.


Even though I was going to die. I had to go down with a fight. Otherwise, even that old geezer won't stop laughing at me.

With that thought, I take out the dagger and position it in front of my body, planning to pierce straight through its stomach.

But as the Beast's beak appear before my eyes, it closes even before letting me in. It catches me by my cloak and speeds up towards Murcas.

Hanging on its beak, I feel the strong wind due to its sheer speed. As it gets above Murcas, it let's out a light screech in joy before diving below and allowing him to land on its back.

" So how was it, young man ?". Murcas asks me with a light smile.

Hearing him, black lines appears on my face, but with my mask on, it wasn't visible to him.

So, it was his pet.

" Thank you, now could you let me up ". I ask while holding the anger rising in my stomach.

" No, you can't. Giesel here is quite a shy one and takes it time with strangers ".


This guy can come up with a good name, that's unexpected.

I look towards Giesel with pleading. If it is a pet, it shouldn't harm humans. Because the pets are usually raised within human care and are given proper training.

As my eyes meet his eyes, I feel a glow in his eyes before he throws me up and letting out a cheerful screech, allowing me on its back.

" Huh.. now that's unusual. It doesn't let any stranger to ride on it. You have definitely got some good qualities in you kid ". He speaks with a curiousness in his eyes and sizes me up.

I really doubted him. If one needed to have good qualities in him to ride this beast. It really was a wonder how this guy could get on it.

Obviously, I couldn't say this to his face.

This guy has already shown his character and it was the type who I didn't want to offend in anyway.

" So, let me know what you have got until now ". He speaks as the smile on his face is replaced by a seriousness.

And then, a series of question and answer begin.



After a few minutes of conversation, I let him onto my lead of the ticket that I got from the assassin's pocket. And I also indirectly pointed towards the odd behaviour of the guild union. After all, directly claiming the involvement of the union was a big remark to make.

" Not bad, you have done a good work. I have got my leads to. But I don't think at your level of strength, coming along with me will be a good option. I don't know, why you are pretending to be strong. But since Giesel has accepted you as a friend, you are mine friend too. Just investigate with the lead you currently have and contact me if you find anything. And don't get into trouble ". He speaks with a light smile while petting my head.

He gives me his contact and drops me at a deserted street before taking off again.


So he had a good side to him too. With that, his image climbs a grade in my mind.

So, I finally was left alone.
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It was what I wanted to begin with.

But I was celebrating too early as I  didn't had  any idea of my current location.


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