The Ancient Genes
32 Dire Circumstances
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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32 Dire Circumstances

************ Lisa's POV **********

Somewhere in Arcane

Its been a day since I was kidnapped. I don't even know what's happening out there.

All the girls here have completely lost their hope. I could see their red eyes and the tear stains on their cheeks. The dark bags under their eyes were the result of sleepless nights.




I forgot, she was the only exception. The little cute girl with red hairs lying on my lap was the only one who could sleep peacefully in this situation.

Her hope of her hero coming to her rescue had kept her alive even in this situation.


' I needed to find a chance to contact to the outside world '. I clenched my hands and moved them to the side of my left thigh to feel the short knife under my dress.

This was my only chance.




Suddenly, I hear the door opening.

************ MC's POV **********

I scan my surrounding and fail to find any signs of movement. This place was totally deserted.

Where in hell did he dropped me ?

I take my smart phone out only to find it blacked out.

How can the battery be dead already. I remember charging it in the morning. Now this is unusual.


There was no use in worrying about this stuff. I needed to get out of this place first.

With that in mind, I decide to move around to find the way to the main street.

I look around and observe my surrounding as I walk around. This place had a lot of abandoned places. The area seemed to be under seal as I could see dust and greenery on the roofs and walls of the shops and houses.





Suddenly my ears perk up as I hear the sound of approaching footsteps. It was just around the corner of the alleyway two houses ahead.


I feel a joy for finally finding someone in this deserted place. I quicken my pace to get around the corner.

But, there next sentence freezes me to my spot.

" Is everything ready, we need to take the girls out today ".

" Yes, everything is ready. We are only waiting for orders ". The other person replies.

" What about you? Any problems of intruders today ".

" Yeah, we saw someone with a flying beast a while ago. But luckily he flew away in a short while or we would have shot him down ".

" Ha..Ha... He had a lucky day ".

Hearing the voices, I feel a quiver on my forehead.

Don't tell me.

I already had a rough idea of my location after hearing those guys. But it was too difficult for me to except.

Even my bad luck has to have a limit.


After calming down, I activate my newly gain «Stealth» skill and slowly, my body starts to fade until I disappear in my surrounding.

This skill is good, this is what I expected.

Suppressing my new found happiness, I decide to trail this guys. I needed to find out the location of the girls.

If it was a normal situation, I definitely would have run out of here to get some help. But now that they were planning to transport them, the situation had became dire.

It was clear that this area was locked down by this guys and my phone had blacked out because of some kind of formation.

I needed to take down the formation master and immediately contact Murcas for help.

As long as I can get him to come here. It will all be solved.
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