The Ancient Genes
33 KILL Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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33 KILL Part-1

************* MC's POV ************

Somewhere in Arcane, a deserted alleyway.

With my « Stealth » skill on, I slowly tail the two guys in front of me. They were dressed in black along with mask which covered half of their faces .

These two didn't appear to be Mages. The taller guy was carrying a rifle, while the shorter guy had a handbow.

I had the confidence of taking one of them out. But the other one was my cause of worry.

I was sure I couldn't survive any hit from either the rifle or the handbow.

Besides if I was not wrong, these guys were definitely physically stronger than me. I wish I had an armor on me. I could have taken a chance then.

Now, I could only tail them hoping they would separate at some point.



After five minutes of tailing, the path in front of us diverge into two.

" I will report all the information to the Head Quarters ". The taller guy with the rifle speaks.

The shorter guy gives him a nod before replying " Ok, then I will be joining the other guys to patrol ".

And they finally separate.


It was the time to take action. I quietly follow the guy deeper into the area away from the other guy.

I didn't want to take any chances. If I couldn't decide it in a single strike, I would run away ASAP. It was a real life and death situation. And I was standing inside the beast's den. I was already about to do something crazy.

I calm my quivering hand and tighten my grip on the dagger. Sweat slid down beneath my mask. I never thought that I would take the initiative to kill someone.

It really felt odd. But it wasn't the time to waver. I steel my resolve as my pupils shrink and I enter a state of concentration.

It was now or never

With a distance of less than 5m from the guy, I put my strength into my leg before breaking into a dash.

My skill deactivates due to the strong movement.

" Huh.."

Hearing the rustling sound behind his back, the guy notices me and pulls his rifle above his waist.

Damn it.

Did I rush it. Seeing the muzzle of the rifle pointing towards me, I make a fatal mistake. My body tensed up which slowed me down.

I couldn't help it. That was the first time, I had a gun pointed on my head.

The next thing which happened all appeared in a slow motion to me. I could see his lips curving upwards until they touched the edges of is mask forming a strange semi circle.

His initial surprised expression turned into a sneere at my futile efforts. He was totally looking down on me.

His fingers slowly reach for the trigger.

Damn it. I can't die like this, at least not with someone looking down at me. I had enough of everyone looking down at me.

Now, I didn't even had a slightest hint of hesitation. This guy had given me enough of a reason to kill him. I would have killed him even at the risk of being shot. But I was too late. If I didn't hesitate a second earlier, he might be dead by now.

His hands finally reach the trigger.

No, I won't die here.

« « God's Blessing » activated, calculating the increase in stats.... »

« 25 % increase detected »

I activate my skill and the increase of 25% in my stats was what I needed. With the 25% increase, my Agility had finally reached 20, allowing me to step into the peak realm of low level mages in terms of speed.

" BAM !! "
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The sound of gun shot rang in the deserted alleyway as the smoke left the muzzle of the rifle.


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