The Ancient Genes
36 Unexpected Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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36 Unexpected Part-1

************** MC's POV *************

With the increase in my stats, I could feel a bit of increase in my strength.

As I clench my fist, a sharp pain runs down my hand.

I notice the blood dripping out of my wound on the right hand.

I raise my left hand and pointing the two of my fingers out, I strike the right side of my chest just below my shoulders, stopping the bleeding.

Yes, the Vital Arts not only allowed me to strike the Vital parts of my opponent but also allowed me to learn about the various acuepoint of of the body.

As the bleeding stops, I bent to pick up the rifle which I had thrown a while ago.

It was an semiautomatic assault rifle. I really needed this right now. After what happened a while ago, I would be only be a fool if I threw it away and besides the one of the point of raising my intelligence was to improve my aim.

Improving my intelligence was a important decision as right now, I needed to utilize Vital Arts at my best and with great intelligence, I would be able to implement it to my best of capabilities.


I slowly walk forward with the weapon in both my hand as I did not have to worry about my appearance right now.

Finally as I walk out of the narrow alleyway, I am greeted by the sight of an giant building. It wasn't tall, but it was broad. And at the gate of the building were two men in similar get up as other. It seemed as they were guarding the building.

It could only mean that there was something worth protecting. I slowly walk forward.


" Who's there ? ".

Listening to the warning and the barrel of the gun pointed towards me, I raise my hand before activating my « Acting » skill.

" Hm.. is it you Fox? ".

" Yes, it's me. I got injured by an intruder ". I speak while letting my footsteps shudder.
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Seeing my condition, the two guys at the gate rush forward.

I don't Know why but this guy seemed to be well known within his circle.

Both of them caught me by my shoulders. The blood on my clothes which was from the wound earlier was doing its job.

" Racoon take him to the first aid center ". One of the man speaks with a fearful voice.

" What about guarding the entrance?". The guy named Racoon speaks.

" Idiot, what do you think would happen if anything happens to fox ".

Hearing this, I could see Racoon shudder for a moment before hurriedly giving me a support.


Finally, I enter the building.

" Ahh.. "

I was trying to keep my acting. After all I wanted to be a perfectionist.

" Don't worry, we have asked the new kid to deploy an healing formation. You would be healed in no time ".

Hearing me groan, this guy tries to comfort me. But he wasn't fooling me. Healing formation aren't that quick in healing.

But that wasn't what caught my attention. If they already had a formation master deploying a healing formation, could it be they have multiple formation masters.

I needed to find out.

" Huh.. I thought he was deploying the jamming formation ".

Seeing us entering a deserted corridor with several rooms I decide take a chance.

With my hearing ability, I had already confirmed that there was nobody in the rooms.

If this guy showed any unnecessary intention, it wouldn't even take me a second to stab my dagger right through his heart in this position.

And this time, I won't hesitate.

" Amm.... We only needed three formation master to deploy the jamming masters. Since he was a new recruit we gave him a separate task. Besides we can't trust him with an important task ". He speaks in a mild tone.

" Oh.. " I reply in understanding.

" You don't need to worry. It's only your first day. It will take some time for you to understand this things. I was even worse than this on our first day ". He speaks in a flattering tone.

Now things were more clear or should I say more messed up.


The difficulty level is climbing with the increase in my strength.

" We are here ". He speaks as we turn around the corner of the hallway.

He steps forward and open the door for me to enter.

At this moment, I couldn't even imagine how this moment would affect my whole life.


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