The Ancient Genes
37 Unexpected Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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37 Unexpected Part-2

*************** MC's POV *************

I slowly move forward and push the door open as the guy named Racoon stands beside the door guarding it.

Opening the door, I find a strange patterns glowing in green on the right corner of the room.

This room had two beds just beside the formation and a set of desk and chair on the left hand side.

The desk had a stack of papers beside the flower vase and a guy was sitting on the chair and seemed to be working on his laptop.

Seeing me enter, the guy sizes me up with the corner of his eyes and looking at my clothes stained with blood he stands up while gesturing me to move towards the formation.

I nod at him before moving towards one of the bed.

It wouldn't do me any bad to get my wounds treated. Once it's done, I will take care of this guy.

I turn my head towards the laptop. If this guy was working on his laptop then that means it should have some information. I might even be able to contact the outside world.

" What are you starting at? Lie on the bed. I will first treat your wound and then use the healing formation to speed up the recovery ". He speaks with a cold voice.

For some reason, I felt the voice to be familiar. But I didn't remember meeting such a cold person.

I sit on the bed and prepare to lie down but before I could do so his voice enters my ears.

" Are you an idiot, take that rifle off of you ".

I really didn't wanted to part with the rifle. But in order to avoid any suspicion, I threw the rifle on the other bed. After all I still had the dagger on me.

After lying down the treatment begins, and the guy properly treats the wound on my arm and takes the bullet out.

He bandages my wound after sterilizing it and gets up before speaking.

" An hour here will almost heal your wounds and if you wish to leave, it will take upto 2-3 days for your wound to heal with proper medication.

" I am tired. I will just stay here for a while ". I speak casually.


The door open and a Racoon walks in.

" How is it fox ?. Are you fine now ". He asks in a worried tone.

" Ahh.."

" It still hurts... a lot. I will stay... here for a while to.. recover ". I speak as if in a lot of pain.

Suddenly, I feel a gaze on my back. I knew the other guy was staring at me.

But what, if I said it hurts then it did.

" It's fine. Leave all the other things to us. You should just focus on recovering ". His mouth turns in a semicircle shape, almost touching the edges of his mask. And his flattering tone really made feel creeped up.
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" I am counting on you ". I speak while trying to give out a smile.

Thank god, I had the dead guy's mask on or else God knows what expression I currently had on my face.


Finally he leaves the room.

Once I confirm his footsteps disappear from the surroundings. I slowly moved my hands to feel the dagger under my sleeves. It was time to make a move.

I clear my throat before speaking.

" Hey, I need a glass of water ".

Hearing me the guy working on his laptop gives me a death stare as if I had done something intolerable.

" Please... " . I speak again in a pleading tone.

I knew that this guy unlike other didn't try to flatter him. So it was better to act this way.

Hearing me the guy reluctantly gets up from his chair and pours a glass of water before walking towards me.

As the distance between us lessen, I start working out on the first move of Vital Arts.

" Here take it ". He stretches out his hands towards me offering me the glass of water.

I move my hand towards the glass.


He lets out slight gasp as I grab his hand instead of the glass of water.

Vital Arts

One Palm Strike

Before he could even react, I pull him towards me. And unexpectedly the guy reacted by performing left jab but this time I was ready for everything.

I ducked down and rapidly closed in the short gap between us before slamming Palm into his chest.


A loud sound resonates in the room as my palm connects with his chest.


The guy flies over spewing out blood before falling on the chair and breaking through it.

My dagger slips down my sleeves into my hands and I slowly walk towards him like a grim reaper.

Lying on the ground the guy stares at me with a deadly gaze as he struggles to get up.

If a gaze could kill a person, I would probably be dead by now.

" I knew you guy were evil, I shouldn't have done it ". He speaks before stopping any kind of struggle.

It looked like he had given up.

" Sorry... brother... I have really disappointed..... you. Not only ...did I failed even lost my ..path". Even though it was very faint, I could hear him mutter thanks to my godly ears.

Everyone have a story. But I don't know you. In this world I will care only about those who care about me and who are important to me.

Finally, I stand right beside him and without any hesitation, I stab towards his heart.


My dagger stops only an inch away from his heart as I notice something which sends a wave shock throughout my body.

On my left was the laptop on the desk and what was displayed on it was a familiar anime character Mahou Shoujo Mio-chan.

It all started to connect some how.

His familiar voice.

His behavior on being disturbed.

I could see the guy looking at me with a questioning gaze. Even he couldn't seem to understand the sudden change in the events.

My voice trembles as I speak.

" ? ".


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