The Ancient Genes
38 Naze Rim Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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38 Naze Rim Part-1

************* MC's POV *****************

" ? ".

In a shock, I make a blunder and my original voice leaks out. But I didn't had the time to care about that right now.

I wait for him to reply, but I could only see his eyes wide open in a stupor.

" Answer me god damn it !! ".

I shout at him before rushing forward and pulling his mask off of his face.

And as the mask comes off, I couldn't help but feel my head hurt.

It was a handsome and tall guy about the same height as me with a sharp jawline and blond spiky hairs.

Seeing him still in gaze, I kick him in anger before shouting, " why the f*ck are you here ? ".

His face twitches and his brows contort forming a painful expression before he finally breaks out of his daze.

" Y..You are Max. What are you doing here ? ". He ask me in shock.

Only now did I realize that I have been speaking in my original voice.

Immediately, I adjust my mental condition before speaking again in a different voice.

" Young Man I don't know what you are talking about. I am– ".

Before I could even speak, I hear Axle's .

" F*ck off, do you take me for an idiot. You son of b*tch, do you even how dangerous this place is. Get out of he-".


I kick him right in the face.


Because I was angry.

" So, this place is dangerous ".

" Then tell me, why in hell are you here ".

Hearing me, a complex look appears in his eyes. He seemed to be hesitating.


I let out a sigh remembering his muttering from before.

" Thud "

I fell on my buttocks on the floor before pulling out my mask and speaking.

" Tell me, I am all ears. I don't know about you. But I have always thought of you as an important friend. I will help you with all I can ".
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Hearing me, he looks at me with a pain in his eyes before falling on his back on the floor.

I could have guessed that he was about to burst out in tears. He probably didn't want me to see in this situation.


A few minutes later, he speaks.

" I had a younger twin brother, Naze Rim ". I could hear his pain through his voice.

" We were brought up in an orphanage and then admitted into Arcane Magic Academy in our High school year "

" Everything was going well and we were always together until..". His voice takes a pause.

He seemed to be wavering.

I couldn't do anything. After all I can't force him to remember the painful memories that he has burried in his heart.

And I could already guess where this thing was going.

" You don't need to say it if it's difficult". I stand up and see Axle gritting his teeth with tear and snot all over his face.

" No... I will say it " He wipes up all the tear before speaking with a determined look.

" After 6 month, I awakened at an early age. It turned out, I was a variant with a very high affinity with formation. Hence, the Academy decided to raise me on a scholarship basis ".

" From then on, I started having extra classes on formation after school ".

" I became popular in my class ".

" I didn't realize it when, but the distance between us increased ".

" Everytime, we met. He appeared to be fine ".

" But it wasn't so, during the second year of high school, I heard rumours about him having an enmity with James because of Lisa Walker ".

" Everyone knows that James is courting Lisa and he wouldn't stand anyone eyeing her woman ".

" I knew that my brother had a crush on Lisa from the very first year of High school. So, I asked my brother about it and he replied saying that it was only an misunderstanding and he had cleared it out ".

" That was the last time, I heard from my brother. After three days, he disappeared. ".

" After a month of search, his dead body was found in sewers almost decomposed ".

" The Guild Union declared that he was killed by the Seven Sins, an organization from dark society ".

" But after the end of second semester, when I was changing my dorms just before entering Dorm No. 7. I found my brother's diary ".

" From the diary, I got to know about many things. I didn't know where he got the courage from. But he confessed to Lisa and got beaten the shit out of him ". A smile forms on his face but soon, it turned into anger.

" After that, he was apparently called up by James and beaten up by his lackeys ".

" His life turned miserable after that, he was treated as a servant, while I still didn't had a clue about it. I could have guessed he didn't want to trouble me and no one in my class dared to speak because everyone knew that James didn't had an ordinary background like us ".

" And then it happened....."


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