The Ancient Genes
39 Naze Rim Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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39 Naze Rim Part-2

************* MC's POV *************

" And then it happened....."

I could see him closing his eyes as tears slid out of the corner of his eyes.

After a moment of silence, he continued speaking.

" The cultural week was approaching and from his diary I got to know that he had heard James lackey talking about some exciting thing that their Boss was going to do on the cultural night ".

" The cultural night of second year, it was very lively in the Academy. Everyone one was in good mood with all the festivity around. And as usual, we were without any partners. We didn't girl rejected us..".

He shook his head and smiled a bit at this memories.

" And the trouble started here. I remember seeing James with Lisa on the cultural night. No wonder Naze looked very down that day. Despite my several questions he refused to answer the truth saying that he was not feeling well ".

" Seeing him down, I asked him to leave and take some rest back at the dorms. ".

" There is not a single day that I didn't regretted my decision. I wish I could have stopped myself from speaking that day ".

" Why didn't I accompany him that day? ".


" It was my last time seeing him ".

" Later a shocking news came out that he had tried to drug Lisa Walker that night to have his way with her ".

" But.."

Suddenly, his eyes turn red and a fierce look emerges on his face.

" But he was apparently caught by James and a fight broke out. In the fight my brother was injured and escaped from the Academy ".

" James became a hero by protecting a beauty and my brother turned into a villain ".

" After that people started talking about us and you could imagine what they would have said. But since I was being raised by the Academy, I didn't face problem from the administration. Because with James background, he could have kicked me out of the Academy ".

" The other students slowly turned me into a trouble maker. I didn't knew how that happened. But I didn't care because I had Dorm No. 7 with me ".


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" A month passed..."

" And my brother's body was finally discovered ".

" After the Union declared the results of investigation, a lot of rumours started regulating ".

" He was killed because of trying to lay her hands on Lisa. This was due to the rumours of her mysterious background ".

" There was another rumour that after having no option, he joined the dark society and died in the internal struggle ".

" But I know how kind and loving my brother was. He couldn't have done something like that to the girl he loved. And he wouldn't join the Dark society. He wanted to be a mage because he wanted to help people "

" How can a guy l.. like. ...h..him..".

He couldn't hold any longer and bursted out in tears.

Seeing his state, I couldn't help but a tinge of sadness and anger overwhelm me.


Yes I was laughing.

Not at anyone, but at myself.

I was always blaming my luck.

Cursing that God

Blaming the system, my fate, and who knows what.

But after hearing Axle I was feeling ashamed of myself.

I had a lonely childhood.

So, what this guy was an orphan.

I had a single friend until now.

He had only his brother and he even lost him.

I tried to commit suicide.

And he tried to fight back.

How can I even say anything bad about my life after knowing that a guy like him existed.

Wasn't I lucky .


" Max, you wanted to know why I was here right. It was for revenge and finding out the truth ".

" I know this incident is related to James. But I don't have any evidence ".

" This guys here are the people who can help me ".

" How the hell can joining this bunch of freaks help you. You are only getting yourself in trouble ". I speak massaging my forehead.

" Huh.. the f*ck why are you here when you don't even know that this guys are the Seven Sins ".

Hearing him, the hairs on my body rise and a chill runs down my spine.

Seven Sins = Dark society

As the equation appears in my mind, I couldn't help but curse out loud.

" Shit !!".

Looking at my face full of sweat, Axle let's out a laugh.

" Don't tell me you barged into the place without any ideas ".

I shook my head.

" I don't know why you came here. But I am here to find out who requested the task of killing my brother ".

His eyes shines with a fierce gleam.

" Why don't you ask Lisa about the incident related to your brother. It would clear all the misunderstanding ". I speak.

" I mean if Lisa admitted that Naze hadn't done anything. All the allegations will be proved to be wrong ".

" I asked her, but she said that she didn't see anything and it was James who discovered it ".

He replies while frowning.

" And don't talk about that b*tch. My brother was in love with her and had always respected her. But that day when I asked her for help she refused saying that, " who knew what hideous thought your brother had got under that innocent face, you poor people really are so unsightly ".

Hearing him, my face twitches, I knew that she was a b*tch, but isn't this too much.

" Huh..".

Suddenly a thought struck me.

" Don't say me, you got her kidnapped because of this "

" Kidnap ? "

Hearing me, he looks at me with confusion all over his face.

" What kidnapping ? And you still haven't said why are you here ? Just speak up will you ".

Looks like it my turn to speak the truth.

So, I get up before giving him a hand.

" Let's get you on the bed to heal. Its a long story ".

Since he was so truthful to me, I was planning to share with him, my story too, excluding the system.


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