The Ancient Genes
40 Comrade in Arms
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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40 Comrade in Arms

**************** MC's POV ***************

" I am a Mercenary ". I speak with a straight face.

" Huh... but hasn't the Academy banned such activity until the students reach their last year's ". He speaks with narrowed eyes

" No, it's fine ". I reply without any hesitation.

" Why don't I know about it ? ". He speaks with a frown.

" It's fine as long as you don't get caught ". I speak while showing my sparkling teeths.



I hear him choke on air as he coughed vigorously.

He suddenly looks towards me and speaks, " Are you messing with me? ".

" No , I am not ". I reply.

" You could get expelled for this ". He speaks with a concern in his eyes.

" Like you are the one to talk ". I reply in sarcasm.

Besides, I might have a bit of trouble if I got expelled from Academy. But, if the system expelled me, it would be a whole different story.

" Anyways, a few days ago. I received a quest...". I continued speaking.

After 20-25 minutes, I explained everything to him.

" You mean that b*tch Lisa is here and you are here to rescue her ". He asks as his face contorts.

" I am here to rescue the little girl. She is my first priority. And I will try to save others while I am at it ". I speak as I get up from my seat.

" I understand all that. But I still have a question ". His expression turns serious.

" What?"

" You said your Mercenary name was Shura right " He speaks as an air of seriousness surrounds him.

" So what? ". I reply.

" Isn't that the name from the Anime ' Oh Lord Hit me ', I remember you saying that you didn't watch anime ". I was completely stunned and speechless.

How could this guy speak such things in this dire circumstances. Did he have a switch on him to change his modes.

" I have already left those things behind ". I reply felling helpless.

I didn't know why, but I felt I shouldn't have said it to him.

" Ha..ha.. I have finally found a comrade. I will revive you ". He speaks while waving his clenched fists.

" Do you have internet connection in your laptop ?". I ask Axle ignoring his actions.

" No, I don't. They have set up a jamming formation. We need to break that up to connect to outside world ". He speaks.

" It's gonna be tough to break the formation with the three formation masters and who knows how many guards guarding it ".

" I can do it ". I hear Axle's voice as my gaze turn towards him.
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" You just need to created a disturbance in the formation. I can easily bypass it ". He speaks with confidence.

" Are you sure ? ". I ask him because I didn't want to get him involved in this matter.

" Don't you dare to look down on me. I am at the top of my class ". He speaks with a smug look on his face while getting up from the bed.

I move towards the other bed and pick up my AR-15 rifle and my face mask.

Turning around, I find Axle with his mask on and a bag pack on his back. He was staring at me in a daze.

" You really know how to get in trouble. ". He speaks with a trace of helplessness in his eyes.

" What happened ? " . I ask in confusion.

" I didn't notice it earlier. But how did you get that uniform with a fox mark on it ". He speaks.

" I killed a guy earlier in a fight to death ". I speak while stretching my hands out showing my helplessness in the situation.

" I don't care if you kill this bunch. But you should have avoided that guy ". He speaks while massaging his forehead.

" Is something wrong ? " . I ask feeling an ominous foreboding.

" You know right, what the seven sins are ". He asks me with a smile.

" Yeah ".

" Sin of the Lion, Pride "

" Sin of the Serpent, Envy "

" Sin of Dragon, Wrath "

" Sin of Goat, Lust"

" Sin of Pig, Gluttony "

" Sin of Bear, Sloth"

" Sin of Fox, Greed "

As I finished speaking this, a realisation struck me and sweat started to form on my head.

" Yes, I think he was a prospective candidate for the seat of Greed ". He speaks with a smile.

" Forget it, it's already done ". I speak while walking towards the door.

" Yeah, don't worry. I am here for you. From now on we are comrades in arms ". I hear Axle speaking.

" Do you know the way towards the formation " I ask.

" Yes, but it's heavily guarded ". He speaks with a seriousness.

" But, I have a plan ". Axle speaks with a smile and a cold glint in his eyes which gave me chill.

This guy.... lets hear him.


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