The Ancient Genes
41 Dark Society
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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41 Dark Society

************** MC'S POV ************

" Ha..ha.. you are evil ". I laugh upon hearing his plan. This guy was really evil despite having such an innocent face.

" Nah..not as much as you ". He speaks with a smile while scratching his head.

I roll my eyes at him. I wasn't appreciating you besides when did this handsome man done something wrong. I have always been a benevolent character.

" Let's go. You should activate your invisible formation ". I ask him as I prepare to activate « Stealth ».

" Ok, wait a second ". With that, he waves some hand signs and runes began to appear around him turning into a formation.


That definitely looked cool.

" Come in Max ".

Even though I couldn't see him, I was able to hear his voice.

" No thanks ". I speak while activating my skill and my body slowly fades into the surrounding.

" Holy shit! , What was that? . I haven't seen something like that ". I could hear Axle's surprised voice.

" Ha..ha.. it's a secret. And enough of talking let's go".


After a minute of walk .

" Why the hell are we standing in front of a lift. Besides why in hell is this lift even here. I mean this building doesn't have any floors ". I speak in confusion.

" Do you really think that it's possible to live in this shitty place. And aren't you looking down on Seven Sins. What you saw outside was just a facade to fool others".

" And It's very tough to get here. You don't have any idea, how much sweat did I break in to get in this organization ". He speaks with a pumped up chest.

" What did you do? ". I ask him.

Now that he mentions it really seemed impossible for a student.

" You remember the informations I had in my laptop ". He speaks with an apologetic tone and a grief cover his features.

" Yesss ". I stretch out my words and stare at this guy. He can't be serious.

" Um..I...I. kind of gave it to them ". He speaks with his head faced down. He was definitely feeling bad for his actions.

Revenge can really make a person blind.


I let out a sigh.

" Let's go, we just got an extra task. We will retrieve all the data that they got ". I speak and get into the lift.


Ground Floor Reached.

As we hear the voice, the door of the lift opens.

" Huh... Why is this lift running on its own? ". The unfamiliar voice freezes us to our place

I look ahead and find another one of this guys standing in front of the lift.

Talk about bad timing.

I tilt and my head and look behind this guy to see if there was anyone else was there and luckily he was alone.

This bastard, he dare to freak me out.

Vital Arts

I move forward and both my hand and cross each other forming an X as I hold both the arms of the guy stopping him from lifting his rifle and aiming at us.

I look at his face and realise something.


He was about to scream.

But before he could do so, a hand appears from behind closing his mouth.

It was Axle. I didn't realize it but he had sneaked up on this guys back.

Next thing was easy.

I kneed him in the groin and he passed out.

« Defeated an enemy, gained 200 FP »

I take out my dagger to deal a finishing blow.

But a hand from behind grabs my shoulders.

I turn around and find Axle shaking his head.

" What if he gets up and inform others. Showing him mercy means getting ourselves killed ". I speak with fierce look in my eyes.

" Obviously, I know that. You think I am an idiot ". He gives me a scornful look.

My brows twitch and I know he had a reason behind his words.

" Speak now ". I ask seeing him keep a silence.

" We don't know about this place. What if they have a Mana Beast here. The smell of blood and a dead person can get us in trouble. Besides, I don't think that he will wake up any soon ". Finally he speaks with an air of seriousness around him.

" Won't we get into a trouble if someone discovers him. If we are gonna get discover, why not just take him down ". It was reasonable for me.

" Leave that to me ".

I see him drag the guy toward the corner and then he draws some runes with his own hands around the guy.

Finally the runes start to glow and the guy disappears.
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Seeing him walk in front of me with that smug on his face, I ask , " What was that ? ".

" I just place an invisible formation around him ". He replies.

" But earlier, you didn't need that much time ". I ask remembering the earlier event.

" Placing formation around myself and placing it away from me are two different things ".

" At my level, I need to draw the formation and pour Mana into it to make it strong and have a long lasting effect. And obviously the situation is different, if I have my body to continuously supply Mana ". He speaks while shaking his head.

As we talk, we begin to move with our presence erased.


This place was really crawling with this guys.

I couldn't even count them. Not to mention, the Mana Beast. If Axle didn't warned, we would have been in a lot of trouble.

This place even had a few 1★ Ferocious beasts.


During our search, we came across several places.


Sleeping Quarters




This really made me think.

What the F*ck !

What was this heaven...Ahm....I mean what was this place.

This place was freaking huge.

Dark Society, Seven Sins.

I thought only the Mage Association and the Guild Union were terrifying. But if a single association in dark society can have such power. Not to mention this is a single part of them.

What can there over all power be?. It will definitely not be any less than the other two.

Any way we continued our search and throughout it, we maintained a safe distance from every person, specially the beast to prevent ourselves from getting discovered.


After a while of searching, we couldn't find the girls, neither the jamming formation nor the IT room.

[ IT room here mean a place to store information and it also is the place which keeps the surveillance in this place ]

Where in hell did this guys disappear?

" Max, what do we do now ? ". I hear Axle's voice behind the adjacent wall on the left.

If you are thinking, where are we.

We are in the washroom and I am accompanying this guy.

We weren't getting any clues and while wandering around, we came across this washroom when this guy got the nature's call.


Suddenly, the main door of the washroom opens.

And I could hear two thick voices and footsteps.

" This is unfair. Why in hell are we getting to do this job ". One of the the guy speaks.

" Yeah, transporting food. Are we your damn servants. We were famous for massacring. But now they are treating us like garbage here ".

Transporting food?

But didn't they had a cafeteria. I remember reading the signboard that everyone had to eat in cafeteria.

Then whom were they transporting food to?


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