The Ancient Genes
42 Secret Passage
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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42 Secret Passage

************** MC's POV ************



The sound of flushing enter my ears and I hear the door of the washroom open.

" You done Ben ". The other guy asks.

" Yes I am, let's go ". The first guy replies and I could hear the sound of their footsteps leaving.

" Axle hurry up, they are leaving. We need to trail them ". I speak while getting up from the toilet seat and leaving the washroom in a rush.

Following the two huge guys, we reach the cafetaria and find them loading dishes on a big tray cart with wheels.

Seeing them, my eyes shine. The amount of food they were loading were definitely worth of several persons.

" Axle get ready we are about to put our plan into action ". I whisper to Axle standing behind me.



Getting no response, I move my hand behind me.

Since he was under his formation, I couldn't see him, but I could still feel him..

But as my hand move, it passes straight through the air.


Damn it!

Where in hell did he go?


Don't tell me.


He didn't follow me.
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That idiot.

As I am about to turn and go back to get Axle, I see the two guys move out of the cafetaria pushing the tray cart full with food.


I will have to leave him behind.

I know he can protect himself as long as he maintains a safe distance and don't do anything too daring.

Besides, at this moment, I can't afford to lose this new found lead.

With that in my, I reluctantly leave Axle behind and follow the two guys.

" I can't believe there would be a day like this ". The guy named Ben speaks with sad tone.

" Brother, why are we suffering this type of behaviour ". The other guy speaks.

" Ron, it's not our local gang areas. It's the Dark Society. We are not at the top anymore ". Ben speaks mocking himself.

" But...". Ron seemed to be reluctant to accept his fate.

Seeing his brother wavering, Ben speaks, " Let me tell you. This people you see here are the lowest rug in this branch. They are all either trainees or fresh graduate. Do you think that the association in Dark Society will be this weak ".

" What!! ". I could see Ron's eyes widen in surprise as his mouth becomes wide open.

" So, we need to stay calm and climb our way to the top. Besides even though this task looks bad, it can be considered very important ". Ben further speaks with a wide smile.

" How can this not be bad? ". His brother asks with a scornful look in his eyes.

" Ha...ha.. those girls we are taking food for are captured on the order of the Master Greed. He even has send his right hand to complete this task ".

" Shsss..." Hearing him, Ron takes in a deep breath and sweat starts to form on my face.

Things were getting messier.

I need to find a way to contact Murcas, ASAP .

Finally, turning around the corner of the hallway, we find a dead end.

I knew about it. After all, a while ago, we had literally searched this whole damn floor and failed to discover a single hair of the missing girls.

I peek my head from the corner of the wall and see Ben twisting the painting on the wall vertically.


With a slight rumbling sound, a small passage appears in the wall.


Are you serious!

They are already hiding in a deserted place.

Even inside that they hide in a luxurious underground floor.

And even inside that they build some secret room.

I couldn't help but spew out a few curses at them.

Seeing them leave and the passage closing, I too get out of Stealth and move toward the painting on the wall.

But suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder and all the hairs on my body rise. Following my instincts, my dagger slips put of my sleeve and fall into my hand.

I turn with a full speed and carrying that moment, I attempt a side stab.

But a strong hand grabs my arm. I could tell from the grip that this guy was strong. But before I could make another move, I hear a familiar voice.

" Max calm down, it's me ".

Turning my head around, I find Axle blocking my attack while maintaining a horse stance.

This guy was strong ?.

Are you kidding me. Is this how Otakus are nowadays.

I could still remember Mark. He wasn't that strong, even the wind could sway him.. I wonder how he is doing now.

As he releases the grip on my hand, I speak, " You are strong ".

Don't take me as arrogant. Even though, I am not that strong, I am a bit stronger than any average adults.

If he could block my full on attack with his own body without any use of Mana, you can probably get what I am trying to say.

" Of course, I am. Back in the days, the old Grandpa in the orphanage taught us Martial Arts and he was very strict. Earlier, if you hadn't caught me off guard, it would have been you lying down ". I didn't know, how much truth was there in his words. But I would leave it for another day.

" Where were you? . Do you know, we could have lost our lead because of you ".

" Ahm....sorry, I was not feeling well because of my decision this days and it affected my stomach ". He speaks in apology.

I twist the painting vertically while speaking, " I have confirmed the hostages are behind this wall. Let's go ".


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