The Ancient Genes
43 Don“t You Dare to Die
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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43 Don“t You Dare to Die

**************** MC's POV **************


With a slow rumbling sound, we see the entrance appear in the wall.

But as I take a step forward, a notification appears in front of me along with the system's sweet and pleasant voice.

« !! Threat Detected !! »

« Host is advised to evacuate the Area, a powerful entity which could be hostile has appeared within a radius of 500m »

Seeing the notification, I freeze to my spot.

I clench my hands into a fist so hard that my nails dug into my palm.

I could guess it was probably the person those two guys were talking about.

" Max, what's wrong, let's go ". Seeing me in a daze, Axle waves his hands in front of me while speaking.

" Huff...".

I let out a sigh.

My body refused to turn around.

There was a little girl waiting for me to help. If I can't even save the person whom I want to save, how could I claim to save the world.

Won't the Old God's words turn into truth.

Before knowing, I had already made my decision.

" I think you should leave ". I ask Axle to leave as I didn't want this guy to get in trouble. He had already been through so much.

" What are you saying all of a sudden ". He speaks with a smile failing to grasp the situation. But noticing the air of seriousness around me, his smile fades.

" What is it ? ". He speaks with seriousness.

" I just sensed a frightening presence. We will surely die if we encounter him ". I reply.

Listening to me, Axle closes his eyes for a second before opening his eyes with an emotion I couldn't comprehend.

" I am partly responsible for this trouble, it's my duty to help ".

He pauses for a while before speaking with a smile.

" Besides, I have already lost a brother and I don't want to lose another one ".

Finishing his sentence, he turns and walks into the passage before speaking, " Let's go ".

I didn't know why, but I could feel my eyes watering.

Damn it!
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Trying to act cool.

Even though, I thought that. But still I felt a happiness blooming within me as I follow Axle with a smile.


Finally, the door of entrance to leave the passage appears.

Since Axle was walking in front of me, he went ahead to pull the door knob.

But, suddenly my ear perks and I rush towards him and grab his hand.

Seeing my actions, Axle turns his head toward me.

" Keep quiet, they are behind the door ". I whisper into his ears.

" What! ".

" I can hear them ". I speak.

" So, what do we do? Do you have an idea? ". He asks me and I find my head empty and fail to reply him.

" I have an idea, we need to change our plan. It just that..... it will become riskier ". Observing my silence, Axle replies.




Hearing him my face becomes dark.

It was dangerous.

But we were already in danger. If we didn't take any steps now, we would be no different then sitting ducks, waiting to be cooked.

" Are you sure ? ". I ask Axle in concern.

" Yes I am, don't underestimate me ". He speaks while thumping his chest with his fist.

" Fine then, I am sending Murcas's contact info to you phone ".

" Ok, now stand here don't move, I will draw a formation around you ". Axle speaks and starts drawing a formation around me.


Within a minute, I find my appearance totally changed.

It really felt odd seeing that bulge on my chest not to mention that fair and smooth looking skin.

" You look very sexy Max, anyone will have a second thoughts after looking at you ". I hear Axle whisper.

I didn't know if I should take that as a compliment or not.

But this illusion formation was really drawn preety well.

He really made me into a heavenly beauty.

My appearance was that of beauty with a fair sparkling skin, blue hairs and a voluptuous devil like figure. It was the peek of a teenage beauty.

Seeing Axle's glistening eyes, a thought appears in my mind.

Don't tell me, is this his taste.

Well, I just hope that this plan doesn't back fire.

" Are you ready Max? ". I hear Axle whisper.

" Yes, I am ". I reply.


We both take a deep breath in, before looking at each other.

We didn't need to speak, it was very obvious. We both meant the same thing.

Don't you dare to die

With that, Axle grabs my hair and drags me before kicking the door open as I struggle to break free of his grasp.


The end to the Arc is drawing near.

Stay tuned.


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