The Ancient Genes
44 Killing Spree Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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44 Killing Spree Part-1

********** Third Person POV **********


The door of the passageway slams open alerting the several guards in the vicinity.

The guards raise their guns aiming at this newcomer.

" Raise your hand ". One of the guard speaks to the guy.

The new comes who looked to have an average built was none other than Axle.

" I have been sent here to, deliver this prisoner ". Axle speaks calmly as he finally walks out of the door while dragging a girl by her hairs.

Seeing the girl, the guard couldn't help but swallow his saliva. But, he still didn't dare to do anything because this girl were being Captured on that Man's order.

" Fine, go straight ahead and take a left turn around a corner and then a right turn. There you will find the storage room. Remember to properly tie her up before leaving ".

Axle gives him a nod and starts walking. As soon as he passes the guy, a smile stretch outs on his face.

" Wait ". But, suddenly one of the guard with a blade on his waist stops them.
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" Why haven't we gotten any information about a new prisoner ? ". As he speaks, all the guards gaze become intense.

And Axle could feel his back starting to sweat.

" How would I know that, I am just a newcomer. I was asked by Fox to deliver this prison ". Axle speaks feigning his ignorance at the matter.

"'s Fox. Go ahead then ". The guard who spoke at the very beginning, spoke once again.

Axle turns around and let's out a sigh of relief before continuing to drag the girl.

" Are you sure about letting them go ? ". One of the guard speaks as Axle's silhouette disappears around the corner.

" Ha...ha... Don't you get it Fox is trying to impress Master Greed by gifting her that girl ".

Hearing him, all the guards realises the situation and break out into a laughter.

" Besides, do you think it is even possible for a guy with hostile intention to infiltrate this place ". The guy speaks further with a scornful look in his eyes towards the guy who tried to stop them earlier.

It looked like they were not the best buddies.

" I will still check it though. I will leave the building to go to the reception ". With that, the guard with a blade leaves the corridor after entering the passageway under the disdainful look of others.


On the other side, Axle kept dragging the girl through two more checkpoints before arriving at the corner around the storage room.

" Max, I think I saw the sign of the IT room while turning around the corner. I am going to correct my own mistake, while you make sure to rescue the girls ". Axle speaks with a determined tone to the girl, lying on the ground as her appearance starts to change.

The bulge on her chest starts to deflate and her hair starts to get darker along with her skin losing the shine.

Ultimately, the girl take the appearance of an average looking guy with an average built and black hairs.

This guy was Max.

Max gets up and dirt of his clothes before turning around and speaking.

" Meet me here in 5 minutes, I will take a look at the girls in that time. We still have to look for the formation ". Max speaks with an air of seriousness around him.

Axle gives him a nod before disappearing from his spot.

Seeing him leave, Max too starts to walk towards the storage room when his eyes fall on the tray cart with food beside the door.

" Ahhhh!!"

Suddenly, a girl's scream enter his ears.


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