The Ancient Genes
45 Killing Spree Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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45 Killing Spree Part-2

************ Third Person's POV **********

How much time has passed?

Is anyone searching for us?

These were the thoughts currently passing through Lisa's mind.

\" Grrr!! \"

Hearing the slight rumbling sound, she turns her head to side and find the little girl, Mia's stomach rumbling.

\" Ah! My tummy hurts, I am hungry \". The little girl speaks in a innocent voice.

\" Don't worry, they will be providing food to us soon \". The tall girl besides Mia speaks while patting her head.

\" Clang ! \"

The door opens and two huge guys with scary faces walk in with food trays in their hand.

One by one, they untie the hands of all the girls in order to let them have their food.

These two guys were Ben and Ron who were followed by Max earlier.

Ben was standing in the room keeping his eyes on the girls while Ron was serving the food trays one by one to all the girls.

Seeing the situation, Lisa bit her lips.

She really wanted to use this chance to get out of here.

She at least had 60 per cent chances of winning even with her mana flow sealed. But, she was afraid of getting the other girls involved.

So she could only keep quiet and swallow it.


Suddenly, the tray slips from Ron's hand and fells on the ground.

\" Tsk..\"

Any one could see that he was irritated from the beginning and now it was getting worse.

He picks up the piece of bread and sweet buns from the ground, keeping it back on the tray before serving it before Mia.

\" No...I won't eat it. It's dirty... Mommy has always told me not to eat food that had fallen on the ground \". She speaks while pushing the tray away.

Ron's face twitch and it starts to get dark.

Seeing this Ben speaks with straight face, \" Don't take it to far. We are asked to feed them if they refuse. But it will be a different thing if you kill them \"

\" Yes.. bro don't worry \". He speaks as a smile stretches out on his face. He finally had a way to relieve his irritation.

\" Come here little girl, this big brother here will feed you\". Ron speaks while showing his teeth.

\" No.. don't come ...ahhh! \". Tears start to slide down her face as she sees the scary guy approach.

You can't blame her after all she was only 8 years old.

Seeing this all the girls moved their head away refusing to look at the scene.

But, there was an exception.

 Lisa frowned at Ron's action.

\" You.., leave her away. I will feed her \". Lisa speaks as she moves forward and grab Ron's hands 

\" Ha...Ha… we have a hero here. Nice.. nice... its getting interes-\". Ron laughs at the event but he stops mid way as his eyes fall on Lisa.

Lisa could feel the guy's gaze darting all over her body causing a disgust to rise within her.

\" Bro, we were allowed to use force, if the prisoners tried to fight back, right. She just raised her hand on me \". Ron speaks with a fire in his eyes.

Looking at his brother, Ben lets out a sigh. 

' It won't be much to have a little fun. It will also let him calm down '.

With that thought in mind, Ben speaks, \" Yes you can. But you should know your limit \".

With his brother's clearance, Ron grabs Lisa's hand and tightens his grip on her while licking his lips.

\" Y..You..\"

Lisa tries to pull her hand. But she couldn't even make him budge. So she tries to punch the guy. And the results were the same. She had wrongly calculated her strength.

How can a rich girl sheltered from her birth and only trained as a mage use her physical strength to fight a guy who puts his life on line everyday.

\" Ouch, that tickles. I need to punish you naughty girl \". A lecherous smile stretches out on Ron's face as he move his hand toward Lisa's chest.

\" You ..I will kill you.. you don't know me..\". Lisa tries to put all her tricks she had used in her entire life. But this time it didn't work.

Seeing the guy's hand just inches away from her, she closed her eyes while gritting her teeth.


Suddenly, an intense killing aura descends in the room. And before anyone could react, a sound was heard in the silent room.

\" Shnk! \"

Hearing the sound, Lisa opened her eyes to see a dagger piercing through the perverted man's throat.



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