The Ancient Genes
46 Killing Spree Part-3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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46 Killing Spree Part-3

************ Third Person's POV ***********

\" Did you hear the news ? \".  A bald man clad in a bullet proof jacket and military trousers spoke.

Hearing him, the other guy who was in a similar get up as him only a head shorter with a tanner skin spoke, \" What news? \".

\" I heard that Vice Master Alciel will be here to take the hostages \". The guy speaks with an evil grin on his face.

\" You always spew lies whenever you open your mouth. Do you think Vice Master Alciel will have time for this stuff \". The shorter guy lashes back with a cold tone.

\" But…\"

\"Stop the nonsense and get your ass moving. We are currently in charge of the security. What do you think will happen if people heard us gossiping? \". The shorter guy speaks while pointing his hand towards the hallway.

These two guys were currently patrolling and taking a look around the building. 

And coincidentally, the two of them were standing in the way towards the IT room.

Just go from here!

These were the exact same thoughts that Axle currently had. He had been lurking around the corner for a few minutes only to see these two guys leisurely having a chat.

\" Fine, I will go to check out those guys at the gate. If they have let anyone in, I will break their legs \". He speaks with a smile before walking his way.

Seeing this, a smile appears on Axle's face. But it didn't last long.


His face turns pale as an alarming voice rings within his head.

'Stop him or else we would be done for '

But he was contemplating.

' I can't take the guy down without exposing myself to the other one '.

' Hm..'

 Suddenly an idea struck his mind. 

But thinking about it, a frown appeared on his face.

He hadn't fought anyone in this way before and he was well aware what defeat here meant.

But the sound of approaching footsteps didn't allow him to have much of a thought on it.

' God damnit, I will do this. I will die anyway if I don't try '.



Finally, the sound of footsteps appear right behind his ears.

The guy was heading straight, while Axle was clinging to the wall of the way on the right which led to a different path.

This place was practically a maze. One could easily get lost with all the twist and turns around here.

' Three '

' Two '

A countdown kicked in Axle's mind as his grip tightened on his rifle and strangely, his AR-15 was glowing with some purple runes on it.

' One '

With the guy in his sight, Axle shoots aiming at his head. 

Since the distance between them was not so big, he had managed to aim perfectly.

But what was most shocking here was the silence.

Despite being a heavy handed assault rifle, it didn't make a sound. Only some smoke could be seen leaving the barrel of the rifle.

\" Bang! \"

A sound resonated in the hall and it managed to attract the attention of the other guy too.

' Huh..'

' Isn't it too loud for a bullet hitting a man's head '.

But as Axle carefully looked at the guy, he could see his grinning face staring at him as a thin layer of white mist was surrounding his body.

It was a barrier. More accurately a Mana barrier.


' These two were Mages '

As this thought came to his mind, he couldn't help but speak out loud.

\" I am dead \"


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