The Ancient Genes
48 Run Part-1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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48 Run Part-1

********* Third Person's POV **********

\" Shnk! \"

Lisa opened her eyes to see the huge guy's throat being pierced by a dagger as blood continued to flow out of his neck, mouth and nose. His eyes slowly turned white losing their glow.

Slowly a man appeared out of thin air behind the dead man's back. He was dressed in black and had a mask on his face. He looked like those people who had kidnapped them earlier.

\" Ronnnn!! \". 

The other guy in the room screams after realising what had happened. His brother was killed right in front of his eyes.

How could anyone take that lying down?

\" Y..You..bastard! I will kill you \". Ben's eyes get red as he madly charges toward the man.

As Ben reaches in front of the man, he ducks in and goes for a tackle planning to pin him down to the ground.


The man was hit and the dagger in his hand was sent flying straight above into the air nailing itself on the ceiling.

\" Ahhh!! \"

Seeing the brutal scene and a dead body beside them, how could the girls not freak.

\" You bastard, I will kill you now and I will make sure to give you a slow and painful death \". Ben speaks while staring at the man into his eyes with an evil grin on his face.

This new man in Black was Max.

A few minutes earlier, he couldn't control himself and had killed the man.

But, now he was in trouble.

This man was fast and with his huge body, getting tackled was no different then running into a car.

Max could hear the cracking sound of his bone as he was tackled and an intense pain from the lower side of his chest almost made him faint.

But he bit his lips and prevented himself from fainting. 

He knew that fainting at this moment was no different than death.





Ben with his huge hands decided to make Max his punching bag.

With each punch, the blood spattered and within a second, Max was covered in blood.

He just wanted an opening. A chance to reach the man's neck.

But this guy had already thrown several punches and with each punch, the room shook.

Lisa wanted to help but she couldn't do as her leg was tied up with chains to the iron bar on the side.

She couldn't only grit her teeth.

But at this moment, something happened.

The dagger which was stuck on the ceiling fell due to all the quivering that was arising from Ben's punches.

But what could a falling dagger do?

As soon as the dagger touched the man's arm creating a small cut on it, a notification appeared in front of Max's eyes.

« Ice Dagger's passive freezing effect has been activated. The opponent will be frozen for 3 seconds »


As the thought appeared in Max's mind, he immediately moved his hand punched towards the guy's neck.

3 seconds

He only needed a second to turn the tides. Even though his physical strength was less than the guy in front of him. It was a different thing when one attacked the vital parts.

\" Splash \"!

The guy puked out blood and as Max was being pinned down by him, it came raining down on him.


The guy fell down on Max as his eyes turned white and he lost consciousness.

Max pushed aside the dead man's body and got up.

He could still hear the guy's shallow breathe.

\" Talk about being persistent. This bastard is still alive \", Max spoke as he couldn't believe himself. 

He slowly moved towards his dagger and picked it up before dealing the final blow to the man.

\" Shnk ! \"

Finally the man stopped breathing.

With that, Max turned around and spoke, \" Get ready we are about to leave \".

He couldn't think of anything. He had already caused so much of a commotion and it wouldn't be a surprise if people were already heading towards his way.

Now, He just hoped that Axle had found a way of contacting Murcas.

If not, this was the best they could have done.


Hello guys, its the author. I am writing this because I show my novel on a site which I have no idea about. So if you like my content. Pls read it on webnovel.


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